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101 Anivia

Rank so low! The first champion that make me win games. Learn to play it and you'll see by yourself how OP she can be.

Although she is difficult to get used to, it is definitely worth it. She can be OP because her E can deal loads of damage. She also has a stun and wall that can turn the game around. She is underestimated.

Anivia has amazing hard magical damgage! When you could play this champion you are ever on the side of the winners!

Anivia is hard to learn, but can shred though anyone with her insane late game ap and especially if she wins mid lane

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102 Bard

Super fun champ. When played right is unstoppable.

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103 Karthus

To start it off, Karthus is so fun to use. You can spam his Q or anything. And then his passive allows you to set off the most overpowered ult in the game. If you're 1 v 1 a guy then after you die, you've got 7 seconds to finish him off with your ult. Plus, his wall is amazing for chases and I can keep talking about Karthus with a whole essay but I'm just too lazy so this is it.

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104 Alistar

My favorite champion. he desveres better. his story is good and making him a tank makes him pretty much OP.
he takes down minions easily, heals his teammates, supports his teammates, and in 5v5's he can help his team destroy the enemies. out of all he is good at support mainly

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105 Xerath

If you build him right he has extremely high damage as well a great range. His ultimate stops enemies from ever getting away.

Very powerful spells once leveled up

Amazing ranged mage champion!

So op

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106 Dr. Dre Dr. Dre Andre Romelle Young, better known by his stage name Dr. Dre, is an American rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur. He is the founder and current CEO of Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics.

Dr. Dre is also one of the most strongest league of legends champion. He has very high burst, allowing him quick dominance of the arena. No one can compare.

He has the beat and the flow. The hit and the glow. Pick him, win slow.

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107 Graves

Graves is really underrated, he has a good burst attack, and is really easy to master!

Ever had to fight a good Graves? He WILL kill you. OP

Graves can easily turn a battle

he is op

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108 Udyr


I think he's an awesome support. Make him fast and kill minions is what I do.

He is so op early game you can destroy anyone 1 on1 early game

His stands are so good I can play with him for ours

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109 Samuraj

Samuraj has to be, by far, one of the strongest champions on the rift. He isn't hard master, fun and is an excellent choice for beginners.

Honestly, of all the times I've played as Samuraj, I can't remember the last time I lost. Solid champ, good choice for beginners.

Easily the best champion as of S3. It's that simple.

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110 Lissandra

Best thing about her kit is that it has a lot of utility that provides plenty of tactical movement and high burst, whether for solo or team fights, she can pack a punch when played well. Definitely one of the best mages in the game, and a highly effective minion wave clearer as well as great tower diver!

Lissandra is ver good in mid... She does a large amount of damage and is very easy to trap somebody in turret area, she looks awesome fun to play and can kick ass if you build her right!

In the right hands Lissandra can take a losing fight and turn it into a win that you need.

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111 Kennen

With enough of a bump in his ability increase and his stun lock Kennen has always been one of the best in control, wave kills I've seen yet.

Kennen is OP if you know his build..

Kennenis so powerful at ability power and I love it and he is ranged if you just know how to use Kennen you will be powerful

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112 Fiora

She is awesome once you know how to use her properly... Super strong... I can use her against most anybody... Give steal, electric sword, a lil armor and I smash...

The most strongest and fastest champion ever. You really need to buy here.

Just damage, lifesteal, attack speed and you will win every game! Start every time on begin with W, it add +15 dmg

She is a good champ if you know how to play her.

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113 Vane

Vayne is the Best ADC in the game her laning is not the best but if you win lane you win game there's nothing better then building tons of attack speed with decent damage to stack silver bolts and just take out enemy's in seconds her ult may not seem like much but it's amazing when used right. She's not perfect she has weak early game,she's squishy as hell and she's insanely hard to master but like lee sin if you do play her right she's just the best

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114 Twitch

Straight thug, invisibility + ugly make him game changing

Twitch is basically the best ad carry of all time

Very good at getting first blood his E early game is a monster and great for cleaning up escaping enemies late game plus his Q is very handy and W+E you will be last hitting minions for days plus best quotes ever "Age like a fine Egg"-Twitch

Funny and strong

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115 Leona

She is amazing at top and is great for beginners but a bit pricy

Honestly, who doesn't like Leona? I mean, she has awesome damage and protection if built well and I got a PENTA on her so...

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116 Malzahar

I just bought him, and he is a great champion, at 10+ levels if you do hood combos of skills you can solo the dragon. I already killed the dragon twice with my friend playing as Tahm Kench, he was like eating me so I can't kill the dragon, but the Void Minions damage and amount helps a lot.

You'll probably never lose an 1on1 with the right combos

Malzahar is the best

Malzahar is rly bad don't take him never EVER

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117 Orianna

Orianna is OP champion on mid in late game

She really has a high potential. If you know how to play her, you can wreck almost everyone. She has a high utility too

Orianna is one of the best champions, I'd say even in the top 10. She's definitely underestimated and I'm genuinely surprised that more people don't choose her.

This is my super super favourite champion

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118 Elise

Elise she is stringer vote for elise

Very easy to feed

I love this chaperon

I have elise my best jungler

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119 War Wince

It attacks so fast

120 Talyiah

Alright, so currently I've played some customs against friends and such, and about 8 or 9 solo q games on Taliyah, and I got a decent feel for her playstyle. I would like to say some ways she could be improved however.

For a control mage, she feels more risk with less reward than someone like Viktor or Anivia, with her having not as much damage (especially reliable burst), and her CC often feels too situational, and rather close ranges. I understand that she is a zone mage, and that she is supposed to force people into uncomfortable situations, but however those zones feel too situational and ignorable most of the time.

I would perhaps...

Give the threaded ground movement speed buff to allies (Less movespeed for them however.)? Have the stones on her E spread a bit further apart, do a lot more damage on second activation, apply grounded on second activation, lower delay by just a little to make it more potent in lane?

Have the W apply a small stun or slow ...more

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