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1 Lucario Lucario Lucario is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Lucario first appeared as a central character in the film Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, and later appeared in the video games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and subsequent sequels, also appearing more.

OK. If you think Lucario isn't the best fighting type, think again. It's got a mega evolution that looks BEAST. It's also very useful in battles. Lucario itself was good and a threat, but with mega, this thing is a mean, killing machine. Try it out in battle. It's got a good movepool and is a threat to many Pokemon. LUCARIO/MEGA LUCARIO MORE THAN DESERVES TO BE THE BEST FIGHTING TYPE IN THE HISTORY OF Pokemon.

He is strong. I MEAN SERIOUSLY, he is what "strong" means. With attack and special attack of 110 and 115, you can't expect which type he can use. He is also my Dragon Slayer and Fairy Grinder. With Nasty Plot, Aura Sphere, Flash Cannon and Dragon Pulse, he is a BEAST!

Lucario is pretty awesome, I beat the the champion with them by my side! Close Combat is a killer, Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse and Power Up Punch are also great moves. - Shiverfeather



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2 Blaziken Blaziken Blaziken, known in Japan as Bashāmo, is a Fire/Fighting Type Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise .

Blaziken gets access to some of the strongest fire/fighting moves like, Flare burst, Blaze kick, Sky uppercut, and Brave Bird. Like the person above me, he is unbeatable with that speed boost, so make sure that it is your top priority to get if you want to be an optimal blaziken player.

Blaziken is the strongest more than lucario 4 sure lucario can't jump kick a spiraling flame wheel, does not have a cool mega evolution, and does not have op attacks like blaziken does, of course this is just my opinion

Why is infernape above blaziken? He is boss. With blaze kick, sky uppercut, blast burn and brave bird blaziken should be one top of the list. Plus he has a mega evolution!

Finally someone is smart enough to think that blaziken is stronger than infernape. Blaziken I think should be really close to lucario.


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3 Infernape Infernape

Being a fire and fighting type gives infernape the huge amount of advantage wins it collects. Plus he can learn powerful fighting type moves like close combat. Mine knows flamethrower, fire blast, overheat and my favorite, close combat.

If infernape gets a mega evolution he will be the best fighting type with maybe the exception of mewtwo x. He can learn a wide variety of move from fire to fighting to ground and more. He's one of my favorite starters and has a really good speed stat

I love this Pokemon so much it was the first Pokemon I ever had it could learn really strong moves and destroy everything I have amazing memories with him

He was my starter and I beat the elite four and the champion with only my infernape

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4 Machamp Machamp

You think this guy is a joke? Think again! With no guard, this Hulk can wreck your team with dynamic punch. Why? Because it will hit every single time THANKS TO NO GUARD. Oh you're saying ghosts? THINK AGAIN. Machamp has ThunderPunch, Ice Punch, Earthquake and so on. Its shiny is green, so make it the hulk if you get one that's shiny!

Machamp is so good. He is also so strong

No Guard + Dynamic Punch = Destruction

Machamp can totally kick Lucario�'s ass, even if he is mega Lucario. Machamp can beat any fighting type. ANYWHERE!

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5 Breloom Breloom

Give it a focus sash, cause of the lack of speed and the lack of defense, it can easily get OHKO'd. Once breloom hangs onto its focus sash, use spore. The opponent will switch or just be asleep. Meanwhile do a swords dance. And after that you are ready to kill the face of EVERYTHING. 40 base power of mach punch, add the technician, 60 power. Add the stab bonus, 80 power. Add the swords dance bonus, 160 power. Add your attack stat to that. Nothing can take care of this bad boy. But remember that flying types kill breloom. You don't have enough power to kill them, so should be used after the flying types are dead.

This guy is op spore your paralyzed, spore your poisoned, spore your asleep. Breloom also has attack power higher than arceus and super stretched arms that can be real useful in life. Also I like mushrooms because they come in different shapes and sizes and this guy is also a dinosaur. Poor guy wish he wasn't so underrated

Have you tried technician-boosted mach punch? It's one of the strongest first-moves ever! Plus, he can learn SPORE. That's it. Game over.

Step 1: Have a focus sash
Step 2: Have technician
Step 3: Use spore
Step 4: Use sword dance
Step 5: Use mach punch or bullet seed
Step 6: WIN!

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6 Medicham Medicham

A good combo of fighting and psychic. Unstoppable.

Two words. Pure Power.
Give this guy psycho cut and drain punch, and you have a self-sustaining wrecking machine.

Can mega evolve

Psychic flying is cool with calm mind if they have closecombat op

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7 Toxicroak Toxicroak

Deadly as heck. The big problem: quad weak to psychic. Other wise, not bad.

My favourite pokemon and deadly as hell if the only probably is quad weak to psychic

This one is best because for some reason this Pokemon is best suited for me, Lucario maybe the best doesn't gets boring sometimes to use it. I voted for this because I just love it so much so bye boo.

YOLO put a swords dance up maby once or twice the use ice punch on dragonit REKT

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8 Hawlucha Hawlucha

I choose hawlucha because he is just awesome and he is extremely powerful and he has a very unique battle style which make him very entertaining to watch.

One of my favorite Pokemon. Also love its character and voice in the anime. Team Hawlucha!

He's literally the Pokemon version of sin cara

Only pokemon has "flying impresh"

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9 Mienshao Mienshao

Mienshao has a very nice design and is good in battle too so it is my favorite fighting type other than Lucario.

Psychic fighting people. Psychic fighting.

