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61 Tristana

She is powerful and by liking laugh out loud's Facebook page you can get her for free. FREE

Built her correct and the game is yours... I got a 25 kill streak :P

She is so powerful when you build her correctly and also It's fun to play with her

She can be so powerful, depending on the player of course. But when you play right and build nice she runs the game :D and love her jump

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62 Rammus

Rammus top champion the best tank in laugh out loud. He has the best passive and no one can beat this wonderful tank

Very good Taunt, and very good ultimate

Just build help and armour, then you can basically tank their whole team. Another thing, when Rammus builds up armour, he also builds damage which means he still deals massive damage late game.

Rammus is op he always survives team fights and has the abillity to escape the whole team and you do is w and they kill them selves on you

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63 Vayne

What how is she all the way down here she should be in top 10 she so OP three shots and your at half

69? Seriously? The top of list belongs to vayne.

Not good in early, but once you equip things, she is amazing

Amazingly strong

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64 Quinn and Valor

Quinn is the best hero ever. ADRs are supercool. I have skin with her. Cool right and fantastic

Honestly, her Ult is just a switch to mele. But it doesn't matter because her passive is so over powered. You need to understand that when tanks get locked on they even take massive damage. She can carry the team and play in any lane. Sure you wont see her jungle but when you see her in mid its like a slap in the face because ap's go crazy and have to switch to passive with reduces there farm take. Quinn is ICREDIBLE and the perfect champ, she does everything.

Quinn is the best hero ever. ADRs are supercool. I even got lots of quadra kill with her. Cool right?

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65 Zac

E is really good for ganking people, when Zac leaps out of the jg and starts making enemies run its verity efficient.

Don't count him out because he's out of favor. One of the most reliable passives combined with an ult to engage or escape, he has the perfect toolkit for turret dives. while they wont win the game, he is still tanky enough to be at the heart of every teamfight

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66 Shaco

The greatest troller in the game (Trundle doesn't count).

Shaco? Yeah he's cool. His clone is useful.. Look on YouTube for the shaco song... The real slim shady

Skill full but not strong as akali

Is the mental Champion, Only limited by our imagination, u can build full crit AS, offtank, tank, ap, ap tank, hybrid, hybrid/tank. Great splitpusher and the best champ to destroy your enemies moral, mind. The best counterjungler out of there.

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67 Trundle

If fed, one of the best fighter/tank/duelists! Great at trolling too. Haha

His ult. is so cool and I'm a trundle Player I'm always the best with the stats and you can farm so easy he is so nice but not when you not can make the pillars

Love this Champ! I just wish he had some better skin options. The Legondary one is good, but can't buy it anymore..

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68 Mordekaiser

I think he is a really good champion. Fairly easy to control and can easily get a penta kill using him

With the proper items and focusing on his E, you can kill several enemies within the matter of seconds. Also, he can use his R to enslave the soul of a fallen enemy. What's cooler than that?

I got my first penta with him by using his ult against the strongest enemy he and it was darius, which makes darius the best champ

Such a fatty. OP as such

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69 Olaf Olaf Olaf the Snowman is a character from the 2013 animated film Frozen, produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

He is so underrated. Just try him out! Few and I say few champs can match him 1vs1 if you play olaf correctly. I main him now and ranking up is faster than before.

Japanese Japanese is being farm when He is using Olaf he is to weak weak weak weak he is a noob no just kidding he is level 6 he is not strong he is too weak

Olaf with life steal attack damage and health

Is really good he doesn't need attack speed because of his passive

Because if buy her perfect items he will be the most strongest champions in leauge of legends

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70 Vel'Koz

Blah blah blah I like it

He,s the strongest, no one can beat him.

Only here cause he's new.

An awesome qwick damage

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71 Shyvana

Shyvana kicks ass! Her kit does tons of damage, and it can't be built against easily, since she does a healthy amount of physical and magic damage. She's also pretty tanky with her passive, and plus, she's just a dragon!

Shyvana is awesome for melee and I think it's really easy to farm with her because I always get to a higher level than Master Yi or any other champion if you haven't tried her yet I recommend this champion (I find her easier in bot)

Quick to level up with her second ability, and quick to strike down with her first and last ability. A keeper.

I wouldn't say she is super overpowered but when you get good with her she is one of the best junglers (and my favorite personally). Building either devourer or cinderhulk depending on your teams needs world best I've found out.

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72 Jhin

I agree, I have this champion and my first thought was "maybe this champ is cool" yet he's not cool, he's awesome!

Epic long range

Jhin is super OP. Even with his low attack speed and low mobility, his high AD scaling balances things out... You only have to get Infinity Edge and Rapid Firecannon and BOOM!

Hey jhin is great and very strong champion why u down too he need to be in top 10 or top 5 u are noobs try him play his passive is strong and u buy attack dmg he is strong

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73 Shen

Good champion very good at defending

Shen don't need much Items and you can't bring he down

No mana and protects his allied

I'm the 19 strongest minion kills

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74 Caitlyn

Because she has bigger boobs than jinx

I think caitlyn is very competitive and too skillful that she deserves to be the strongest female champion.

I think caitlyn is pretty much stronger than any marksman that I know. no offense...

I owned everyone and everything as Caitlyn

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75 Xin Zhao

The Best Fighter Assassin ever.

Very under rated, Xin Zhao is a great champ for jungle and if used correctly can be very op.

Xin Zhao is stronger than olaf

When he is feeded his is kiling them with 3 touches! :D

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76 Sejuani

Sejuani is my favorite champion to use. Not only does she make a great support/tank, with the right build and in the right hands she can do crazy damage.

Very flexible champ with some real potential, always felt she is a little underrated.

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77 Dr. Mundo

Best character in the game by far. Very easy for beginners.

He is so strong try playing Garen top against mundo

"I main Mundo, he was my first champ."

Profissional players always bann dr mundo because he is hard to kill he can make damage and escape with his ulti

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78 Irelia

Irelia is highly item dependent, but once you reach late game Irelia becomes a powerful champion. Her Q is an excellent gap closer which can quickly be followed up with her W for excellent damage and sustain. Then use you E to ensure they can't get away. If the fight turns sour use your E to stun your opponent. Her ult also can land the extra sustain and damage in close fights, and can give you some lane sustain against champions with strong poke. Overall a very strong champion.

Best champion that I've used so far.

So strong and one of the best champs for top lane

The strongest champion of lol

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79 Blitzcrank

Not many people do play him, but when they do they find out just how good he is for the team and for you.

How is blitz not higher? He is the champ!

He is one of the best supports in lol

I love blitz!

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80 Nocturne

Best champion. He can easily kill enemies using dusk bringer then his ultimate

Nocturne is the best his ultimate is very good!

He is the king of darkness! What not to love?

Sooo OP I wonder why is not in at least top 15... he's my fave in my opinion so ya

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