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21 Black Adam Black Adam Black Adam is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, and is a primary adversary of the superhero Shazam, formerly known as Captain Marvel.

He can kill superman that alone should make him top 5. The fact that he can fight superman and captain marvel at the same time should make him top 3.

He is the most powerful villian of all comics

He can kill any one

22 Dr. Manhattan Dr. Manhattan Doctor Manhattan is a fictional character who appears in American comic books published by DC Comics. He debuted in the graphic novel miniseries Watchmen, published in 1986 and 1987. Doctor Manhattan was created by writer Alan Moore with artist Dave Gibbons.

He is a god, last time we heard of him he went off to create an entire Galaxy. Even if you destroy every particle in his body, he can reassemble himself in moments, which means he is immortal. He sees the past, present and future simultaneously, so he knows what you are going to do before you know it yourself.

He can is able to phase any part of his body through solid objects without damaging them, produce multiple copies of himself which function independently of each other, project destructive energy, disintegrate people (possibly by removing their intrinsic fields), create force fields, transmute and create matter, move objects without physically touching them (telekinesis), reverse entropy, and, create life and walk on the surface of the sun.

He could kill hulk with a wave of his hand.

I understand that having this discussion is fun and enjoyable, yet I honestly don't know how this topic goes any further than Dr. Manhattan? He is the most powerful being in ANY comic book universe. He is literally made of energy and can do ANYTHING! I will say this again... He. Can. Do. Anything. The only beings that would even stand a chance against him would have to be Gods, or other worldly type creations. He is, for lack of a better term, God. One wave of his hand and bye bye Superman. Another wave and he just eviscerated the Hulk. Any super hero who must breathe oxygen, he just sent them to Mars. See where I'm going here? He wins. Hands down. Period. End of sentence. Next topic.

He can create his own Universe /Reality and manipulate others, he is immortal and can control matter, space, time, just everything! His powers are limitless and goes beyond understanding. I think he is the most powerful being that can exist!

He could kill superman da hulk with a blink of an eye!

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23 Zeus

Classic Ruler God of Greece... If he was real then boy, he would be hard to surpass

Zeus is at the same powerlevel as Galactus.It says so in the infinity gauntlet story line.

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24 Phoenix Force

Jean Grey is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe, the epitome of goddess. When the Phoenix possessed her daughter from another timeline, Rachel, she was able to defeat Galactus. I feel like people underestimate her when she could easily take down almost any other character on this list

The Phoenix Force is the essence invincibility. The ability to destroy anything without touching it. The only plausible opponents would be God himself or Galactus.

Force once a fuse with jean it became more than a damm force it became the guardian of all realities time and of all creation death and life so please tell me why is force here lol it can't even fight compare to everyone on this list the only person that can be compare is the one above all and that it lol


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25 Colossus Colossus Colossus is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, commonly associated with the X-Men.

Colossus has so many cool things going for him and yet he is still low on my list. First of all most of the X-Men are weak in power with a few exceptions, Jean Grey, Rogue, Wolverine. Professor X is a horrible telepath and Colossus is the weakest strong man out of all the strong characters in marvel. He's also Russian not American which is another mark against him. In infinity wars "The Thing" Colossus and maybe "Strong Guy" all get bitch slapped by HULK!

Colossus is now the Juggernaut. Since he was at way more powerful a starting point than the human Cain Marko, Colossus may be the strongest Juggernaut that has existed in the 616 continuity

Colossus with Juggernaut power can defeat Hulk. He left red Hulk win only to avoid destroying Utopia. And Colossus (the regular one) has managed She-Hulk quite easily, and it's Ultimate version has defeated Thor and Ironman in a single book, so no, he is not the weakest strong man at Marvel's Universe.

Colossus can lift over 100 tons. His strength has increased over the years.

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26 Martian Manhunter Martian Manhunter

One thing to remember about the Martian his weakness is fire, on mars his entire race was extinct.

Apparent Superman said that Martian Manhunter is the most powerful being in the universe.

Stated he is the strongest he even beat super man in the comics and in the shows

How is this guy not #1 he was the dude who can defeat people by staring at them!

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27 The Thing The Thing

The Thing has been a punching bag over the years. Thje Thing doe not get stronger the madder he gets. He does something else. The more critical the situation is the stonger he gets. Call it a sense of social responsibility. When he fought the Champion, ,bleeding internally likely, blleeding externally. -He never stopped fighting. The Champion realized he would have to kill Ben-Ben would never surrender. The Thing is who you want if everything is on the line- you want him on the front line. When The Thing and the the Hulk had their minds switched in to each others bodies. Ben was suprised at how savagely the Hulk in The Thing's body fought. that's because The Thing usually pulls his punches. One of the best portrayals of the Thing was when Claremont did Fantastic 4. It showed his intelligence-you can't be a test pilot if you are a dummy. The fact that The Thing and the Hulk would meet to arm wrestle tells you something.

I think the Thing should be even higher as far a pure physical strength, he has proven his strength has far past the 100 ton level

The Thing is not the strongest but he is one of the toughest. Any body fighting him will know they are in a fight. He will not stop. He is knocked teeth loose from the Hulk's mouth.

He's way stronger than batman

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28 Molecule Man

He has the psionic ability to manipulate all forms of matter on a subatomic level, and to manipulate all known forms of energy and to convert matter into energy or energy into matter, E.G. : the creation of powerful force fields and energy beams. He is able to manipulate some of the most powerful and most durable materials within the Marvel Universe. Manipulation of "mere" matter and energy. Regardless he has been able to effortlessly recreate an entire galaxy even in his regular state

He can "unmake" almost anyone else on this list with a thought. He can destroy universes. He can remake them too. One Above All is the only one on this list in the same class.

