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1 Sceptile Sceptile Sceptile, known in Japan as Jukain, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Awesome speed also it's mega is a grass/dragon type which is awesome

He is the fastest and strongest grass type pokemon

I love Sceptile. It looks really cool and has a awesome leaf blade. I - Kiteretsunu


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2 Venusaur Venusaur Venusaur, known in Japan as Fushigibana, is a Grass/Poison type Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Coming from the competitive world, Venusaur is the most viable. It has access to most moves Sceptile does but it also has access to poison type moves and powder moves. When Mega evolving it gains thick fat, halving its amount of weaknesses. Sceptile is by no means bad, but it is surely a second to Venusaur. 2 generations ago it would be vice versa, but Venusaur has really gotten better.

Venusaur is a tank because does have high defense, but he's also extremely strong and powerful enough to knock out any opponent. He should be a great starter in games and it's too bad he's more of a underdog compared to Charizard and Blastoise.

Venusaur's very strong compared to the others. - LeRoiDesSapins

It has best jungle hammer and razor leaf

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3 Torterra Torterra

Amazing wall. Useful moves. Don't question it.

Crazy attack

THis is my all time favorite pokemon tied with sceptile, those two having been my first pokemon games and they are both waaayy underrated


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4 Serperior Serperior

Its ability contrary coupled with its STAB leaf storm and speed is incredible

Great speed and defences, with it's hidden ability and the move leafstorm it's special attack can get up to 300. If you can use it right, it's definitely the most powerful grass starter. - Aussiebloke321

I love everything about it

Serperior is my favorite grass starter by far. I <3 it

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5 Chesnaught Chesnaught Chesnaught, known in Japan as Brigarron, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Chesnaught is the best!

A fight an grass

6 Meganium Meganium

Maganium can learn earthquake, iron tail, fury cutter, and petalblizzard. Great for Pokemon go and the roblox pokemon brick bronze

7 Decidueye Decidueye

Do you see this? It screams powerful! Trust me, I have a Decidueye of my own. It literally destroys pokemon! Forget the rest! Decidueye is the most powerful grass type starter pokemon!

Do it a favour and vote for him/her

I'm just dark ghost and grass I'm pretty quite

Cool design and one of my favorites

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8 Rowlet Rowlet

Oh my gosh, he is so cute

Not the strongest,but my favorite.
But to be honest,I love all the starters

9 Turtwig Turtwig
10 Chespin Chespin

This one is my favorite pokemon

so cool

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11 Snivy Snivy

My favorite pokemon.

12 Grovyle Grovyle
13 Quilladin Quilladin

Roll like togedemaro I like togedemaro so this is a good pokemon

14 Servine Servine

So great it is better than a greninja

15 Grotle Grotle
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1. Venusaur
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1. Serperior
2. Sceptile
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1. Sceptile
2. Serperior
3. Venusaur


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