EA's Versus: 01#. Gorilla vs Lion

Welcome to my first Versus battle. As I said in the intro post, the battle can be between any competitors from any category, and to allow for maximum participation in this first battle, I am using a well known category: animals.

Now, the most common animal battle is the Lion vs Tiger, due to them both being big cats and both of similar weight. The lion has more reputation, however the siberian tiger actually gets a fair bit heavier and bigger than a lion and also hunts alone so has more stamina and hunting skills, so, whether people like it or not, a siberian tiger would win the fight one on one. Also, these two are quite similar in arsenal (weapons), so I thought I would mix it up a bit:

Male Lion in prime vs Male Silverback Gorilla in prime.

These are two that have never been seen fighting or even in each others territories on camera, but two that get to similar weights and are both hugely powerful on a similar level. So, now for a bit of backstory and the stats in bold for you to compare:

The lion is Africa's largest big cat, typically living in prides of lions, in which the females do the hunting and the males do the protecting. Lions actually laze for much of the day, but are extremely powerful due to their size. Males of more mature years are well known for their manes, which protect their necks and add to their fearsome image.
Weight: 250kg.
Weapons: razor sharp claws, and canines ten centimetres long.
Techniques : aim for neck, either break neck or suffocate.
Defence: mane protects neck.
Intelligence level: moderate-high.

Silverback Gorilla.
Gorillas are apes, therfore cousins to us humans. Unlike orangutans, they grow to very heavy weight, but can still climb. They are family animals, with colossal strength, apparently ten times that of a muscled man. Gorillas mainly walk on their back feet and the knuckles of their front feet, and can stand on their back legs for short periods of time. A male is known as a Silverback. Usually males grow to 180kg, but several bigger have been found. Despite their large canines, they often beat down opponents with their massive arms, which could potentially crack a lions skull if hit with full force.
Weight: 200kg.
Weapons: extremely powerful and muscled arms, long canines.
Techniques: attack with arms, hit the heads of attacking cats or dogs.
Defence: Thick muscle and skin.
Intelligence level : high-very high.

How they stack up: the two would likely avoid fighting each other due to there being no clear winner, but in a battle the Gorilla would be inclined to protect his neck and attack the lions head with his arms, possibly pummelling the lion. A Gorilla of 180-200kg could knock the lion down, then continue pummelling the lion or bite it. A lion would aim for the neck, attacking with claws first to injure the gorilla or knock it down to expose the neck. Both could kill the other depending on the way of the battle.

So, terrain is plain savanna ground, one on one battle with no assistance, and sizes of those specified earlier.
Who would win?
Vote for who you think would win a fight, NOT your favourite. And please read specs before voting and specify your reason as proof that you're not just choosing your favourite.
Thank you all for reading, the winner of the votes will be announced at the start of the next post before the next battle begins.


The gorilla for the reasons you mentioned. Even though I prefer lions, a gorilla would probably win. - RiverClanRocks

My opinion:
It could swing either way, with Gorilla being better at range due to long arms, and lion being better up close due to claws and added weight. Personally I feel they balance each other out, it completely depends on if the gorilla can deal enough damage with the first two blows, because after that the lion will deal too much damage with its claws. Based on that my vote would probably go to the lion, but if they were the same weight then I would say Gorilla. We've seen how king Kong owns t-rex's :D. - EvilAngel

Since lions aim for the throat when they attack, I'm going for the lion - bobbythebrony

I think the gorilla would win. It has thick skin, very strong, and has very high IQ. - Garythesnail

Great argument!
I prefer the lion but I choose the gorilla. I think it would stand its ground against a charging lion, beat its chest and make the most incredible noise. The lion would most likely back away, resulting in no battle at all. - Britgirl

Very convincing argument on the gorilla, but I still think that by breaking a neck, and with razor-sharp claws, the Lion still wins in my opinion. - visitor

So hard, but my choice is Lion. Because lions are more offensive animals. His claws and teeths are badass. - 05yusuf09

I think the gorilla would win, because they're more aggressive in general. - PetSounds

The lion is in my opinion faster, but a gorilla is far more intelligent and could use a strategy.

I would give my vote to the gorilla! - visitor

Https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=tJYW3jkC75A
That's what'll happen, because this is incredibly surreal and realistic. - PositronWildhawk

I'm gonna go for the gorilla because it seems stronger and has a higher intelligence level. - Rorywilbren

I think the gorilla would win - Songsta41

lion 100% - gemcloben

I think it's a very even match, but the gorilla would win - Martinglez

I say Lion, it has sharp fangs and claws which could wound the Gorilla, meaning it can't knock the Lion down. - IronSabbathPriest

Gorilla is far more powerful. If they were the same weight then gorilla easily, but the lions extra 50kg will even it up. But the gorilla will smash the lions head in. If it were a s.tiger then the tigers weight would be too much, but unless it's a colossal lion then I think the gorilla wins. But like you said it's totall depends on how it goes. Great match up for first one! - Forsaken

Gorilla would win because the lion has barely any defense around the neck area so the Gorilla would claw the leg with its smartness then stab the neck killing it - 2storm

02 is out. Check my profile for the post, containing the results for this post. - EvilAngel