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Galen Marek, codenamed Starkiller, was a male Human apprentice of the Sith Lord Darth Vader. A powerful Force-user who lived during the era of the Galactic Empire, Marek originated from the Wookiee home planet of Kashyyyk as the sole offspring of two Jedi Knights—Mallie and Kento Marek—who deserted more.


Starkiller has torn through large amounts of storm troopers, both the clone and the original, and then after fighting hundreds of troops taken on Darth Vader and defeated him both times. In the original game he only died because he was forced to create the explosion in the death star when the Emperor's royal guards and some storm troopers came in. It was a sacrifice, not a defeat in the way we know it. Not only that, but while known jedi masters like Mace Windu have been forced to use their lightsabers to catch and/or deflect force lightning, Starkiller was literally catching it in the palms of his hands!

He is a legend can kill Darth Vader. He almost defeated the empire and almost killed Palpatine although I have only heard him being in a video game he is still really powerful he was trained by Darth Vader I mean he was trained by the chosen one and beat the chosen one. He can do so many force tricks and can beat many light saber holders although I think he should be lower but in the top 12

Able to deal with an army of clones, fight and beat Darth Vader then being able to go toe to toe with Sidious not to mention he has mastered 3 fighting styles and using the reverse grip that very few know how to fight against. Also the fact he can use the force in tandem with his lightsaber strikes he is easily number 1.

Starkiller is one of the most powerful force users hands down. He defeated 3 highly respected jedi masters as just the end of his training, with no noticable wounds from these battles that impaired his abilities at all. He has mastered multiple forms of light saber combat being able to wield one and two lightsabers masterfully, and defeated a simulation of Obi Wan Kenobi with ease, when Kenobi was at the height of his abilities. He has pulled off feats with the force that Vader never could, and he is supposed to be the chosen one, Examples being pulling down a star destroyer, and was able to match Darth Sidious in a confrontation using force lightning. Overall, hid mastery of the force and his unmatched skill with the lightsabers, he deserves to be #1 on this list

If you actually play the game, you see him bring down a star destroyer using the force alone. Could luke do that? He also, depending on what ending you choose, either kills palpatine, or darth vader. He was also able to kill 3 Jedi masters while he was still an apprentice.

I believe that if starkiller could harness his power and focus it better he could over power even the force powers of Luke Skywalker's. With a little more intensive training starkiller's raw power with force would most definitely out match Luke with ease

Most powerful force user in existence, it has been stated that the force is almost 'primal' with him. He defeated Darth Vader with no help and once brought down a Star Destroyer from orbit with only the power of his mind. He could crush anyone else on this list easily.

While everyone has mentioned the fact he pulled down a Star Destroyer, everyone seems to forget that he can pluck a Tie-Fighter, going full speed, out of the air, and stop it dead in its tracks. Then crush it into a ball of junk in seconds flat.

He's easily the angriest force user, and it's incredibly apparent that it plays to is advantage. May not be the most in line with the force, but as far as amazing feats go, he's got everyone else beat by a mile.

He pulled a star destroyer to the planet, in the the only reason he lost was because of trickery in a straight fight, he beat vader, in a straight fight would defeat sidieous, overpowering Obi-Wan and dispelling his force ghost, and so thoroughly defeating luke that instead of killing him he made him convert to the dark side

Starkiller will never ever be one of the top force users for one reason only and that reason was his death, if he had lived on he would have easily become one of the top force users in all of star wars

Are you kidding me Starkiller is the most powerful one he use the light and dark side of the force please why is he #5 luke is wack

Maybe not as strong as Luke, but this guy is so powerful. I won't even start explaining why because the other comments already said what has to be said. Except for this. Starkiller NEVER reached his prime. Imagine how he would be in it. He defeats Darth Vader when he hasn't reached his prime. enough said.

Starkiller is the most powerful might user because he defeated 3 jedi, darth sidious and darth vader (darth vader 2 times). besides, he succeeded in everything he tried

Luke has obtained one with the force, but in his now-state or his prime, I highly doubt Luke could ever throw enough lightning into the Ancient Abyss to corrupt itself to kill Shakk Ti, take down not 1, not 2, but 3 Jedi masters, and FREAKN' MAKE A STAR DESTROYER CRASH BY USING THE FORCE ALONE! Being trained by the Chosen One himself, in which his training leads all back to Yoda, means he has become one with the force in both ways, in which Luke desided that he wouldn't have what happened to his father happen to him, and stayed on the light side of the force only. But all to think, the whole reason Starkiller is this great is because of accidents. MAJOR accidents. Like Jar-Jar(apologies for mentioning this name at all).

If you read the books you'll see how powerfully descriptive he is, he deaf tied the entire Jedi council although they where junk they where exact replicas. He also was not deserted by Palpitinr but it was their joint force combat that killed hm (not to mention that he had defeated Darth Vader like 10 seconds)

He beat Darth Vader 3 times, He beat Luke, went toe to toe with The Emperor and almost won. Note that he was only 17 for all of this.

Underrated, a young sith turned jedi that could compete with Vader/sidious while still being an apprentice.

No respite from his rebel campaign before fighting through the deathstar to defeat force using guards BEFORE engaging the Choosen One in combat. After defeating his former master he stale mated the all powerful Sidious in a force match and blew up an observation tower. By the way, he's an apprentice. At that power level I am glad to see him in the top five, could you guys imagine him as a grand master?

No question. Bad canon, if canon at all, but given the adept's powers in the game, he is #1.

He literally stopped a star destroyer using only the force and friction from the ground

Brought down an entire star destroyer using the force and defeated darth vader.

Imma just gonna leave the fact that he moved a star destroyer here.

No one is better then starkiller moved a star destroyer that's all I have to say

He took down a imperial star destroyer. 'enough said