Top Strongest Hunter X Hunter Characters

This list may not be 100% right. Since we haven't seens the real power of every character.

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21 Komugi

She's a blind girl who can play chess. She isn't strong she just didn't get demolished because she was good at a board game

I think its Komugi because she can easily make people fall for her. But her love for Meruem is different, though



22 Biscuit Krueger

Gon's and Killua's teacher in the greed island arc. She was able to easily defeat and opponent that took both Gon and Killua a whole day to conquer.

Because he strong

She had an incredibility that train up gon and killua to make strong to defeat oponent

Are you guys serious?
Biscuit is as stronger as youpi..
According to the official chart of togashi, she's ranked top 5 just below netero and the three royal guards!
This voting is very wrong!
I think they're voting their favorites not the real thing!

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23 Uvogin
24 Botobai

What no he is not strong then kite

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25 Nobunaga Hazama
26 Illumi Zoldyck

Illumi doesn't even try with opponents that are difficult to others. He smart, his nen ability is to far looked over, and the fact that he gets the respect from his father and grandfather. Plus chrollo hired him cause he knew he would get the job done. And if your someone that the mad man Hisoka looks to as a friend your pretty powerful.

27 Phinks

I personally think he is the strongest troupe member, he is No.2 in the arm wrestling and he killed a chimera captain with ONE PUNCH! and we still haven't seen his true power.

He is a strong enhancer, and he has a funny moment from time to time.

Not much is known about this man but he gotta be strong.

He strong fam

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28 Leorio

Leorio in my opinion IS AT LEAST STRONGER THAN KURAPIKA it just doesn't seem right putting him way back here

Leorio Just because he has a big dick

he's jesus

He's yo mama

don me$$ with him cause he gonna giv A SPanKinn.

29 Razor

Are u insane razor needs to be at least 6 he's stronger than hisoka

At least top 15, in my opinion just behind hisoka

He's extremly strong

30 Beans
31 Shaiapouf

How is Leorio higher than the Royal Guard?

32 Uvo

Uvo is strong Kurapika is just prepared how to beat him in a different kind of game.

Uvo is super-man damn! He is strong. Even stronger than bisky, killua,illumi gon and many other characters

I know that many think he's weak and Kurapika is strong since he's killed by kurapika. But actually he's stronger than Kurapika. He didn't knew anything about Kurapika, Kurapika knew much about him since he got help from Hisoka. Uvos big bang impact is just awesome! So powerful it cannot be blocked.

33 Nanika

"Your wish is my command"
Just a single word and everyone dies..

34 Shoot McMahon
35 Wing

He has four eyes

36 Machi

She's the strongest female of Phantom Troupe.

37 Morel

Is far stronger than hisoka illumi killua gon and maybe silva should be five

38 Killua Zoldyck Killua Zoldyck
39 Gotoh

His catchphrase should be... YOU WIN! JACKPOT! Then kill them with money

40 Kuroro Lucifer

He is amazing woohooo

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