Top Strongest Hunter X Hunter Characters

This list may not be 100% right. Since we haven't seens the real power of every character.

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1 Meruem Meruem

This guy needs to be in first. He OWNS virtually every character seen so far.

Limitless strength, the more he eats the stronger he becomes

The post-bomb meruem is so strong!


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2 Ging

Created a world, outsmarts anyone, predicts everything, impossible to find, super powerful and possesses incredible knowledge about Nen furthermore he is considered to be among the best, if not the best, hunters of the present time whilst no hunter even knows the full extent of his powers. Finally Gin discovers and fights, constantly versus the unknown, across the world which may contain creatures and threats as powerful or even more powerful than Merumen. He is the living example of what a true hunter is supposed to be.

Well firstly, he is almost impossible to find, secondly he created worlds most expensive and probably hardest game ever made for his son to become stronger, thirdly as the anime said, Ging is so strong that he's in top 5 strongest hunter list

He created Greed Island (with his friends). That would require an enormous amount of nen, creativity and leadership (which is also power).

He detects Pariston's plan to expose his powers, but easily dumped that on his face haha

He knows a lot, and he uses it to his advantage.

Great people skills - the leader of the greed Island team, he also bribed Beyond's personnel to become his subordinate showing how cunning and filthy rich he is.

He can simulate/copy anyone's powers.

He is bound to conquer that Dark Continent. For sure!

Side note:

Alluka has infinite powers but she's not a hunter.

Gon will equal his dad but he has to grow up first.

As Netero says, he is not the strongest, and obviously Ging is much stronger then Meruem.
Ging is the father of Gon, and is obviously much stronger then a creature that we came to see in one of the non final arcs in hxh, Gon's father is obviously stronger then Meruem.

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3 Netero

I don't think hisoka can beat this old man. Let's bring his ranking up.

Netero would make old man soup out of his opponents and serve it with raisins - INOMyStuff

Netero needs to be #1 on this list. Although he couldn't beat Meruem straight up. He Used his wits to fight him in a location where the flower wold ultimately kill Meruem. He went into that fight knowing he wouldn't come out alive. And if you think about it he killed Meruem twice. because the aftermath of the flower poisoned him again as well as 2 royal guards. Even in death he was victorious. R.I.P Netero.

From what we are shown, we have no way to say Gong is stronger than this dude, and considering how close his fight with Meruem was, I definitely think he should be at #2

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4 Chrollo

Zeno was actually planning to sacrifice himself to kill Chrollo. That's how hard it was for TWO expert assassins to combat this Phantom Troupe member. Chrollo would have been defeated, but so would a Zoldyck family member. He is undoubtedly amazing. Why else would Hisoka be so interested in fighting him? Oh, and remember that Chrollo is a LOT younger than Zeno and Silva.

This guy has who knows how many abilities in that conjured book of his. For all those people saying his victory against Hisoka was a fluke, Chrollo was simply using his powers and the setting to his advantage. He simply wanted a GUARANTEED victory. Hisoka is undoubtedly strong, but he is not as good as this monster.

Chrollo and Silva both fought before, and Silva said never to come close to a Phantom Troupe Member. Silva is stronger than most characters in the series. I think Chrollo is strong

Its ridiculous how much power and improvement this guy can have, like Zeno said if he was fighting seriously, chrollo would have killed him. I think he is one of the most stronger characters in the manga/anime

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5 Hisoka Hisoka

First of all, Hisoka's adaptability and talent is scary, he was able to easily grab Togari's(former Hunter examiner) quickly master the usage of spinning knives, besting a expert who trained for one year mere seconds after their battle started.
Also dodged continuous attacks from Gon without making a step, Hisoka is very unpredictable character in which the viewers have seen multiple ways Hisoka has defeated opponents: brute strength, trickery, strategy, intellect and adaptability to use his abilities in different situations, there are more abilities that will shown for when Hisoka fights stronger opponents as this fits with his personality Hisoka finds fighting fun with opponents that he likes to face thus not needing to reveal all his ability - like a magician

Hisoka is awesome, he is scary and we never see how strong he is. He can tell how strong someone is going to become just by looking at them. So, he saw what Gon would become when he grew up and wanted that challenge. That means transformed Gon is what Hisoka wants to fight.

Never seen his full power and the fact he killed so many hunters from the association.

Probably the best anime character ever. So strong!

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6 Maha Zoldyck

Said that Netero only was able to SURVIVE a fight with him.

Should be in the top 5

In his prime he was probably the best out of everyone

Issac Netero said he was lucky to SURVIVE a fight against him. He should be at least top 3

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7 Killua

He can get an amazing dark aura. He is very fast and uses lightning ability.
Others are stronger too but he will grow up to be strong fighter and he cool dude.

Killua is stronger and smarter than Gon is, and I think with more training he would be even stronger than Hisoka

This guy is just epic. A great assassin. Pretty cool and good learner. He's just casual with his skateboard.

i love him

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8 Gon

He's the hero, but not yet the strongest considering that he's just a human boy. Definitely give him more time to develop

He has so much latent talent if he trained he'd be stronger than anyone else and that his technique is so adaptable it's pathetic. I would even be willing to say that Gon's technique is more adaptable than Hisoka's Bungee Gum.

He's a lot younger than most characters, and you see during the Heavens Arena arc that he can actually do something against Hisoka, which most characters were unable to do.

The main character so obviously he will not be the best in any circumstance. he's kinda stupid and doesn't understand a lot of things. at their current age killua is much stronger, but lets not forget his will was so strong that he forced his body many years into the future. I don't think any other people in the show had this much will power.

