Top Ten Strongest Fire Emblem Awakening Characters

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When you first get him, he is a beast. - aarond9010

I can not use Lon'qu.. Isn't worthy of number one

I married him. he starts out as a somewhat underlevelled myrmidon, but he has MANLY growths that are amazing. he can't not kill everyone on the map. when I gave him a levin sword...GOOD GOD! also, I reclassed lon'qu several times to get skills. first I made him into a swordmaster, then a griffon rider, a swordmaster again, then an assassin, and now he's a trickster because magic is BROKEN in awakening.


He starts out with a Silver Lance, easily stabs through opponents at the beginning of the game. - aarond9010


Nowi x gregor for life

Nowi, Cynthia and The Avater are the strongest! (Don't forget Morgan)


He is hard to get, but once you have it, it’s just a monster when it comes to fighting.

Ike Ike is the main character in the video game Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance for the Nintendo GameCube and one of the main characters of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn for the Wii.

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He starts out weak, but he turns into a beast. - aarond9010

Once maxed out, Donny boy almost breaks the game until the others can finally catch up.


Morgan is literally Robin except (s)he has access to one skill exclusive to their gender (usually Galeforce on male Morgan or Axefaire/Counter on female Morgan) and out of all Awakening units, (s)he is undeniably the unit with the most potential. Also, depending on Robin's asset/flaw and other parent, (s)he can perform well in almost any class. Definitely the strongest unit, if the time is put into him/her to get access to all the skills and stats necessary to perform the many roles (s)he can play.
(s)he also edges out on the other kid units because she has by far the most parent options because Robin can marry anybody.


Can be any class, marry anyone, and is the only one who can actually kill Grima.


Lets see she has higher stats than Nowi... and why isn't she higher on the list


Given the nature of his character, I'm not surprised he's not here already. But when you do acknowledge his existence and use him, he's a bona fide TANK! HE's even scarier when you reclass him into an assasin.

King Marth

He is a DLC character, pretty easy to get, can use all types of Falchion, including Exalted Falchion, has high offense stats, who could be better?

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