Top Ten Strongest First Generation Digimon


The Top Ten

1 WarGreymon

Has been a rival of metal garurumon.They are both strong but they differ in type and attacks.war greymon uses a lot of mp than garurumon - josephmath08

2 MetalGarurumon

Special move:ultimate breath
Have high stats and it is already in mega form - josephmath08

3 Angewomon

In games,it has very high hp and damage a lot.It also has healing moves.It is only in ultimate but this one's a strong angel - josephmath08

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4 Angemon

This digimon beats devimon in the first series.It is almost the same as other holy types.This champion digimon has evolved in the next generation into seraphimon - josephmath08

5 WereGarurumon

Ultimate digimon form of garurumon - josephmath08

6 MetalGreymon

Has been used to oppose the protagonist in the digimon series.Ultimate form of greymon - josephmath08

7 Garudamon

This bird digimon has special attacks than other digimon.Ultimate stage of biyomon - josephmath08

8 MegaKabuterimon

Ultimate stage of tentomon.Its one of the strongest on its type - josephmath08

9 Omnimon

Truly powerful Digimon ever! It combines with 2 Digimon wargreymon and metalgarurumon is so extreme!

10 Zudomon

A digimon that can battle both land and water.effectively battles underwater - josephmath08

The Contenders

11 Lillymon

It's flower cannon shoots a powerful blast.In the games,it is easy to raise yet strong one - josephmath08

12 Apocalymon

He IS the strongest original. His suicide attack destroys everything. Period.

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