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121 Hej

Very powerful if used with the right technique high dmg output lots of mobility and can even be tanky. The only downside of this champion is that it does not exist but this is the only thing wrong with this champion. Strongly recommended if possible.

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122 Maokai

Extremely good at doing ganks! He is so OP with his sapling toss!

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123 Riot Champion V 2 Comments
124 Andrija Ojdanic V 2 Comments
125 Garagas V 3 Comments
126 Ursi

It's stronger than Annie, even it isn't a champ, it should be.

127 Rammus

Rammus top champion the best tank in laugh out loud. He has the best passive and no one can beat this wonderful tank

Very good Taunt, and very good ultimate

Just build help and armour, then you can basically tank their whole team. Another thing, when Rammus builds up armour, he also builds damage which means he still deals massive damage late game.

op tank

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128 LeBlanc

LeBlanc is a strong character she can burst anyone she wants I already got a Quadrakill at her. She is so amazing vote leblanc because she can do kill champions in just 2 seconds, So think leblanc must be in 1. Thank You! This is just a an opinion if you don't want leblanc maybe you are blind of picking leblanc that's all! God bless!

LeBlanc is one of the best burst mages in 5.12. Her high damage and crazy mobility makes her a top tier assassin. I've personally maimed LeBlanc for about a month on my own and I have to say there are no mid lane match-ups that LeBlanc can't win.

It's the most op cham in all laugh out loud history and no one is better than her!


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129 Olaf Olaf Olaf the Snowman is a character from the 2013 animated film Frozen, produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

He is so underrated. Just try him out! Few and I say few champs can match him 1vs1 if you play olaf correctly. I main him now and ranking up is faster than before.

Japanese Japanese is being farm when He is using Olaf he is to weak weak weak weak he is a noob no just kidding he is level 6 he is not strong he is too weak

Olaf with life steal attack damage and health

Is really good he doesn't need attack speed because of his passive

Olaf needs help by lissandra to stop him from melting away, which means he has a perfect combo with elsa, I mean Lissandra.

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130 Nocturne

Best champion. He can easily kill enemies using dusk bringer then his ultimate

He kills everything he sees.

Nocturne is the best his ultimate is very good!

Sooo OP I wonder why is not in at least top 15... he's my fave in my opinion so ya

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131 Yorick

Yorick is good from beginning to end. It might take two or three games to get used to him, but then if you enjoy him, and are at least moderately good with him, you can dominate top. Easily.

Yorick is great! Strong tanky pusher mega OP late game. There is not a lot of champions in game who can face up to him.

He is a awesome Pokemon trainer, and the more Pokemons he sends out the more op he gets

Yorick is by far the most op champion in lol, no one can face him late game, at lv 6 u can do rift herald.
But he is pretty hard at the beggining so take your time with him. he is pretty fun to play with!

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132 Riven

RIven is the best champion ever in my opinion.

Riven is the best champion

If you can Riven (for me it's a Verb and a Champion) League of Legends. You can win League of Legends.

Don't know why she isn't placed in the top 10...

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133 Annie

Best mage ever! Good for beginners. And cheap!

Annie is one of the strongest champions if you completed her ap items shes strong enough to combo one enemy. Plus shes a burst mage so 1v1 against a squishy target you will definitely win..

Annie's good, I used to main her.. But she's kinda squishy.

Annie is strong she should be one of the top 10 I never die when I use her I always reach 18 level I know she's squishy,has a low utility and has no escape until she reach 6 level some of your characters are deleted and defeated

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134 Ashe

Personally my 3rd best champ she can do first bloods easily

I got 100 killes with her!

Amazing Combo with Lux and 'R' move able to kill across map

When you master her free hits! you can be unstoppable and can do Pentakills! my best adr so far

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135 Brand

I main brand mid and not many ways to beat him in lane. you could be 0 and 5 and still solo most champs

He must be the first place in this champion vote. He is strong

He is my main mid because his combo and he is so easy to use

The most amazing champion ever, if their was no champions that would disappear like zed and le blanc I can assure u I would beat anyone in mid, especially assasins like yasuo and katarina these are too ez for me as brand he is overpowered, not number 1 and not number 83

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136 Xin Zhao

The Best Fighter Assassin ever.

Very under rated, Xin Zhao is a great champ for jungle and if used correctly can be very op.

Xin Zhao is stronger than olaf

With his combos he can kill every champ

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137 Soraka

If you don't kill her first, then you will never kill her entire team because of her absurd heals. She is so strong!

One of the best support, easy & funny to play. Highly recommended to all "healers"

I was playing soraka and my team went into team fight while I was buying an item, so 3 champs died and when I got there the vi was low health and we 2v5ed the other team

Why isn't she higher on the list? She's my Favourite Support in the game :D

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138 Pantheon

I love Pantheon's block ability, makes it convenient for getting around turrets unharmed!

He is so op when you know how to do the SPEAR!

Q-W-E-Q + ignite FIRST BLOOD

he is best

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139 Karma

Powerful... Has Hidden Potential.. only High Tier Player Can Use Her Properly.

She gets stronger later on in game, but her ultimate can come in very handy

Really strong if played correctly


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140 Syndra

Very op now that she got buffed. People who originally knew how to use her can now got killstreaks like it is nobody's business.

She has a great combo and can attack while moving. overall a great champion

She has one of the highest bursts in the entire game, she can stun, she can, slow, etc, she can do it all!

First,SYNDRA IS THE BEST MAGE, there someone had to say it, stun + burst = the most op thing in the game, and guess what, she also, other than caithlyn HAS THE 2NDLONGEST RANGE IN THE GAME
against darius, darius to her is a puny little brat that is usless

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