Top Ten Strongest First Generation Digimon


The Top Ten

1 WarGreymon

Has been a rival of metal garurumon.They are both strong but they differ in type and attacks.war greymon uses a lot of mp than garurumon - josephmath08

2 MetalGarurumon

Special move:ultimate breath
Have high stats and it is already in mega form - josephmath08

3 Angewomon

It is not the 3rd strongest angemon digivoles makeing it 4th


In games,it has very high hp and damage a lot.It also has healing moves.It is only in ultimate but this one's a strong angel - josephmath08

4 Angemon

This guy, should be higher up on the list.

This digimon beats devimon in the first series.It is almost the same as other holy types.This champion digimon has evolved in the next generation into seraphimon - josephmath08

5 WereGarurumon

Ultimate digimon form of garurumon - josephmath08

6 MetalGreymon

Has been used to oppose the protagonist in the digimon series.Ultimate form of greymon - josephmath08

7 Garudamon

This bird digimon has special attacks than other digimon.Ultimate stage of biyomon - josephmath08

8 MegaKabuterimon

Ultimate stage of tentomon.Its one of the strongest on its type - josephmath08

9 Omnimon

Truly powerful Digimon ever! It combines with 2 Digimon wargreymon and metalgarurumon is so extreme!

10 Zudomon

A digimon that can battle both land and water.effectively battles underwater - josephmath08

The Contenders

11 Apocalymon

He IS the strongest original. His suicide attack destroys everything. Period.

12 Lillymon

It's flower cannon shoots a powerful blast.In the games,it is easy to raise yet strong one - josephmath08

13 MagnaAngemon MagnaAngemon

This is the 4th best digivoleing to the 1st best in my opinion

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