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101 War Wince

It attacks so fast

102 Poppy

Easy to master, ultimate and passive is great!

Difficult to control; however, amazing passive and ult. All dammage done to poppy exceeding 10% of her current hp is reduced by 50%

Poppy's ult makes her a good turret-diver for a few seconds while you use E to move the target away from their turret follow up with Q.

What 120? seriously?

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103 Anivia

Rank so low! The first champion that make me win games. Learn to play it and you'll see by yourself how OP she can be.

Although she is difficult to get used to, it is definitely worth it. She can be OP because her E can deal loads of damage. She also has a stun and wall that can turn the game around. She is underestimated.

Anivia has amazing hard magical damgage! When you could play this champion you are ever on the side of the winners!

Anivia is hard to learn, but can shred though anyone with her insane late game ap and especially if she wins mid lane

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104 Gnar

If Gnar gets Mega Gnar he can defeat and scare all enemies and when he on Mini Gnar he can shoots boomerang rapidly.

Gnar is awesome in mega gnar

GNAR is take bro champ

Best champion

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105 Nunu

Best objective control in the game

His E snowball is amazing. His ulti takes TONS of damage. Nunu is the best.

Nunu's ult can kick your silly ass to the ground! And not just one ass but 2,3,4, or 5! PENTAKILL BICHEZZ!

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106 Faker

Faker is good, if you know how to play

I play Faker in game Mobile Legends

Faker op

A lot of penta kills

Needs some serious nerfs

107 Anie V 2 Comments
108 Pula


Very bad

109 Taric

Honestly, there isn't a better champ than taric. he is my most played champ by far and he is just so good. I've dc'ed from games and come back 8 level's behind then get a double kill and carry the rest of the game. The highlight of my day is searching a solo Q and having my ADC be like "oh my god taric sucks" and getting more kills than them for smart mouthing. If you know how to play him he's truly, truly, TRULY outrageous

E:ranged stun with Q:heals for days he drains mana but with the right items any bot lane with Taric will win

Dazzle + Shatter, cue for ADC to pick the kill. Awesome auras plus Shatter and Radiance will give you upper hand in any team fight. "Shatter will reduce tanks and bruisers to squishies, and Assassins into mush" says OTGBionicArm.
Best support in laugh out loud

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110 Philippines

The Philippines could beat any champion any day of the week!

Strong but bullied by China

10/10 would bang again


111 Tzinx

She is very good and be run very fast! also she Damage a lot

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112 Galio

His ulti is so nice

He can demolish AP mages in a matter of seconds thanks to his passive. His ulti is also amazing for team-fights.

"An ap champion? Ahaha..FIRST BLOOD"

Has an amazing ability combo that deals some nice damage and keeps victim practically immobile while combo is in progess. He does lack the ability to completely wipe out a champion 1 on 1 but with another high damage champion paired with him you can say goodbye to any 2v2 match up you come across. Amazing ganks with the his ult.

113 Zilean

Zilean should be #1 on this list. 1 1/2 damage items and you can triple kill in fountain. He is the most OP.

Totally old and creepy eyes

His ult is troll

Great mid and sup. can level lower players up with time in a bottle, q,w,q is a stun if you land it right, R revives an ally that dies within 5 sec of using it, and best of all early -mid game no ap you can still use bombs to lower minions health for adc late game with about 60 ap you can push minions.

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114 Rek'sai

I bought this champ and he was OP


I don't own this champion but I was stunned (not literally in the game LoL) when I fought that Rek'sai that got that swet penta, n they ended the game at 21 minutes! Pushed so fast, very impressed. (Now I'm thinking of buying Rek'sai because at the moment I have 3500)
But yeah, what do you think guys, and happy new year! (I posted this at 01/01/15, location, Philippines, to not be confusing... )

115 Blue Caster Minion

Often overshadowed by their superiors, blue caster minions often feel neglected and ignored. Though very useful, they have been scorned by others, causing them to become depressed. They are the most essential part of the game - without them, there would not even be a League of Legends. They do so much, yet there are always looked down upon. No one has ever accepted the true power of a blue caster minion. There sometimes considered as slaves. No one cares if these minions can assist in enemy kills, help destroy the turret, and most importantly, the Nexus. But now, I want to start a campaign, called, Minion Lives Matter. I want everyone to know that minions are a necessary part of the game, and that they should be considered not as a common servant, but as an equal. Their lives matter just as much as the other champion. Instead of leaving them to die, protect them as you would your ally. This leaves you to two choices. Back off and continue to ridicule and torment the blue caster ...more

Good at kill stealing towers, would recommend 10/10

Strong champion. Very useful and helpful.


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116 Siege Minion V 1 Comment
117 Super Minion

Super minion is strongest than other hero

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118 Evelynn

She is so versatile and can counter many other champs as long as you know what you're doing.

OP passive and good to chase foes.

Her kit is so much fun, and she's somewhat cheap. May as well buy her since her ganks are so great

119 Nami

Can heal and raise your teamate's attack damage, stun your enemies, and an awesome ulti to chase down enemies. She's very squishy but if played properly you will become an awesome support.

A very balanced champion but a strong one. That Q bubble is very rewarding if it landed perfectly. She has CC, sustain, and additional buff to her team. What else do you need and looking for? She offers a lot and that is special. She can be also played aggressively or passively in laning phase. She is so versatile and her synergy with all the ADCs is oh-so good.

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120 Tower V 4 Comments
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