Top Ten Strongest Modded Mobs In Minecraft

The Top Ten

1 Burning Godzilla

Burning Godzilla is stronger than the queen I even saw it on a forum post. Its poison can one shot the player as it ignores armor. by the way the king is actually weaker than a lot of people think. Although its almost unlikable in its ultimate form. The windigo cheats to it can duplicate its self summon leaches and arctic scorpions which themselves can kill king kong! Really the leaches do all the work...

2 Witherzilla

Wow I only added this Witherzilla two days ago. Seems people see it true power. If you haven't, watch an updates mod showcase on the titans mod - Godzilla4427

Witherzilla has 500,000 Health and can do an infinite amount of damage and has regeneration so amazing the mod creator can't even track how much it regens! Don't tell me the king queen or windigo can kill this thing as it could kill 5 of each with out breaking a sweat!

Witherzilla. Has 10000000 no melee is infinite. And summons a scrap ton of withers

Guys Witherzilla Has 10 mil hp. what's 6k hp against that going to do

3 Windigo

It killed the ultimate king

It's a lame Queen ripoff intended to make more people watch MLP

It can kill 2 Queens and 2 Kings and have 750hp left

It really can't, especially if it's the ultimate king which is stronger than the queen - Godzilla4427

it just is

4 Ultimate King

The ultimate king is unkillable

5 The Queen
6 The King
7 Godzilla

Godzilla is stronger than the king it should be above it! - Godzilla4427

8 King Ghidorah

I should have added king Bowser

This lost to bowser type up the video by popularmmos if you don't believe me - Godzilla4427

9 King Kong

And this lost to the arctic scorpion again in popularmmos' videos - Godzilla4427

10 Kiryu

The Contenders

11 King Bowser

King Bowser cans beat king ghidorah I saw it in a video

I should of put him higher on the list

Seriously, this thing killed king ghidora, which killed two king kongs... should be in the top 10 - Godzilla4427

King bowser can beat kinggadora I 撒我们it in pats video

12 Herobrine


13 Mobzilla
14 Ursa Major
15 Hydra Mythical Creatures Mod

This killed like 5 garbles and won. The king fought one garble and got down half way. Is this hydra stronger than the king? even if it is, its not stronger than the ultimate king - Godzilla4427

16 Rodan
17 Mothra
18 Radioactive Spider

No offense, a lot of mobs can eat him up

Probably weakest on the list lol - Godzilla4427

Just a question but, who would win? Spiderzilla or the spider Titan? - Godzilla4427

19 Battra
20 Arctic Scorpion

This killed king kong - Godzilla4427

21 Ghast Titan
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