Top Ten Strongest Ice Pokemon


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1 Arcticuno

Oh come on guys articuno is even considered the worst legendary with crippling type, an immense weakness to stealth rock (which is more than any ice type) and a crippling offensive movepool and good looking but useless defenses (even neutral attacks can destroy it) makes it the strongest ice type? Oh please we are not playing Pokemon red

Mewtwo and rayquaza are legendary to you know. Oh and by the way, if you watched the anime, ashe's charizard beat articuno 1vs1.

You must be joking he is better than, Mewtwo, mega Charizard and Rayquaza together.
Plus he is a legendary!

2 Lapras Lapras

It's a beautiful giant pokémon and cute at the same time. It has a wide movepool ( can use ice, water, dragon, psychic, ghost, electric, ground, bug type moves) It is the only Pokemon that can learn fissure, horndrill and sheer cold
Simultaneously. It is one of the two pokémons to use telepathy to communicate with humans, the
Other being ralts. Nostalgia factor fetches it extra points.

3 Regice Regice
4 Warlrein

With great stats with special attack reaching in the 300 warein is always there for a wall that can sweep

5 Mamoswine Mamoswine

He is best and stongest

6 Cloyster Cloyster

Why isn't he higher? He's awesome and I also have a theory that he and Glalie are the same thing but in different shells!

7 Glaceon Glaceon

This guy has amazing defenses and a very high sp atk. should be much higher than 7th

8 Weaville

Stronger and faster than any Pokemon on this list. Dragon types beware

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9 Abomasnow Abomasnow
10 Glailie

Of this group listed from 1-10 this guy owns all. Solid defense and Nice move sets. With the right power attacks and at lest 1 defensive move you can't beat this guy.

The Contenders

11 Froslass Froslass
12 Jynx Jynx
13 Cryogonal Cryogonal

This awesome crystalline floating ice thing has superior Special defense to you.

14 Aurorus Aurorus V 2 Comments
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