Strongest Inuyasha Characters

The Top Ten Strongest Inuyasha Characters


He is of his own power. Whereas Naraku uses his minions to do the work for him. While Sesshomaru's power and strength are at the height of his own.

Sesshomaru is my favorite character. Loved him since I was a baby. I mainly think of this because he can revive people from the dead at a certain amount. Which is pretty op, imagine being dead and Sesshomaru was like ‘nah not today’

He can slay thousands of demons in one stroke of Bakusaiga and plus! He is less reckless then Inuyasha, a full demon (not hating on Inuyasha) He can avoid attacks quicker to get lesser damage!

Unlike Inuyasha he was less reckless which gave him more finesse and it seemed he rarely ever lost his cool, plus he has bakusaiga which is insanely powerful, I might even go as far to say that it is more powerful than tetusaiga in terms of raw power, plus given that he's fought in large scale battles and very powerful opponents he clearly knows how to use his powers efficiently or else he would've died.


He's the main character so of course he has to be the strongest!

He's beaten every demon he's come across, including Sesshomaru before, & Naraku. His love for Kagome gives him strength for all.

I don't hate inuyasha but I believe Sesshoumaru and naraku are way stronger

What attacks can inuyasha do


Kagome is the second main character and not only that for a boost in her power. She works hard to unleash this power inside her. that's why I believe she is possibly really strong and if Kagome can pin inuyasha in a tree (which she has before) like what Kikyo did. Then she could possibly be his equal or even stronger then him.

Towards the end of the series, we find out that Kagome has been blowing away youkai this whole time while her powers had been sealed. She nearly wiped out Naraku early on--something that only Sesshoumaru came anywhere near close to doing, too. She learned how to make her arrows pass through other people or things to hit her target. Kikyou couldn't do that, even after stealing some of Midoriko's power. Kikyou is given credit for her "light" purifying the shard in Kohaku and affecting the jewel in Naraku, but if you remember, Kikyou was down and out for the count and she had Kagome shoot her with an arrow to give her some power. So, that was Kagome's light she used. Inuyasha gets a lot of credit for powering up his sword, but Kagome's strength and power comes from within.

After all, she is the one who killed Naraku.

How is she stronger than Sesshoumaru or naraku?


It took the combination of sesshomaru and inuyasha to finally beat naraku, and even then they needed kagome for the final touch. I just don't see how sesshomaru and inuyasha are stronger than him. He should be number 1 with sesshomaru and inuyasha following him respectively.

This should be number 1

It took multiple characters to defeat Naraku, he is the strongest and the most cunning by far.

I think Naraku is stronger than Inuyasha


Kikyo is at least stronger than Naraku. She fought and nearly defeated Naraku as an animated corpse possessing only a fraction of her soul. Naraku feared, and many other villains, feared Kikyo most because of her great power. She should be at least equal to Kagome if not stronger. Kagome got her spiritual power from Kikyo and all displays of Kagome's power were mimics from Kikyo. The sacred arrows, the touch of purification, you name it. Kikyo possessed all those abilities and more since she actually knew what she was doing and what power she possessed. An interesting thought would be what if Kagome had not stayed in the feudal era after shattering the Jewel. Kikyo would have still been ressurrected except with her entire soul. What then would have happened?

She is so powerful she convinced Inuyasha to try to become human and she fell from like 100 feet high more than once and is still alive until she died. Kagome also got her spiritual powers from Kikyo. THIS IS MY FAVORITE ANIME AND I WATCH LIKE 22 ANIMES. I was VERY sad when I watched everything ( Inuyasha and Inuyasha The Final Act ) ;(

Out of all his enemies, Kikyo is the one that Naraku really tries his best to kill her multiple times. It just shows how much he feels threatened around Kikyo.

He only went after Hitomiko and Kagome after Kikyo died.

You are forgetting that Kikyo wasn't in her strongest form, she has just a part of her soul back, and thus she had a lot of her spiritual powers... Without Bow Kikyo is still able to release hr spiritual powers just like she did with Urasue for example. There was a reason Naraku wanted to kill Kikyo first before Kagome or Inuyasha or anyone else


Sango is a power woman! Independent and strong. If she puts her mind to it it happens. I love her.

Very underrated. Peak human level in everything. Needs to be higher than Kikyo and Kagome.

She's one of the top 5 strongest characters and can own Kikyo and Kagomes asses any day

Hello, Kagome and Kikyo are just as strong as her and so as Ukyo Kuonji


Technically Miroku can defeat anyone with his wind tunnel. At the risk of being poisoned. But at that case it's a draw anyways.

He is so funny and way too underrated he could actually be above naraku same goes for sango

Miroku can suck suck everyone on this list in his wind tunnel.


Mentally he is. He is what? 6? 7? He has to deal with the possibility of never seeing his sister again every Saturday!


Bankotsu isn't the strongest of all, but definitely the strongest human. He beat Inuyasha to a pulp with his bare hands, the only way Inuyasha was able to beat him is because his life force is tied to the Jewel Shards that Inuyasha kept sneakily plucking out of him.

Bankotsu went toe to toe with Inuyasha. Plus his Banryu was powerful enough to help him survive the wind scar.

Just the fact that he could hold his weapon pretty much proves how strong he is even without his shards. With his weapon he probably is almost as strong as inuyasha, if not, the same.
In terms of hand to hand combat he's probably the same as Inuyasha to be honest.
I wouldn't say he's the strongest character but he's definitely the strongest human and could beat inuyasha in human form effortlessly


He wouldn't be so strong without the jewel shards

One hack with the tetsusiega and it would be over

Should be #5

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Midoriko is most strongest because she knows how to fight with sword. She was the creater of sacred jewel and she is most strongest woman who know swordsmanship

Midoriko can purify demon souls and make them powerless. She is also the one who created the Sacred Jewel

Ok this is the true strongest. No debate.

Inu no Taisho

Inu no taisho was the strongest demon before sesshomaru he should at least be fourth

of course


Kanna probably isn't that strong, her design though is 10/10. I like her a lot. Attached to her more then I did the other characters. Though I feel like she had so much more potential if ya know what I mean.


Kagura should be higher! It required both Inuyasha and Kagome's combined powers to beat her at her first appearance - Goku02


The cutest and smartest, too bad is most of the time useless


Sango’s animal friend. She been through a lot. And stayed around and helped in fighting with the main crew, don't blame me if I think Kirara is a pretty strong demon cat.


He is the champion that single handedly defeated Team Rocket should be number 1

True that


This kid is Naraku in every way and much more malicious, and diabolical. He even planned to destroy Naraku and take over. Hakudoshi rules for the win


He and Midoriko did create the Jewel and he made kagome pass out just by staring at her, and he can touch kohakus Jewel shard

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