One Above All


If you are talking about physical strength, many would say that Hulk is the strongest one. Fools. One Above All is creator of everything and nothing can exist without him. At first, I think he would not arm wrestle Hulk, Thor or Superman, because he can just erase them from reality with a snap of fingers. Even if he try to beat them physically, TOAA can have as much strength, as he like because he is Ultimate God of Marvel Multiverse. His powers are limitless. It says that all beings combined in Marvel Multiverse would not stand a chance of beating him. This list includes powerful beings like Thanos, Galactus, Thor, Silver Surfer, Apocalypse, Hulk, and he can beat crap out of Beyonder too. He is The One Above All.

Literally the "God" of the Marvel Universe, One-Above-All manipulates and practically owns everything in the multi-verse. Everything that has happened is to his doing. His powers are truly UNLIMITED, going from something as simple as Omni-potency to rewriting the history of the multi-verse to where no hero's or villains existed. That means, in terms of strength, he has no limit. He could lift 1 Earth to 10000000000000 Earth's if he wanted to. He could lift the entire multi-verse without struggling one bit, just because he CREATED THE ENTIRE MULTI-VERSE. I repeat what I said before, he has unlimited power, dwarfing that of Eternity, Death, Galactus, Hulk, Superman, Infinity, Thanos, Darkseid, Blackbolt, etc. 'enough said.

Hey, you One Above All should be number 1 in this list because he is the creator of all. He has limitless power. He is all. He is the creator of living tribunal and everyone. He can kill hulk and everyone in this list easily. He is simply the One Above All. Everyone says hulk is great but you fools One Above All is great he is creator of all, everything and nothing can exist without him.

You people are mad. Hulk gets whooped easily by Superman. One above All created Hulk and is not just god of the Marvel Universe but rules over all fictional Universes. No One on this list could match him and if you think you can think of someone tell me so I can point out ten million reasons why your wrong.

If you talking about "The Strongest Characters in Marvel and DC Comics", so, ONE ABOVE ALL is The Strongest Character in Marvel and THE PRESENCE in DC. There's no doubt! But if you asking "The Very POPULAR Superhero With Physical Power Strength in Marvel and DC Comics", SUPERMAN number one for DC and HULK number one for Marvel.

He is basically GOD he cannot be destroyed killed etc. Therefore, he should rank highly

He exists dimensionally outside of the universe and can't be encountered in any way, yet he created and controls the entire universe. He can wipe out any or all within the universe from eons way. He can make anyone in the universe nonexistent without even thinking or taking any action whatsoever.

One who actually follow the comic books earnestly will know that this guy is basically God of Marvel universe. Beings like Thor, Superman, Doomsday, Hulk (laugh out loud! ) are just figments of his creation. Actually this guy must not be in the list since its unfair to everyone else!

Have you gone mad! Hulk number one! Really?! Alright even professor x can whoop Hulk. Just understand this. This guy is GOD and can make anyone who exists on this list not exist alright.

Yes, the one above all is the strongest. Why? He is an omnipotent, it's as simple as that. Anything he wants is. Stronger than even the Presence, who, by the way, existed AFTER the universe started. The one above all is god in the marvel universe. Can't beat that.

He's the God of the Marvel multiverse if he wanted to he could reset the entire universe, he could take away peoples powers, he could kill anyone he is the god of the marvel multiverse and omnipotent nothing can stop him because the God of marvel.

Anyone who thinks The One Above All is not the strongest is dumb. He is Omnipotent. That means he is all powerful. HE HAS ALL THE POWER. The One Above All = God. Characters like Superman may be "limitless", but The One Above All has limitless power times infinity times god. Yes, it's ridiculous.

As the being who created the marvel universe, I find it hard to fathom anyone considering putting anything above him. He created everything. He has true omnipotence. Literally means he can do anything. He's omniscient. He knows everything. He is everything and he will always know everything. He could erase anything from the marvel universe he wants, simple as that. He needs to be number 1. And the source, which is the D.C. equivalent should be alongside him because they're literally the God of the God's Gods, nobody and nothing stands a chance in their respective multiverses, and I'd have to give he edge to the source as he has superman in his corner.

He is literally the creator of the marvel omniverse, he is above all argumentation. Hence the name "The One Above All" not even superman one million is strong enough to beat him, because there's no point, let the salty DC fan boys talk, but that's it.

He is basically a metaphor for Stan lee who, if he wanted to in his prime could have shut down all of marvel! (Basically if he wasn't retired.) He is marvels god and if you think for a second superman is stronger well, I'm sorry you know nothing. - LiamNeeson

Do you not read this? He is LITERALLY, THE ONE ABOVE ALL! How is Supes #1? No way Supes can beat a FULLY OMNIPOTENT, OMNISCIENT, OMNIPRESENT BEING. Literally you can't do anything unless this guy allows you to. Supes wouldn't stand a chance.

The one above all is the God of the marvel universe. He created these bel universe and everything in it. There is no way that Hulk, Galactus, or anyone else could beat him. He is literally GOD.

He is the most powerful being in ALL of the possible universes-hence the title, "One Above All." I mean, Superman's strong, but since when has he been able to overpower the strongest thing in the omniverse?

The One Above All could fight every character in both Marvel and DC universes and defeat them all. He should be #1 on this list because he is the strongest comic character ever.

There's a reason he is called the One Above All. Anyone who knows anything on this subject knows that he could use anybody on this list prior to him as toilet paper.

Galactus may be able to lift Universes, but The One Above All can lift literally everything. Then he would multiply that by infinity and still lift it

Clearly the winner. He could beat the Marvel universe put together without breaking a sweat. He's the one who invented strength in the 1st place. - theodixon

He can do literally anything. And there's only one being that can defeat him and that's the presence. He is basically God and shares the number one title the presence.

NOBODY is above him, for obvious reasons. Omnipotence. Beyond that, even. He can effortlessly curbstomp everyone else on this list. While dead. Like he ever can be dead. He's simply unstoppable by any means in any way, shape, or form. This takes into account everyone and everything that's fictional, too.

The one above all is the most powerful character. to him, superman is a piece of dust, thor is another piece of dust, and thanos is a tiny midge