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Sakura Haruno is the main heroine of the series "Naruto Shonen Jump!" and Naruto Shippuden. She is the only female ninja of Team Seven. Her family consists of her mother, Mebuki Haruno and her father Kizashi Haruno. Her clan is likely not very well known around Konoha and up until "Boruto: Naruto Next more.


What good is a few PUNCHES in a world where people can control elements and summon LIGHTNING BALLS?!

Yes, I agree that sakura should not be number one because there's kaguya she would probably be second with tsunade following immediately after, and for those saying sakura would have died without chiyo.!, sorry to say but you are not correct the real issue was simply sakura's lack of experience in battle with such an opponent its not that she couldn't dodge the kunai or destroy sasori alone and remember that chiyo would have also been killed several times if it weren't for sakura, and that fight is kinda old seems you guys aren't updated yet, now sakura would totally wipe the floor with sasori

She is the most STRONGEST AND BRAVEST AMONG THEM ALL! Because Sakura has physical skills that can easily defeat all of the other girls! And plus she is the most skilled...Even though the others have mortal powers...Sakura can beat someone without helpful powers! Go Sakura!

She's definitely one of the strongest females in Naruto. I mean, she's from a nameless clan, born with no special ability like most of her classmates. Yet, she worked hard and earned her own name.

Many people argue that Hinata is stronger, but she's obviously not.

Seriously if she got antidotes with her and it's after the war arc it's obvious for me she'd win against sasori, because she got the byakugou seal that make her keeps on regenerating her wounds and she's much faster by the time after the war you know? And she surpassed Tsunade so she deserves to be number 1 and please stop calling her useless you just don't accept how many people she saved! And also she's smart that she mainly uses battle strategy to gain advantage from her enemy yo win.

You know she Is very strong do you know how strong she is she can heal hundreds and she's very smart sweet and very unique

Honestly all female characters in the Naruto series are much much weaker than the males. Saying that I think Sakura is the only character who can hold her own against the likes of Sasori or shin Uchiha. The fact that she has the super strength with her is an added bonus. Sakura as stated by many people could surpass the fifth at such a young age... And also she is by far the strongest female character who is yet to reach her full potential.

Seriously? Sakura higher than Tsunade? A person that taught her everything? Can only Sakura punch? And really 'she worked hard for everything' the only thing she worked hard for was getting Sasuke, the only thing that she ever achieved was getting Sasuke. - creepy

Sakura definitely deserves first place! Sure, she was annoying as hell in part one, but in Shippuden she was a total badass. For one, she was studying under Tsunade, the hokage at the time AND a legendary sannin. It was mentioned that she surpassed Tsunade too, which Tsunade was supposedly the strongest kunoichi out there. She obtained the Strength of 100 Seal (purple diamond), became one of the best healers in the universe, and did so many other things. All in all, she worked up here for this spot, which she deserves.

She has definitely become powerful and a wonderful person she along with naruto is the main one who is trying her best to change the world by helping children after war unlike hinata

People regarded Sakura as 'Useless, weak, crybaby', but to me, Sakura is the strongest of all. I don't care what people think. She's definitely the strongest.

I think some Naruto watchers are gone mad I mean they should see the war sakura beated the most enemies and she can do whatever tsunade can and how is hinata no 5 I know she is strong but sakura is stronger than her and chiyo wasnt able to defeat sasori alone sakura was with her or she would have been dead and sakura is physically and mentally stronger than tayuya hinata or temari so she should at least be no 2 and it would be best if she is number 1

Sakura is pretty strong, but is in no way the strongest. Konan would win in a fight against her. I agree that Sakura is quite strong, but other than a medical ninja and the Strength of A Hundred Seal she doesn't have any special jutsu or skill. She would be like 15th.

Its amazing how overrated she is. What is she doing above KAGUYA, Tsunade, Temari, Chiyo, Mei and Kushina?!

Sakura is my favourite female anime character. She is the person who make mistakes and feel guilty for what she did and try her best not to do that again. She was weak in the start but time by time she was trained by Tsunade and she became strong and now also surpass her. I don't care what hatres says and also their lame excuses. She's amazing beautiful strong etc.

Why is Sakura not higher on the list?

I think Sakura IS actually useless. Like, she can heal but this is the only good in her. She destroyed Sasori but she was being controlled! She has some power, but she doesn't use it! She only cries and be saved all the time! Ino, Hinata, TenTen, Konan, Temari... They're all stronger than her

Sakura is the strongest, especially due to training while she was waiting for Sasuke to come back from his journey and all the techniques she mastered in only 30-32 years that took Tsunade decades to.

Sakura has seemed to be more physical abilities on the battle field able to dodge many attacks after being trained by Hokage Tsunade.

The people who voted for her are blind and dumb. She can ONLY blow punches of which 90% miss

Well, sakura can heal herself immediately if she got hurt (like when madara attacked her)..
Think of it..
She could just heal herself if hinata or temari attack her and do a revenge..
So I think sakura should be on the same level as tsunade..

I really hate you guys Sakura should be the second

Although I do not agree that in Naruto Shippuden, she is the most powerful female ninja, I believe that for her age she is extremely powerful.

What has hinata or nay other female character for that matter got to do with sakura?

Her healing jutsu makes her as strong as Tsunade, even more.