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Superman is a comic character. And probably the first powerful superhero in the fictional world. The character was created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, high school students living in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1933. It was published by DC comics. The first animated superhero movie was superman. more.


In terms of both ability and strength, Superman probably takes the top slot. Despite taking care of many problems with his powers alone, he has shown to be just as capable at figuring out solutions to problems that requires more than just super strength or heat vision to solve. He've also gone toe to toe with Doomsday enough times and has even fought and won against Batman when he had all of Superman's powers. The Pre-Crisis Superman is also widely believed to be the most powerful character ever, capable of turning time backward by spinning around a planet. In the Kingdom Come story, Superman is also widely believed to be the most powerful man in existence, to the point where Kryptonite no longer affect him anymore, and is stated to have the power to contain the superhuman war from spreading across Earth. In various stories and Elseworld tales, Superman often takes on the role of being the strongest and most capable as well.

Before The Hulk can get pissed off, Superman just gonna use his super-speed and hit him a hundred times then hold his leg and spin him at the speed of light or sound and leave him facing up. With all the strength of Superman, The Hulk is just gonna reach Moon. Then Superman will come at light speed and again hit him with full strength. When he will reach Venus, then Hulk will get pissed off but Superman is just very fast and again hit him with full strength at full speed. When he will reach Mercury, again hit him at full speed but now at different direction. Then The Hulk will reach Sun at its surface. I don't think Hulk is gonna survive at the surface of Sun cause the temperature is about 5500 Celsius. If he is gonna survive then Superman will land at full speed with the gravitational force of the Sun very much higher than Earth's. Then he will crush him and he will get extra strength, speed and all that because of the Sun. Superman will send The Hulk in the core of the Sun with only ...more

Here is the thing, Superman has a plethora of powers. He is superfast, can fly, can shoot fire from his eyes, and from what I recall he was often a genius. Even if Hulk got stronger, which he shouldn't in my opinion, Superman could outrun him, could fly away, throw him into space, fly into a star for a power boost, or outsmart him. Or beat him up while he is in human form. Also, in World War Hulk, it was shown Hulk still needed air to breath. Superman doesn't have that limitation, he could throw him into space and wait for him to simply suffocate.

Here's a list of things that you should look at: Hulk: cells are in such a state of hyper mitosis that he can regenarate from just a small patch of skin floating around. Any pain inflicted on banner instantly transforms him... Say he shoots himself in the mouth the other guy spits it out. ANY energy that hits hulk actually increases his strength. Beyonder, a primordial being, said that hulks strength has no bounds, that it could only increase. MARVEL said that no one could rival hulks strength. Hulk can jump into lower earth orbit and across continents, can run at near light speeds with his strong legs. Jean grey realeased banner from the hulk once, so his strength wasn't limited by a human. Hulk does not need to move planets, simply punch them once and they could shatter. And now for superman: could out run hulk, his strength is near limitless... Except it DOES have a limit, hence hulk beating every enemy he has faced and dupes not bearing doomsday a couple times. Then supes does ...more

Well I mean in a case of superman vs the hulk superman has only one weakness which the hulk is too dumb to get and even if he some how calmed his tips enough to become the scientist (whatever his name is) let's face it Supes would destroy him right then and there. So that's really all the proof you need and if u r still not convinced superman would win, superman is much faster, smarter, and stronger depending on the hulk state. I mean you could argue, "oh the hulk gets stronger while madder" but supper man would have long observed that and figured out a plan or even trapped the hulk or locked him into submission or pulled a general song and snapped his neck (which on case you didn't know humans need their neck to function and support their bodies and yes even radioactive human beings. Point is as long as the sun shines super man would win this battle no question.

Comparing Invincible super heroes and villains is not a good idea. It is true that Superman has beat Hulk, and Hulk beat Superman. Surprising Doomsday only has 3 percent, even though he has killed Superman and keeps coming back stronger and stronger, he got so strong that Superman had to time travel to the end of time and leave Doomsday there to prevent him from causing further chaos. I don't believe that Hulk is the strongest because I believe that there is a limit to how much anger one person can have there for I am voting for Superman and Doomsday. Doomsday 4 times though since he is stronger.