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9 Neferpitou

Gon still beat her though which means he should have higher ranking than her in my opinion

She's pretty badass!

Extremely powerful; even Gon-San had some trouble with her/him.

Look Gon and killua have no way to beat her he should at least be above then Gon only won by sacrificing his nen Netero said she was stronger than him too.

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10 Zeno

This Grandad owns. He barely uses any effort when fighting and is still stronger than most characters in the show

His knowledge ranks him Higher than Gon, and Hisoka.

Zeno is stronger than Killua but Killua has enough potential to be stronger, so I think Zeno should be a higher rank than killua

Zeno is one of the most powerful characters. The only characters who can overpower him are mereum,netero,ging,pitou(maybe) and gon after transformation. He's more powerful than chrollo, he said in 1v1 he win without any doubt, but if chrollo was trying to kill him that means he'd have planned everything to kill him (not a fight) then it would have been a "different story"

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11 Feitan

His Pain Packer makes him extremely powerful.

Put your lotion to avoid Sunburn

Also not to mention his pain packer has other forms which could be far more deadly.

He will burn anyone down with rising sun

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12 Silva Zoldyck

He is a Zoldyck family member, and also the head of the strongest group of assassins in the WORLD. It's obvious he is above both Killua and Gon.

For me, I think that the Zoldyck is the strongest family

In what way is killua stringer than him?

He is super strong and he came out alive against a troupe member and he acted so calm when a troupe member was in there๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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13 Kurapika Kurapika

Kurapika is Powerful more especially because of his intellect and resourcefulness however chain jail one of his strongest attacks is only usable on the phantom troupe and this puts him at a disadvantage

Anyone realized Kurapika's Emperor Time is very powerful since he will master all 6 categories of Nen.. I have a feeling he can take on all members of the Phantom Troupe alone.. And under certain circumstances, his Chain Jail is too powerful! Even Netero can be beaten if he's caught off guard.

He's not top 10 but Emperor Time is an amazing ability to have, he's first on my honorable mentions list.


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14 Isaac Netero

What the heck... Netero is already up on the list on rank 2...

He should be higher than himself without a first name

Isaac Netero Isaac Netero. Isaac Netero, Isaac Netero Isaac Netero.

It his son

15 Illumi

Should be much higher, he's at hisoka's level. people just don't think of him at first because he's not a main character

Don't see enough of illumi to truly understand his power. He should in top 10 at least. You can tell how powerful he is by the way killua reacts to him. Killua is his brother do he knows how strong he is, and killua is pretty fearless.

There is no way Killua is stronger than Illumi. He says he will kill Hisoka and Hisoka isn't someone you should mess with like than. Remember episode 19? Killua was scared so much from this guy. Illumi should at least be seventh.

Come one he is clearly higher

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16 Kite

I believe Kite deserves a top-ten spot. He has such a crazy yet wonderful nen ability that we only saw a little of (Crazy clown), although it's random, he managed to amaze us with only 3 of what his lucky slots can provide: Grim Reaper's dance with his fearful scythe, the rifle as a quick and practical weapon, and last but not the least the ability to survive even the most cruel situations (ex: fighting a royal guard with only one arm), which is an ability in his lucky slots that we don't know much about except that it helped him survive his deadly fight with pitou (although it came with a cost)...All that, and we just know 3 or 4 of his slots (if we counted the mace), it thrills me to think of what the remaining 5 slots could possibly have.

Ok let's be honest, if you got your arm chopped off would you be able to defend yourself against a royal guard? Let alone the strongest one? And after the fight keep her so intrigued that she wants to fight you again? This guy did.

This man's strong bring him up in ranking guys!

He escaped death with his Nen!

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17 Alluka Zoldyck

Why is she not at the top she can kill anyone instantly...

When she's used by somebody else, she's just the most powerful character ever. However, that makes her more of a powerful weapon, rather than a powerful character, since she needs to depend on someone else to use her powers. - Goku02

She is a little girl and isn't aware of her powers yet. If she was possibly older she would be higher up but she's just like the death note she needs someone to use her to be strong

I get your pint but she is still very strong but she HAS to have Killua by her side otherwise she would die
she is powerful but l don't think she can command Nanika to do what she says and she does not engage in physical strength or combat unless commanded to THUS leaving her defenseless

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18 Menthuthuyoupi

The strongest Royal Guard, he could not be overpowered.

It took Killua, Knuckle, Shoot, and Morel beat this brute.


19 Pariston Hill

Pariston is arguably one of the most intelligent characters of the series. He managed to rank first in all but one round of the election and eventually win the chairmanship, calculating every step from the very beginning. Pariston's abilities are yet to be revealed, but having been chosen as part of the Zodiacs, Vice-Chairman of the Hunters Association and a Triple Star Hunter, plus having joined Beyond Netero's party, he must be a capable and most likely a powerful Nen user. Despite often commenting on how weak he is, he actually has enough confidence in his strength to covertly threaten Cheadle, menacing he would seriously "make fun of her" if she were to create a boring Hunter Association. Furthermore, Ging speculated that he wanted to make the area still filled with Chimera Ants his own "playground".

Does anyone realise that his name is an anagram for Paris Hilton(almost)

The rival of Ging(currently for me the strongest nen user alive) but Ging,Hisoka and Pariston all hide their power so if ging and hisoka are up there Pariston should be there too. I say mid 1-10 range

20 Beyond Netero

Surpassed Netero some years ago.

Surpassed Netero some years ago.

Can beat Meruem

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