Top Ten Strongest League of Legends Champions

This is a list of most overpowered champions in League of Legends. Because of new Champions constant output its big chance that will appear a new strong champions so add them to the list.

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21 Kog'Maw

Probably has the worst early game and mid game compared to any other champ but in late he is a monster

Well I got killed by a bot when I went kog'maw... But I think he's hard to play

He is awesome! He has a very good combo

His passive ability is amazing oh yeah

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22 Singed

Owns and operates Riot Games, goes well with Dubstep and makes duo top users cry.

You really want to waste your time even trying to kill Singed through his tankiness? Oops, you're taking massive damage per second from his poison trail, you've been slowed, and he just flung you back to his turret, maybe just try to get someone else next time.

Snowballer #1; get an early Rod of ages and nothing can stop you anymore. OP!

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23 Varus

He's the best I kill other champions like nothing with Varus great choice for a marksman!

Varus was the first champ I played with and still to this day is my secondary main. Well he is my main but I played more matches with annie so I can't call him my true primary main

Varus is my favorite Champions from all laugh out loud, maybe because archers has always been my type, I got used to him for a week, I am working on regeting him for good, as soon as possible, I simply love his voice, movement, skills, everything. His also unstopable once he has all the items he needs, killing becomes a playground for him with speed enhanced. Just lovely.

Best champion ever!

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24 Vi

Vi is a very hard carry

Vi is a tanker with punch skills

OP giant gloves of death

Tank vi + courage + ulting the back line in teamfights = never die
Full ad vi + thunderlords = one shot central and any squishy or any single target really = easy solo kill
Vi is probably the most versatile well rounded champ in the game and her kit is amazing

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25 Morgana

They never see you coming. Very few understand the power of Morgana.

Extremely powerful if in a good player's hands. My favorite. Champ!

A lot of people use her as a support, but she's got amazing potential as an aggressive champ!

She is the best champion as support!

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26 Akali

Best damage, life steal and spell vamp. Invisibility, 3 stacks od ultimate.

Akali is one of my favorite champions to play against. Even when I'm lagging I can easily get double digit kills with almost no deaths. Don't get me started when I have a strong connection

Akali just like katarina, so strong! Kat and akali should both get in the top ten!

I'm Akali main and her sustain and burst is busted, when a kha,zix or someone jumps you and bursts you, you just get it all back within 0.5 of a second, and in the mean while damaging the kha,zix like crazy. I have gotten a penta-kill as her before. And if you stuff up you just go invisible for a good 8 seconds.

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27 Cho'Gath

His passive let you restore health when you kill minions, his ultimate is super strong, can also raise you max health. His third ability let you slow enemies and damage them, very useful

Cho is amazing late game. With a full stack on your ult and a low cool down there isn't much that can solo him and skilled usage of his moves can be a life saver in team fights. His passive is also great in team fights when your in a lane because your going to kill minions.

Has a bit of a slow start but once he reaches level 6 THEN WATCH OUT WITH HIS OP HEALTH

He's cool looking. His Ult lets him evolve into something unstoppable once you get it going. He Feasts on his kills. He kicks you in the air. He screams. He kills you with the fangs.

He kills you.

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28 Rengar

Rengar is stronger than DARIUS laugh out loud... Just build armor penetration and his passive and skill are so OP...

Rengar is OP
The best champion for me

He is I think the best champ in my option

lol ok

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29 Viktor

His poke does so much damage to squishy unsuspecting opponents, and when the enemy team groups together, his ultimate can destroy them all!

The best champ in laugh out loud, no doubt! Love him

Extremely good for quick kills pretty hard though his combo needs to be done in half a sec

He is crazy good for killing champions

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30 Ziggs

Ziggs bomb is great

Its a nice far range attacker. And its awesome

My favorite mig in the whole game

If you can land skillshots, he's really easy to use and very powerful. Just don't get into a habit of launching his ult as far as humanly possible in the general direction of the enemy team like me and you should be golden

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31 Garen

He will spin your to the win!