Superman and Hulk are both very powerful good guys. In the new cinematic universe we have to take into account that Bruce Banner has gained the ability to "control" the Hulk. There are so many variations and no early for what reason would two good guys fight. Truth be told if it came down to it Superman wouldn't kill Hulk. Instead he would take Hulk to another I habitable planet and be done. In a sense it's a tie, but reality supe wins. If we thank most powerful hulk then we must think most powerful superman, Superman Prime, if we think normal regular hulk then we do the same with super and like I said super man would drop him off on another planet, given Hulk survives the trip. Why would anyone think Hulk could defeat Superman. I think a more note worthy battle would be Green Lantern and Superman. I believe Grenn Lantern is heavily overestimated. He can create anything from willpower.

Superman has purely UNLIMITED strength! To put the Hulk ahead of him is completely asinine and biased. These two have fought on three occasions in Marvel/DC crossover comic books and ALL THREE TIMES Superman has easily defeated the Hulk. But... Because we are talking about "PHYSICAL STRENGTH", some people might argue and state that the Hulk is STRONGER than Superman. During the limited series comic book story of Secret Wars, the Hulk had lifted a mountain weighing hundreds of billions of tons. While that's all impressive and good, Superman has bested Hulk by moving planets! NOT MOUNTAINS! PLANETS! PLURAL!

Superman has also shown unlimited feats without struggle such as moving multiple planets and even later becoming godlike as superman prime. The Hulk is strong without a doubt but Superman has fought stronger villains and won including gods. Not to mention the nifty little crossover with DC and Marvel where Superman beat the Hulk.

Speed (light speed), power, long range attacks (heat vision & cold breath), high IQ, great heart, humility, passion, will. The prototypical superhero. Also can augment his strength by flying through the sun. He has moved the earth, smashed mountains, and survived nuclear blast. Most people don't know he knows self defense (pressure points, judo) and is willing to die for the people of earth. He does not back down from any fight and will give any being the fight of their life. He has been compared to gods and has fought and beaten his share of divine beings as well.

Strength - His strength is virtually limitless due to the sun's radiation. It has been shown that Superman can lift 1,000,000 tons with ease. He has been able to benchpress the Earth, which weights 6 sextillion tons, for five days straight.

Invulnerability - He has taken a blast equal to one million nuclear warheads and stayed conscious. He's traveled through our sun and through Krypton's red sun unharmed. He's been able to take 100,000,000 degrees of Fahrenheit. He's survived the impact of ten supernovas exploding in his face. He was able to withstand a sun exploding in a solar system, destroying everything in the solar system but still staying conscious.

Speed - He has been seen moving much faster than light with ease. He can fly at two thousand miles per second, equal to Mach 9350.

Healing Factor - He can heal from nearly any injury instantaneously as long as it isn't from Kryptonite.

Superman is the best all round character on this list. Granted his largest nemesis is a human genius, he has also defeated superhuman characters from all over the Universe. Not only was beaten to the point of death, but his Kryptonion cell make him virtually a god on Earth or any plantes/galaxy with a yellow sun. He may not be as strong as the Hulk, but his intellegence makes him more than a match. Doomsday is definitely a Bad Ass, and with both of the characters delivering the final blow. Superman, due to his Kryptionian cell was able to slow down his Heartbeat to one beat every 17 days to heal his body and re-generate his strength. In future meetings Superman outsmarted Doomsday. Galactus is powerful, but he isn't even the most powerful character in his respected comic book universe, much less this list. Hello, why is The One Above All from Marvel Universe on this list. Wolverine, that's just a joke. He was virtually destroyed by Magneto, when he ripped out his Adamantium Skeleton. ...more

Superman is stronger than the hulk because he can only get mad and try to kill superman. The only way he can get superman to the ground is if hulk pulled superman cape and punched him. Superman can go all over the world and super speed then punch him while going his top speed. Superman can also use his telekinesis and throw hulk out into space and hulk will die or come back like a flying rocket and filled with rage. I have no problem with superman as the winner.

