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41 Malphite

Malphite is just q r e w for the win! There is no stopping the "Rock solid" rock monster. Darius is nothing if he gets pocused and can't do much damage. Malphite goes with health and armor which makes ad champions have a lot of trouble. He also scales well win ap which tends to have magic defense items to build some ap items. That gets him magic defense to make him an even better tank. Then there are his abilities. Q sends out a rock that gives you move speed and slows the targets. W passively gives Malphite a way to attack other things around him without clicking on them, and actively gives him bonus armor and attack. E Malphite slams the ground and slows the target's attack speed. That is great against AD carries. R possibly the best move in the game. Malphite charges at a target location and knocks up the enemies for 1.5 seconds. Great for team fight starters and does a hell lot of damage.

Love this guy. Kinda OP but 'ya know. He's Malphite.

Play him, lane him, kill them, rock him. Malphite.

I play Malph support on support and if my adc is bad its fine ill tank like death mop up then roam his natural scaling makes him op slap on a thorn mail and trade and win vs a fed jinx I've had her ult me and survive and kill herself in the process which is hilarious

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42 Thresh

Thresh puts all champions in the places he want. Good support and op tank

Thresh can AD carry while supporting another AD carry. That plus natural tankiness makes him one very difficult champion to beat.

Once you get to 9990 the other team fails. You can't stop thresh!

Thresh can save allies from what seems like certain death and he can bring in allies for a suprise gank

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43 Veigar

This guys will kill you with inane burst damage.

He is kinda squishy, but his single target burst is just golden.

He can kill practically anyone quite easily

Never has evil looked so adorable.

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44 Nautilus

Just the most tanky guy ever, also has lots of speed potential, and is awesome to look at...

Amazing tankyness, high crowl control : just what you need to win games.

Nautilus is the most handsome hulk and moreover, his round body makes him actually looks kind of cute and the most talkative: 'hrr' especially 1~3lv. If late game you don't defense for your little soldiers, he isn't useful.

45 Nasus

People don't rate his spirit fire (E) enough, use it rationally and you can hit every minion in a group that's attacking you allowing you approximately 1000 full health minions as you reach the end of a lane. Also early it gets you gold which gets items which gets wins which gets the girls.

Most powerful of all, can kill anyone in late game specially his Q that can kill mostly anyone in 3-5 hits.

Nasus is a really good champ. Don't get me wrong... But while in ranked you better hope you ban Garen otherwise he'll destroy you

Lmao Nasus in 43? Do you realise he is the strongest champ in both game and lore wise right?

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46 Gangplank

RUM! One shot one kill, My favorite champion in laugh out loud

Shoots people in the face for 1000 damage. Loads of money. Never dies.

This hero is too awesome, just 1 hit kill al the way

1 hit kill OP don't reccomend, but funny to use if used properly!

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47 Zyra

Zyra is definitely the coolest player in LoL. Her skins are fun to play with and her attacks are unique.

Something Different! Fun and good damage when you get used to her!

Zyra is the op champion that nobody know's about

She has so many CC to offer and I like the plants on her skill-set. Her damage is oh-so good also!

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48 Ezreal

He Is one of the best adc in league of legends if he fed he can win all games

In order to be the best Ezreal, you have to be the best skilled player. Ezreal is the best!

He is amazing at kitting with the ice borne gauntlets

Ezreal is just amazing. His q power is great and has big range. His ultimate power is awesome because it can kill anyone on the map who has low health.

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49 Talon

He's the best Champion when you play pro with he

If you know how to use him, he is op

He has really good combo's and is a champ he uses mana so if you aren;t use to mana don't use him

Talon is very good champions

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50 Sion

Not only is his damage insane. He has a massive aoe q that also slows people. He has a projectile that slows. a shield that explodes to do damage.. and oh yea. He runs people down for half a map.. the farther they are away the more insane the damage explosion. AND the ever so minor.. when he dies he comes back to life to absolutely wreck people. I've taken on teams of 4 and won without dying. tried taking teams of four.. died and still killed them all. HE IS INSANE good.