Want it to have a mega


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10 Gallade Gallade

A perfect combination of Gracefulness, beauty, intelligence and fury. Its Mega-evolve form makes it a agile, quick, yet elegant fighter from the heavens. (Its attack stat after mega evolving is 195. Yes.) To me, he is only inferior against Lucario (Lucario is the best. Yeah! ) but his sheer beauty and wisdom compensates what he lacks at health or other low stats. Nevertheless, he is one of the best in the fighting realm of the Pokemon Universe.

He is so awesome and the new ORAS mega gallade looks epic. Gardevoir and Gallade can now truly marry each other

What Pokemon is better than Gallade? First, because blades for arms! Second, Wally had one at the end and the mega is amazing!

So strong

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11 Heracross

This pokemon also has access to bug moves which removes the psychic weakness, it is the BEST physical non-legendary attacker when mega evolved. Who is better than this?

Heracross is a very effective Pokemon... Its because for its flying. And its judging power is also very good...

Hera, Hera, Heracross! Smart and shiny, it's the bug boss! Love it, need it, Heracross!

Heracross for da win!

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12 Poliwrath Poliwrath

Too bad he doesn't get good fighting type moves.

Poliwrath gets hypnosis and can be taught bulk up. That is a great strategy while u put the opposing Pokemon to sleep and get stronger

It is worth to power it up

I think poliwrath needs more love as a pokemon as if you can get a good poliwag you should train it for hipnosis

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13 Conkeldurr Conkeldurr

A shame people don't recognize Conkeldurr even after it took Machamp's mantle as the quintessential fighting type starting Gen 5. This guy defines fighting types in their raw physical form--no tricks, no relying on other STAB. It's OU and very useful against CHALK. Of course I don't expect people here to see that because they'd rather have flash and style over substance.

Conkeldurr is all around reliable with massive attacks, respectably physical bulk and reliable recovery through Drain Punch.

It learns Stone Edge by level up. That knocks off weaknesses to Flying and poison

Pokemon Y this guy was the battle maison brick wall my team faced due to snorlax and gyrados duo team having a common killer. He forced me to question my ultimate team. And yes Snorlax is team leader for a reason. Not that you idiots would know his proper move pool

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14 Mega Mewtwo X

Statistically he is the best and he also has one of the biggest move pools in the game

Mega Mewtwo x is the most powerful fighting type Pokemon.

My most powerful stab physical fighting move is Brick Break. Yay!

What why is mewtwo in number 14? mewtwo can beat any of them lucario,breloom,machamp,poliwarth,mienshao,gallade,hawlucha any of them with one strike jeez what are wrong with these people these days!

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15 Hariyama Hariyama

High variability of moves, including Surf and Earthquake. To finish, there's Vital Throw, a powerful attack that never misses.

Seriously man, Hariyama is BEAST, I can whip a Lucario in just a matter of seconds

Seriously man Hariyama is BEAST I can whip a lucario in just a matter of seconds

Hariyama is the second strongest fighting pokemon.

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16 Mega Lucario

Statistically mega lucario has the third highest stats of all fighting Pokemon. In addition it has a wide variety of moves. Only mega Mewtwo x and mega blaziken are stronger. Lucario could beat mega blaziken with it's ground attacks and mega Mewtwo with dark attacks.

Why not just incorporate it with regular lucario. They are basically the same thing

Why is it's pre form number one? It makes no sense also with the move set aura sphere, brick break, close combat, and extreme speed, this thing recks everything.

Thrashes anything

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17 Hitmonlee Hitmonlee

This was my the second fighting type I got ever. Next to machamp. But I'm not going to be a nostalgia blind idiot who thinks Charizard is the best ever or something. His attack ano so. Defense is really good so he won't die to something like a psychic sometimes it can even be stab phychic and I still se it surviving. And it's speed isn't great, but then unburdened happened, and now he's just as fast as he hits hard. And don't forget he knows endure and with endure comes reversal unburden. Or if you want to attack without having a lichi berry on, you can just have a focus sash and do it like that while getting an attack in. But he has more tricks up his sleeve, but this is all I can say before making a review off of a Pokemon. Also he's named after Bruce Lee, that's a plus.

I don't see why people doesn't like this guy. I found him reliable and incredibly strong. I wouldn't say he's the best, but he my favourite Pokemon!

My favorite Pokemon, he was great in battle and it's a shame that he's this low compared to Lucario, who is, in my humble opinion, useless in battle.

stage 1

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18 Primeape Primeape

Primeape is fully efficient Pokemon known for its anger if it gets angry then the opponent should know what is going to happen...

I remember when Ashes primeape beat the whole tournament and beat up team rocket! It was hilarious.

Primeape is a fighting Pokemon introduced in generation 1. He is also known as PIG MONKEY Pokemon.

In kanto Ash's primate won the fighting type league

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19 Emboar Emboar

I always pick Tepig as a starter because of rollout and all his fire type moves, he wrecks some gyms, but since he's a fighting type and fire type, he'll get ko'd easily

It is a kick ass. It rocks

It gets its add kicked more like. I really can't stand this pokemon. - ckets4769

It is THE best fighting type in black/white and black/white 2 and is awesome in VI gen.

I think he is really coool

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20 Sawk Sawk

Sock! Sawk! Are you KIDDING ME I know it's enemy was Throh, and Sawk+Throh (which is even worse and sounds like throw)=Throw the sock away

He is generally pretty good when it comes to battling. If your wondering how to counter him his best matchup for an epic fight is probably Throh.

Chopping fist of DOOM!, !

I like it to good pokemon

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