Common man.. He was destined to be Earth's and the entire universe's protector. Man of steel, man.. Imagine this: Hulk vs Superman, Superman destroys the planet they are standing on, then fly to another planet leaving Hulk breathless in the middle of the universe. OR, imagine this in a clean fight: just when the bell rings, Clark Kent vs Bruce Banner, the moment Bruce starts to transform Clark would have him killed.

Superman is the hero against which all other heroes are measured. That being said, has he not moved planets? I think that would exceed 100 tons many times over, and that is what the Hulk is rated at, 100 tons. There is no comparison between the strength of these two, not to mention the countless other weapons and capabilities of Superman. I take nothing away from Hulk, he is indeed awesome! But Superman is and always will be the Man (of Steel)!

It's stupid that he's not number 1, I hate it it when people say that superman has limits, his wonky limits are magic, kryptonite and the red sun. Superman once stayed inside the sun for 15 minutes and was strong enough to move the whole world. Hulk is just strong, but superman can fly so fast he can turn back time, and is limitless to all of his powers. So in conclusion, if you think hulk could beat superman, you no nothing.

Superman by all means is no light weight. I can't believe how some people thinks of the Hulk being better than Superman. Well, if we threw Goku in here people would say he was the strongest (These people would be idiots, there is a youtube video based on information of these two that suggests Superman would win). But then you have to consider the statistics of Superman's power over the ages and various things.

Okay, your standard Superman isn't that powerful compared to some of the people walking around in the DC and Marvel universe. However a sun dipped superman is almost god, however they are different Superman rarely sun dips and therefore they should be different category. Such as Superman Prime although superman, he isn't the same he's a good who gained his powers over thousands of years and could beat almost everyone.

Supes has beaten Hulk twice, Thor once and captain Marvel. Any question? In one comic where there was a spider-man crossover hulk hit supes once and knock him down. Supes got up and the hulk started hitting him. Supes made a snide remark and hit the hulk once. Hulk went from New York to New Mexico and was knock out. Enough said

Superman is a man of steel, nothing can penetrate his body except from meteor-rocks, if you look at hulk very well his body is rubber so any sharp object can cut him on like superman no matter how sharp the object is, it can never cut him. His body contains different power that he can use to distroy hawk. The number 1power is lasers, he can use the laser to cut haulk neck off, number 2 is ice, he can freeze hulk and break him into pieces. If you watch superman returns you will notice that superman is a million times stronger that hulk.

Superman can be beat period end. Superman is the cream of the crop in everything. His popularity has nothing to do with his powers, he could rip the hulk in half. People SEE the hulk and think nobody could be stronger than him but the hulk only has strength. Superman has no limits to any of his powers!

I believe superman can die by hulk here's y this the only way it's do to age while superman was young he didn't know how to tap in to his powers so a younger version of superman would die in the hands of hulk but I voted superman because of what I read if that's try then superman is limitless we reach 200 quintillion tons but I believe it's hire so an all out full strength superman will kill hulk and face it if superman don't do nothing and let the hulk calm down hulk will turn to Bruce Banner and it's over

Superman may have some weaknesses like kryptonite or magic, but those weaknesses can be dealt with by spending some time close to the sun, thus he can beat Thor, and hulk can be dealt with by sending him to moon in the blink of an eye. Even the red sun can be dealt with his red sun suit. If all goes wrong he can call the army of supermen from future including golden Superman.

No contest here, hulk won't last a second against superman. Superman's just too fast, you can't beat what you can't hit. You can't beat what you can't see. Superman sees Hulk in super slow motion and has all the time to eat and drink as Hulk throws a single punch that won't land because by then Superman had thrown 1000 nuclear blast like punches that the Hulk can't possibly survive.

He is the best.. Since any one knew super heros and super powers.. Ultimate combination of imagination and power..
Superman can beat HULK like anything.. By throwing him up on moon.. From where he can't come.. HULK is strongest. But complete super hero is superman. No doubts.!