Top 10 Strongest Heroes From Mythology

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41 Sohrab (Persian) Sohrab (Persian)

Strongest man ever lived, died only because of fate

It was really bad.
he try to kill his own father without knowing that he is his father and the greatest warior how ever live.
his father was rostam.

42 The Lady of Shalott (British) The Lady of Shalott (British)
43 Bodvar Bjarki Bodvar Bjarki

Very great warrior, but a thief

44 Enki (Sumerian) Enki (Sumerian)
45 Fionn Mac Cumhaill (Irish) Fionn Mac Cumhaill (Irish)

Ancient hunter-warrior of Irish mythology

46 Davy Crockett (American Tall-Tales) Davy Crockett (American Tall-Tales)

He is a real person most heroes can't say that, but I think he should be on this list because he beat a huge panther, killed or tamed thousands of bears, and killing Mexican solider upon Mexican solider in his demise at the Alamo. That is why Davy Crockett should be on this list.

47 Thoth (Egyptian) Thoth (Egyptian)

The god of knowledge. No one was as smart as him.

Creator of knowledge and the Book of Thoth. Kinda a dick to people who cross him

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48 Polyphemus (Greco-Roman) Polyphemus (Greco-Roman) V 1 Comment
49 Perun (Slavic)
50 Cadmus of Thebes (Greco-Roman) Cadmus of Thebes (Greco-Roman)

Cadmus is just an awesome hero and he fought a dragon as well. He was the first Greek hero so he has to be very powerful in terms of combat strength.

Killed the dragon Sybaris and founded the city of Thebes. Defeated over half the Spartoi.

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