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Sakura Haruno is the main heroine of the series "Naruto Shonen Jump!" and Naruto Shippuden. She is the only female ninja of Team Seven. Her family consists of her mother, Mebuki Haruno and her father Kizashi Haruno. Her clan is likely not very well known around Konoha and up until "Boruto: Naruto Next more.


Weak. I hate her character and also her appearance. Why so many people like her? Even Hinata can be much more better than Sakura. She only cares for Sasuke and does nothing but trouble. She should die instead of Neji!

Actually she is really weak compared to erza and the others above

Honestly she's very weak and dependent. She doesn't belong in this list. Erza and the others mentioned above are very strong, but not sakura. She doesn't Belon in this list?

The only reason that people don't like Sakura is because she rejected Naruto's advances. She's the strongest female character other than Kaguya, and she has the ability to kill people with a single hit - she's pretty much the Saitama of the Naruto universe. She's the only female character in the show that is physically strong, and she even took down Sasori by herself! (Haters often try to say that it was Chiyo that did the fighting, but reading the manga will prove that that is untrue; even Chiyo stated that she was shocked by Sakura's strength, and she even said that Sakura did it without her help! ) If it wasn't for Sakura, almost every main character would be dead. She saved Naruto's life more than six times throughout the series, and she saved thousands of lives all by herself when Pein destroyed Konoha. Hell, Sakura could easily take on the entire Hyuga clan by herself if she wanted to! Haters will try to tell you that she's weak or useless, but simply watching the anime and/or ...more

Rukia is way stronger than Sakura. All Sakura does is sit around and let others do the fighting for her

She's weak physically ( yeah I mean it, she didn't do anything significant to help her comrades, that Sasori battle is mostly Chiyo's doings ) and mentally ( of course ), cry way too much for nonsense reasons, always whines "Sasuke! Sasuke! ", is practically a useless ' damsel in distress ', wretched personality and character development, not to mention horrifyingly ugly.

She's strong. She can drown people with her crying.

True enough. And people's eyes would explode at the sight of her ugly face. Oh, and she can deafens people with her screaming, too! - Goku02

Why are you saying " Who ar you people saying she is weak. If you think you are right, the. Show me your power"? That is anime, this is life, dumbo. Besides, Salura is strong but people give her too much credit for her punching. Besides, emotions get the best of her. When they do, she is completely defenseless.

Please remove this annoying brat from the list

She's not strong. She was an annoying brat who always think about Sasuke and nothing else. Why djd she even became Lady Tsunade's apprentice?! Really Lady Tsunade?! That bratty pink haired girl?! You should've choose Ten Ten(Ten ten isn't my favourite character, But she deserves the tittle more than that stupid pink haired girl who gets angry fast) - MLPFan

Sakura has a big punch and healing, but she is severely lacking in ALL other areas. She doesn't deserve to be this high.

For all of you out there who's hating on her character, this is the top ten STRONGEST female characters. No, Hinata will not beat her. Please don't tell me that. I personally didn't enjoy her that much, yes. But I will not blur my judgment based on their personalities.

Actually she is really weak Erza Scarlet power compared to Sakura Super human Strength

Sakura is the main female lead of the series Naruto, she is also one of the most developing character in the entire series...her character depicts the journey of a love sick useless girl to a strong independent the end of the series she becomes a healer widely reputed in the 5 nations and is infamous for her short temper and superhuman strength passed down to her by tsunade

I know she was very annoying in part 1 and a HECK LOT of people hate her. Well, I'm not one of them. She was useless in part 1 but look how much she improved. In my opinion, she had a lot of potential with her chakra control and ability to see through genjutsu. The only problem is that her character development should've been done differently.

The only thing that sakura did to get us excited is the fact that she thoroughly bashed up sasori. SHE DID NOT KILL HIM. but I am ready to overlook that fact because this fight was coming from someone who put the word "useless" to shame in part one of the anime/manga. Also, the hype around her punching kaguya, the mother of all chakra, is very silly and ridiculous. Let's put it this way, Naruto and sasuke did all the hard work of getting her cornered. She was ultimately defeated with combined efforts of those two. All sakura had to do was put the cherry on top which IS THE EASIEST THING TO DO SINCE THE HARD WORK HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE FOR YOU. even ten ten could have stabbed kaguya with her ninja tools once the enemy us completely weakened.

Sakura is a weak female ninja but Tsunade train Sakura Sakura to be come better and stronger thanks to to fifth Hokage Lady Tsunade

It's no use being powerful if you just stand there and let everyone else do jobs for you. Sakura is pretty strong, but she's so useless. - Goku02

Sakura's abilities are very strong. And healing is pretty useful, but sometimes she doesn't do anything with it.

Sakura only became strong from being taught by Tsunade. She was weak the first time - SkullKid101

Sakura Haruno 100 Healing Jutsu the strongest anime character of all time in Naruto Shippuden series

Sakura is a weak female but Tsunade train Sakura Sakura to be come stronger and better thanks to fifth Homage Lady tsunade

Come on Sakura is supposed to be as strong as her teacher Tsunade and she might surpass her too

Naruto Shippuden series Sakura she is a very good female ninja

Dude! She was trained by tsunade! She is born to be the strongest!