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29 Superboy Prime Superboy Prime Superboy-Prime, also known as Superman-Prime or simply Prime, is a DC Comics superhero turned supervillain, and one of several alternate Supermen.

The guy is so strong he tear a hole through reality he should be top ten

Prime = Cosmic level Superman without weaknesses

This might be the biggest brat in comic book history but he is absolutely one of the strongest characters ever. He was the main villain in infinite crisis. He has taken on both the green lantern corps and the sinestro corps (after betraying them), defeated sodam yat w/the power of ion, the antimonitor with one punch, defeated monarch, (whose body blew up a universe), survived an attack against the black lanterns, and will eventually become the time trapper. I doubt even the retcon of the New DC 52 will stop superboy prime from returning.

He is Superman on steroids...SUPERMAN ON STEROIDS.
That statement is so hard to imagine but it's a fact.He litteraly beated all DC superheroes ALL AT ONCE.Not one by one like Hulk did in World War Hulk,BUT ALL AT ONCE.

30 Amazo

He upgraded himself to be immune 2 energy attacks & if he copies John d martian, Magneto, Ghost Rider, Thor, Doom, Superman, Green Lantern, Invisible Woman, Hulk, Wolverine, Flash, Black bolt, Hellboy, Lord Voldemort, Molecule man, Aquaman, Dragonite, Vegeta & Goku's power within sometime he can self-upgrade 2 absorb & use all their moves. No laser, sonic, radiation, cosmic& psychic power will work against him & as he is non living he will be undead in d universe!

Amazo is just as strong as anyone in this list... Well actually stronger since he can copy everyones power just by looking at them.

Can copy pretty much any ability in the anime and has no known weakness as he stopped being nano technology. Could move world's out his way by simply looking at them and flashes his eyes to put them back where they are. The guy is over powered and should be way higher on the list as should a few more that are not in the top 10 I.E. spectre, living tribunal etc

In the justice league unlimited he upgraded him self and nothing can stop even all of the heroes are combined watch it the title of the episode is the return

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31 Rama Kushna
32 Abomination

Abomination is a complete tank that could almost kill hulk. Enough said.

Abomination will crush theese guys and they will not be able to type 911 in their mobile

Come'on guys, these are ants for Abomination. He will put theese guys down and become number 1

33 Sentry

Sentry shouldn't definitely be way higher than the twenty four. Sentry's strength is limitless just alike Juggernaut and a few others. He is capable of fighting celestials.

Sentry is the strongest. What else would you expect from someone who has the power of million exploding suns. He is immortal and has a healing factor that is as good as deadpool's.

Sentry is stronger than superman. He have the power of million exploding sun and he can control the all molecule like moleculer man. He can generate energy heat beam from his eye and hand


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34 Ant-Man Ant-Man Ant-Man is the name of several fictional superheroes appearing in books published by Marvel Comics. Created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby, Ant-Man's first appearance was in Tales to Astonish #27.

Are you stupid? He must be on the top of the list! He can control his size and kill anybody!

He can shrink and supersize and summon ants - Tavir101

Okay, here's the science behind it: Ant-Man's real power is to increase or decrease the density of his atoms. There's a scientific law that states: if matter gets to a density of x (x is the result of a very complex formula), it creates A BLACK HOLE. A BLACK HOLE. That's power for you. - AlGalaxy

Tavir you have the right idea man,

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35 Michael Demiurgos
36 The Source
37 Batman Batman Batman aka Bruce Wayne is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, and first appeared in Detective Comics #27.

I thought this was a strongest list? Laugh out loud If so he's not one of the strongest, but he can face up anybody on this list without breaking a sweat and people getting ready to fight him are intimidated by that. Now that's a Super hero for you! He may not be the most powerful or strongest but if anyones gonna give up in a fight, it ain't him! Go Batman!

Here's how I think Batman could win: First he could wear a full suit made entirely out of Kryptonite, so that Superman couldn't even touch him and Batman could stay safe from his Super-Strength. Then, Batman could shoot a Grappling Hook, with a Kryptonite tip, straight at Superman's chest and pull him down towards him. Then Batman could punch Superman in the face multiple times (keeping in mind that Batman's entire suit is made out of Kryptonite, so it would weaken and brutally damage Superman even more) and then take out a Kryptonite spear and put it straight through his chest or heart. This would permanently damage Superman or most probably kill him and finally put an end to all this "Batman Vs Superman" argument.

Conclusion: Kryptonite is essential for killing Superman and is the ideal tool for Batman in order to permanently terminate Superman.

Holds kryptonite to superman. Kills him in minutes. He is a straight beast. His mind is so dark that if anyone tries to read it or anything like that he will scar them and leave them huddled in a corner

Why he isn't on top 3?

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38 Orion

Orion is the weilder of the Astro Force. Basically DC's version of the Power Cosmic. Plus, he's a god with strength and speed on par with Superman. He has a berserker rage and a Mother Box.

39 Wonder Woman Wonder Woman

She's the most powerful heroine in dc universe. She has beaten superman, captain marvel and the six founding members of justice league.

Please Wonder Woman kills superman and single handed took on doomsday and lasted longer than superman. I could go on much longer but Wonder Woman is almost practically invisible, that's all that's need to be said here

I have actually spoken and asked the creators of the justice league and one of them said she's stronger than superman

She can kick superman in the nuts. Immediate victory😁

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40 Monitor-Mind The Over-Void
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