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Thor Odinson is a fictional superhero appearing in the American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character, based on the Norse mythological deity of the same name, is the Asgardian god of thunder and possesses the enchanted hammer Mjolnir, which grants him the ability of flight and weather more.


Thor is openly admitted by Stan Lee as the strongest and most powerful character in comic book history. Every hero (including Hulk) has a weakness of some sort. Thor has none. His intellect is massively superior, he has been training in the arts of war and battle for thousands of years, against enemies far greater than that even encountered in the lower ends of the Avengers. His strength is unrivaled, he has even been known to move entire planets by just brute strength. Not forgetting the most powerful weapon in the entire universe Mjolnir. Thor is infinitely more powerful than anyone and his also extremely likable on all fronts. A fantastic addition to marvel comics, Thor reigns over all entities.

This character has survive Planet explosions, nuclear attacks, blasts that could destroy stars. Also Mjolnir, his weapon, has enough power to destroy a whole planet, as Beta Ray Bill said, the first time he was able to lift the hammer (a 1975 edition).

It is a shame that Marvel have weaken this character over the years, Stan Lee, the creator of almost all Marvel heroes also stated that he create the Might Thor to be the most powerful hero, and it was so, but today Marvel USUALLY change this.

To me, personally, Thor is #1! Like some of the other posts I have read, he is the most powerful of all heroes ever created, even Superman (even though he is so hot! ) Thor has lived for thousands of years, gained knowledge beyond our comprehension, battled millions of monsters and evil beings, waged thounsands of wars than in recorded history, has power that we can not begin to understand the limit to (if it even has a limit), and not to metion the dream husband of many women! He is compasionaite, kind, gentle, caring, loving, strong, and every good trait you can think up. He may be powerful, but he is truly (in Asgard standards) only the second most powerful. (Odin, his father, is number one. ) In Marvel standards, he is number one. In a fight with Hulk, Thor usually holds back, because he likes the friendly competition between him and his fellow Avenger. So if he were to go head to head in an all out battle, I believe Thor would win by a landslide. Though it will probably take ...more

The most powerful yet humble hero there is. Well, he is the Norse god of thunder, and had a thousand years of combat experience. - aeromaxx777

Imagine Thor with a Piko-Piko Hammer. Well, he does not need one! Nor the Ultra Hammer! But he could make Amy Rose & Super Luigi both labor into carrying Thor's hammer. And guess what?! Thor is a god! He is the best fictional gaming character ever, thanks to wisdom, muscularity and masterful control with anything very heavy like Thor's Hammer. Thor has been in every epic battle and I want to be like him!

Sentry is way stronger than the hulk. The hulk couldn't get out of a force field by Martian man hunter but sentry did with one hand and the hulk couldn't with all his might and Odin destroys galaxies just by fighting someone and thor is a demi god an expert warrior he has no weakness and in a fight Odin would most likely kill every one on this list in a one on one fight

Once in 90th the dc vs avengers was unleashed and there Superman kicked hulks ass, while Thor kicked SHAZAM and earlier in dc universe SHAZAM won fight with superman

P.S. chuck Norris and Superman once fought each other on a bet. The loser had to start wearing his underwear on the outside of his pants. So CHUCK NORRIS is the mightiest folks

Thor could beat the hulk and then take care over superman, no problem. Reason- the hulk is stupid and superman has no fighting skills what so ever. Thor has thousands of years of experience in fighting. Plus he also has the most powerful weapon in marvel history.

The norse god of thunder. No fury on earth can measure up to him. He's a spirit being. No flesh and blood human like the hulk can't even touch him. You youngsters need to review your history. Stan lee said he to stronger and more powerful the then the hulk.

Thor is nearly invulnerable strong and controls weather so add superman & storm not to mention all his knowledge of battle that's tough to argue unless you count people like one above all who can just simply erase everyone as far as franchise super Heros go he has to be number 1

Dude thor look at him he's to strong I will admit that wolverine has the power to keep healing his self and everybody has one special thing about them but thor can fly he has a hammer he can control weather he's awesome

Thor has the power of god so he is much more powerful than hulk or even superman.

Best of all he deserves ti be in number 1 he is the hammer the hammer that no one can pick not even hulk or superman if you see the fight between hulk, superman and thor

Thor is a comic god. Superman is bound to our sun. Thor is not bound to anyone. Put superman on the ice giants planet with no sun and watch how quick they eat him for lunch.

I think Thor Should be at # 1st position among all other heroes. Because Hulk need oxygen outside the Planet Earth or even in water. And Superman can give him a challenge fight but he will die after his limited age.

Thor has damaged Celestials, beaten Hulk and thing at the same time and has some knowledge in magic and enchantments allowing him to increase his strength.

Thor is vastly more powerful than Superman, not to mention Thor has magical abilities. It has been stated repeatedly that Superman is vulnerable to magic.

He is a lot stronger than Superman, and also has a better skill in making friends with other heroes. Superman can die but Thor is immortal! - aeromaxx777

Thor is the strongest if you guy take into account when he's father died and took control of the Odin force,

Thor has his own Life-Force also known as his God-Force. The godly energies that fuel all of Thor's godlike powers. Thor's immortal life-force is more powerful than the mystical properties of Mjolnir, allowing him to be on the top of the power list without out his hammer. Also adding to his god-force are all the powers of Mjolnir. Above all else at times he controls the Odin force making him omnipotent.

People who think him weaker than Superman must have a visit to Wikipedia

No one could lift thor's hammer. I know marvel history, do you know yours? You can't change history.

He has a powerful hammer and summon lightning and makes can create strong thunder storms - Tavir101

He is the strongest as no one can pick up his hammer so he have a chance to lay down someone by keep the hammer on it and it also helps him to fly

For Christ's sake Thor is a god and hulk is hulk Thor can burn hulk like a charcoal