Top 10 Strongest League of Stickman Characters

On this list I will show you the strongest characters on League of Stickman game such as BM, Samurai, Ninja, etc.
The Top Ten
1 BM

Bm is my favorite and also my best character he is a living legend and he has two cool skin. I thing bm is the strongest character because his skill is good and has a high damage.and also bm is the main character on league of stickman

BM has been my favorite hero since I first played LoS. When I use him, he could beat the 5 Star Elite Boss where Samurai was long gone.

Bm is great but he his not the strongest but he is part of the strongest the best thing I love about bm is that when his life is low he can regenerate it and have a chance of destroying his enemies

BM is hell because his combat are usually powerful

2 Samurai

The normal samurai is ok. The STK samurai skin is what you really need if you want a hero that can dash and hit without getting himself hit

Samurai is also my favorite character his fast and deadly moves is making him put in the number two. I like bm because his cool skin and his long sword and his skill is also pretty cool to.

He is the best! His attacks are powerful he is very fast and a VERY difficult opponent to beat

The fastest hero

3 Ninja

Ninja is the newest character in the league of stickman. His appearance is similiar to the ninja in the mid japanese century. His skin and his skill is so awesome. Ninja is a great character.

She is very awesome skill and she is very fast

So fast, makes hard to the enemies touch him

Is because she is fast

4 Kalpa

Kalpa has extreme power, with his fire shaped blades, and I think a big shuriken.
he also has an extremly strong ultimate move =D

Kalpa is a cool and also awesome and strong character in the league of stickman. His cool skin and a blade that tach to his hand is a awesome. His skill is also very deadly.

These guys are epic

5 Raven

Raven is the strongest female character in the league of stickman. Her beautiful pink skin and her big sword and stronh skill, she is the best female character in league of stickman.

She is a legend

6 Hunter

Hunter is similiar to raven but the difference is on his skin and his strength.hunter weapon is a crossbow that can kill the enemy on long range,she is best to companion to raven because they have a few similiarity.

very similar to athy but much greater that athy

7 Feist

Feist is a yellow character that doesn't have a weapon his weapon is only his fist. But he is a cool tough and awesome character,I thing he is one of the strongest character in league of stickman.

You can raise his attack power sooomuch its inaane

just like chou in ML he's strong

8 Monkey

The sun go kong like character on league of stickman while monkey is lack of strength and skill but his agile and deadly move is the primary weapon. Talking about weapon monkey's weapon is a staff like the sun go kong has.

9 Monk

Monk is a green character that has a unique weapon. But he is one of the strongest and awesome character in league of stickman. He maybe lack of skill but I thing he a strong character.

Honestly, a great character. Beats a lot of my higher level characters. Amazing character. Very solid, large damage area.

It's pretty difficult for enemies to touch him,cause his skills are deadly and can evade attacks

His attacks cover a very large area.

10 Taoist

He has super power ful ability and also high damage with its number of swords

Taoist is the best hero

Have four sword

Badass char. passed the level with almost 0 dmg!

The Contenders
11 Fox

FOX one of my favorite hero next to SAMURAI, Her skills deals a lot of damage,
Her skills hits multiple enemies at the same time,CD (CoolDown) is fast, And she's such a beautiful character.

FOX is one of my favorite hero next to SAMURAI because her skill deals a lot damage, skill hits multiple enemies at the same time, CD(CoolDown) is fast.So I think FOX is a Great Hero and deserves to be in the top Hero list.

Fox cc is great love it

Powerful ranged

12 Zilong

Zilong I don't know what the meaning of that name.but he is a strong cool and also awesome character his weapon is a long spear, zilong is a one of the strongest character.

13 Zero
14 Rose

She can deal high damage

shes very aggressive when shes attacking shes very ouch to the enemies

15 Prince
16 Reaper
17 Zack

New hero like a luffy

18 Athy
19 Bladey

Her attacks can be melee or ranged, besides that, each skill does a lot of damage, being able to hit multiple enemies at once.

20 OOF
21 Santa
22 Klown
23 Gus
24 Santa Claus
25 Shooter
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