Damage steroid, health steriod, attack speed steroid, 100% lifesteal that splashs to your teammates,... Can 1v2 just about any champs as long as its not something meant to counter him like rammus and ashe,

His Q is too strong and when u make Q with W it is a too strong combo he should be number 3 after Darius and Lee sin

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51 Rumble

His endless mana and torch are incredibly easy to spam. His shield is also very good as well; it grants speed and protection that can get you a nice escape once you go after someone. Finally, his ulti is absurdly strong if used right. Overall, I just consider him to be my favorite character. He's cute, powerful, and deadly.

He gonna burn your ass when you are trying to run

Difficult to place Ultimate, and difficult to master heat-bar. However, when you get to the point of mastering Heated-bar+Q and his Ultimate his DPS jumps sky rocket. If you like carrying and destroying everyone in teamfights go for him!

Good in killing other champ

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52 Sivir

She can push lanes pretty hard and can hit multiple enemies at once. She is extremely fast and that boomerang attack is ridiculous! Always do well with her.

She is my first and favourite champion. She can be ridiculously fast and she can hit multiple targets at once and at a distance too. She is an incredible pusher too.

Her blade is extremely powerful and unbelievably fast. The Boomerang Blade can kill almost 5 minions at once. Her attack is powerful. She should be in top 10.

I love sivir, If you know how to play her you will have a blast with her. Expecially with her E where she blocks magic with her shield...blitzcrank never gets through me

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53 Riven

RIven is the best champion ever in my opinion.

Riven is the best champion

If you can Riven (for me it's a Verb and a Champion) League of Legends. You can win League of Legends.

Very good in approaching enemy and running from enemy!

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54 Diana

Great all around Champion. Low cool downs, great passive and a nice Ult. Whats not to love.

Her passive is one of the most powerful passives in the game

Best champion. She is op. I hate when I must play against her very much.

She's really fast as well, one of the fastest champs.

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55 Miss Fortune

Her attack speed is perfect and her passives are very strong

With appropriate items she can be the best ever

On her level one her damage was awesome!

I love her a lot she is so strong and I have killed 165 with her

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56 Jayce

Switching between Hammer and Cannon forms makes Jayce a dual threat and very powerful in the mid-lane. He is hard to counter but also complicated to master.

Lol no one seem to know how to play this big guy that's why he is here in #53

"Very good and very op when mastered in this meta! Wanna get out of low elo? Try the Jayce man"
"Forsaken Jayce is very powerful as his skill shots are hard to see."

Chilling at 52...what is this. This amazing champ might be susceptible to ganks but other than that his kit is perfect and he always wins lane unless he is put against a hard counter or just heimerdinger...

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57 Pantheon

I love Pantheon's block ability, makes it convenient for getting around turrets unharmed!

He is so op when you know how to do the SPEAR!

In my opinion pantheon should be number 1.

Pantheon should be number 1, he can atack from anywhere and is very power, with is W is almost impossible kill him. If they run just use Q and scream "SPARTA! "

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58 Ahri

Ahri has one of the best poke abilities out there with her Q. Not only does it hit multi target, but it also deals true damage on the way back. I've seen plenty of ahri's Q 2 or 3 times and drop half of the enemies team to less than half health while the fight has yet to initiate. Especially since 40% CD = 4.8second CD on Q. Ult is great for finishing/closing distance, or just running away. And E can initiate the fight and catch their squishy if done right, overall ahri is quite a powerhouse.

She is a very strong champion that can easily burst down squishy targets.

Can chase down targets after a huge team fight, can burst someone down in less than five seconds and can be built flexibly. She's a great role for any part on the map, really. The burst is OP.

Ahri Is Cute

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59 Kayle

Best all around, can play every position and Mid/Top well.

Carried my entire team with Kayle. Well rounded and balanced. She has a slow start but max out E and the splash is insane. Knowing when and how to use her ultimate is key. It can make or break a game

Probably the best snowballer slow start but the splash damage end game gets crazy

Bronze 5 team comp?

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60 Gragas

One of the most fun champs to play. Easy to learn, good combos. Deals hella damage with his barrel if maxed and it also slows. Then sip some of your booze with his w and belly bump in. Then barrel smash the crap out of him from his W. Ever in trouble, belly bump away and thro a barrel to make sure they can't follow. Also first champ I bought a skin with. Oktoberfest all the way

Gragas is fat and ugly. He is sending a negative message to kids who want to play the game, because now they think its ok to become a fat, ugly drunkard ginger. this is unforgivable. gragas should be removed from the game

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