I've started playing laugh out loud about 1 month ago and Garen is the one that fits my gameplay the best. :) Spin to win! :D


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32 Lucian

Yes he is good

Easy to play, and he has awesome ability's

Ya, It Is Me! The Lucian! The Purifier!

Kills everybody easily.

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33 Braum

Braum is the best support at late game if played well early game, if u have noob adc well I guess u better feed the enemy team because its lose lose for you :) jk GO AND KICK THEIR ASSES U ARE BRAUM!

Braum is so weak man how do you like it braum braum braum is only for escape cause he is weak

He's op right now but I think he'll be nerfed soon but his Q and passive finishes the job and his W and E are great ways to escape or tank someone. His ult is also OP combined with yasuo's ult

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34 Tryndamere

He can lane with casters and can close in tight to land a finishing blow. Very strong melee.

If fed in early game, Tryndamere can take down most champions in under 4 hits once you build up his attack damage and crit chance. A lot of fun to play and really benefits of a good support.

Haha. I just use Tryndamere and every game is a sure win. For me this is definitely the Champion everyone would look after for. His crits, finisher blows and lastly his ult which makes him a difficult champion to take down. On early game make sure you should be more safe in order to have the desired number of kills with 0-deaths. With a little practice on AI bots (Intermediate), confidence and strong determination to overcome every champion on your lane. This is definitely the champion you can count on... :D

This is, in my opinion, one of the best champions in League of Legends, he cause A LOT of damage and his Ulti... Immortal for 5 sec. and full of fury? Haha

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35 Fiddlesticks

He can steal Heath from other people

Fiddlesticks is awesome for top lane

The best he is easy to play

Crowstorm with zonya's hourglass... how do you beat that

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36 Cassiopeia

Long Range!
Fast Cooldown!
KS for everyone!
Probably the best champion for noobs and beginners!

Awesome ult plus awesome w, e combo can burst down most of the champions. Plus she is the most sustain mage in the whole game

That non-stop twin fang when poisoned is absurd plus a mastered Cassiopeia can stun the whole enemy team by her amazing ultimate! That ulti is game changing. A great kiter and a great tank shredder mage than the other AP mages because her DPS is awesome. This snake lady is amazing, a late-game monster beast with that damage!

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37 Draven

Draven should be in top 20 as he is one of the strongest AD carries

Super underrated. Sorry. Can snowball better than all but maybe 2 or 3 other champions. Skilled players will find very little trouble with juggling axes and pokes simultaneously.

New passive killed him. R.I.P. draven

It's the league of draven need I say more. Can trade with any adc and if he get's fed, he's impossible to deal with late game. High skill cap but is also very fun to play.

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38 Renekton

Renekton is easy to control when mastered, powerful for late games and powerful combination items and powers. Renketon can be a good surprise for the other players. And when stealth in the bush, he can surprise a player that he can kill the player in his own powers without his allies. Pretty good hero and the best champ after all when mastered.

Great sustain

High damage early game

I love Renekton, He's pretty basic and straight forward and can be quite a deadly attacker if you know how to use him well.

I almost never lose a lane with him. He is one of the best champions I've ever played so far. The ultimate is also very good. His tagline "the Butcher of the Sands" sure do fit him. I even beat Darius with this guy.

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39 Mordekaiser

Such a fatty. OP as such

I think he is a really good champion. Fairly easy to control and can easily get a penta kill using him

With the proper items and focusing on his E, you can kill several enemies within the matter of seconds. Also, he can use his R to enslave the soul of a fallen enemy. What's cooler than that?

Mordekaiser es numero uno huehuehue

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40 Nidalee

OP Spear, enough said.

Her cougar form with no costs and her spears are OP, learn the combos and you are a god, figure out your own little combo for her, my favorite ability she has is her takedown in cougar form... Strong than you think...

Nidalee is very strong with her spear. I love that she has 7 different abilities and she can destroy melee or ranged.

Really efficient jungler

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