Top Ten Strongest League of Legends Champions

This is a list of most overpowered champions in League of Legends. Because of new Champions constant output its big chance that will appear a new strong champions so add them to the list.

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61 Vayne

What how is she all the way down here she should be in top 10 she so OP three shots and your at half

69? Seriously? The top of list belongs to vayne.

Not good in early, but once you equip things, she is amazing

She easy to poke early but she burst your ass down late game.

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62 Shaco

The greatest troller in the game (Trundle doesn't count).

Shaco? Yeah he's cool. His clone is useful.. Look on YouTube for the shaco song... The real slim shady

Skill full but not strong as akali

Is the mental Champion, Only limited by our imagination, u can build full crit AS, offtank, tank, ap, ap tank, hybrid, hybrid/tank. Great splitpusher and the best champ to destroy your enemies moral, mind. The best counterjungler out of there.

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63 Trundle

If fed, one of the best fighter/tank/duelists! Great at trolling too. Haha

His ult. is so cool and I'm a trundle Player I'm always the best with the stats and you can farm so easy he is so nice but not when you not can make the pillars

Love this Champ! I just wish he had some better skin options. The Legondary one is good, but can't buy it anymore..

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64 Vel'Koz

Blah blah blah I like it

He,s the strongest, no one can beat him.

Only here cause he's new.

The best character in the league of legends

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65 Shyvana

Shyvana kicks ass! Her kit does tons of damage, and it can't be built against easily, since she does a healthy amount of physical and magic damage. She's also pretty tanky with her passive, and plus, she's just a dragon!

Shyvana is awesome for melee and I think it's really easy to farm with her because I always get to a higher level than Master Yi or any other champion if you haven't tried her yet I recommend this champion (I find her easier in bot)

Quick to level up with her second ability, and quick to strike down with her first and last ability. A keeper.

Her dragon ability is beast!

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66 Volibear

Good tanker, I've tanked most of the enemy team with a maxed volibear at 4.6k hp

Noob destroyer just q, e, w

I love play with volibear! When I buy all offensive items he turn super damage champion.

He is the best

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67 Blitzcrank

Not many people do play him, but when they do they find out just how good he is for the team and for you.

How is blitz not higher? He is the champ!

He is one of the best supports in lol

I love blitz!

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68 Sejuani

Sejuani is my favorite champion to use. Not only does she make a great support/tank, with the right build and in the right hands she can do crazy damage.

Very flexible champ with some real potential, always felt she is a little underrated.

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69 Kalista

I said no mistake! She should be on top

Most skill based champ in game other than maybe yas

Kalista has an extremely complicated learning curve. You should know your enemies like back of your hands. And when you are at this very stage... all you do is OWNING YOUR LANE. her passive has a fantastic outplay potential. Utilize her Q-E with your support and nothing can stop kalista. Ez 2v5

I've gotten pentakills with kalista no problem. She's great for dancing around a fight and dodging skillshots. She is a great adc but can be weak if not supported early game. Once she is at around level 3 she can really start killing champions. Unfortunately, she can be weak without an assisting champion and is not a great solo laner unless you have experience with her moves. Aside from that one drawback, she is an amazing champion.

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70 Shen

Good champion very good at defending

Shen don't need much Items and you can't bring he down

No mana and protects his allied

I'm the 19 strongest minion kills

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71 Dr. Mundo

Mundo... Says all I think

Best character in the game by far. Very easy for beginners.

He is so strong try playing Garen top against mundo

He is so good I main him I always go positive

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72 Irelia

Irelia is highly item dependent, but once you reach late game Irelia becomes a powerful champion. Her Q is an excellent gap closer which can quickly be followed up with her W for excellent damage and sustain. Then use you E to ensure they can't get away. If the fight turns sour use your E to stun your opponent. Her ult also can land the extra sustain and damage in close fights, and can give you some lane sustain against champions with strong poke. Overall a very strong champion.

Best champion that I've used so far.

So strong and one of the best champs for top lane

The strongest champion of lol

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73 Vladimir

I played as level 5 Vladimir vs an Intermediate Vladimir and it tortured me late game, I played on summoner's rift just me against a bot, at first I was winning I destroyed two towers on bot even though I died once in doing so, I told myself I'm not going to end this before I get a kill then it happened Vladimir killed me in my all-out attack, I even used my ult, after that I died once more, and I found myself running from Vladimir always escaping only by a hair until I was too terrified to go anywhere near him.

Sustain, dodge, raw power,. What more can you ask for?

Vladimir is by far the most greatest champion in the league. If you know his combo who you are fighting is irrelevant. Simply put your r on an enemy that engages then go very quickly E Q then pool to survive, from the pool ignite them. By the time you come out of your invincibility there is only a corpse sitting above you. Enemies don't really have a chance to fight back against Vladimir although he takes time to learn he pays off very well

Kid u plain fking suck if you lost to a hot sure vlad is op but you know they can't use ults or summonses and only 1 abilities every 5 secs like what u suck?

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74 Orianna

Orianna is OP champion on mid in late game

She really has a high potential. If you know how to play her, you can wreck almost everyone. She has a high utility too

Orianna is one of the best champions, I'd say even in the top 10. She's definitely underestimated and I'm genuinely surprised that more people don't choose her.

As an orianna main, I'm aware she says a very strong champion. It's gross, a fast q,w combo can get you to half hp even without thunderlords. She holds up all game, early game crazy damage, mid game crazy damage, late game abliverate tanks. She's super fun and underestimated. People in higher elo know her power, so she's common in diamond. Try her out!

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75 Urgot

Urgot is a mid-lane god if played right. His defense and range make him difficult for enemies to kill and hard for them to escape... especially those you typically encounter in mid lane. Furthermore, Urgot can poke inside enemy turrets, and easily keep most enemies away from home turrets.

It all depends I guess with urgot he can be good but then again he can be bad it depends on the player and what the like to play like I like to play AD carry so I play as him or ashe but overall I like him he's god for ranged attacks if someone tries to run away.

Just Urgot.. Urgot sais enough.

Urgot Is the best champion!

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76 Kled
77 Ekko

One of the best assassins. He is very hard to kill especially during the late games.

Ekko is a good champ because he got a lot of combo if you know how the use him and the best at escaping

He's the most op banter in this game


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78 titi

Titi is definitely the most powerful champion in League of Legends. Especially at his full build, he becomes very op. As well as a lot of attack power, he also very mobile, which allows quick escapes. You should try him sometime. He is often underestimated but can dominate the arena if you play him.

This should be in the Top 10s. This champion is very easy for beginners if you build right. Very strong late game.

Lol titi, spellcaster, looks like a tiki pole, HAHA

op champ

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79 Corki

Are you kidding me he will deck everything you love

He is OP, pretty surprised not many are using him

Use Phosphorus bomb as a ward, Valkyrie as a runaway move, Gatling Gun as a gank kind of move and use your ultimate missiles at the Turret!

What why is he not in the top? he is the best champion ever!

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80 Auralion Sol

Requires a certain level of skill but increasingly rewarding as you learn to play him. In addition to this, he is so cool, like so cool.

Requires some getting used to but when mastered he's op. E can be useful when it comes to saving turrets.

If you know how to play him, so rewarding.

OP in team fights

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