Top Ten Strongest Modded Mobs In Minecraft

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1 Witherzilla

Hey Godzilla4427 I challenge you to come up with top ten strongest mobs in Minecraft
1, no titans
2, 10 mobs, no more or less
3, in order
4, mods included
5, if you wanna explain your answer

OP if any one could come up with 5 mobs that stand a chance against witherzilla thanks

Wow I only added this Witherzilla two days ago. Seems people see it true power. If you haven't, watch an updates mod showcase on the titans mod

The best thing to live in minecraft if you see it you die right away.

2 Wither Storm

This thing is literally BIGGER than any mob ever, But over time has lost his touch to things like the gatekeeper, Chaos guardian and the Titans

In its final stage it can have 20billieon hp and summon other wither storms

better then the titans witherzilla no do count

1 Wither Storm
2 Witherzilla
3 Ultimate king
4 Ultama iron golem titan
5 Sandworm

3 Ultimate King

I literally can't be killed. I can kill the witherstorm and witherzilla easily.

NOT UNKILLABLE, but can probably ABSOLUTELY SMASH ANYTHING EXCEPT super hero’s unlimited mod Godzilla and titans!

Make number 1, it is way stronger than anything else on this list

Is not killable, he ends your entire world, and he does have a very clear purpose:to finish the player for good. Not only that, he could beet witherzilla 3 heads to 3 more heads.

4 Burning Godzilla

Burning Godzilla is stronger than the queen I even saw it on a forum post. Its poison can one shot the player as it ignores armor. by the way the king is actually weaker than a lot of people think. Although its almost unlikable in its ultimate form. The windigo cheats to it can duplicate its self summon leaches and arctic scorpions which themselves can kill king kong! Really the leaches do all the work...

Ah I remember when this was like 8th. ah how its grown to be superior to all others by 7% (which is a lot in this website by the way)


5 Windigo

it can summon scorpions they are killer the windigo is way stronger its enough with the scorpions

Windigo vs witherzilla

1 seconded later.
Windigo: very dead
Witherzilla:that fool

Overrated and a Rip Off + weaker then ultimate king and normal queen

It killed the ultimate king

6 The Queen

OP as heck but just like the Wither storm it has lost it’s touch to the Titans sadly

Who wishes there was an ultimate queen?

The Queen is the strongest mob not Burning Godzilla. This is the real order, The Queen, The King, Kiryu, Burning Godzilla, Godzilla, King Ghadora, Windigo, King Kong, Hydra, Arctic Scorpion and +++++++++++.
Count in order k do it! it's the real order

7 Godzilla

R we talking about the Godzilla from the Godzilla mod or the one from the super hero’s unlimited one?

This thing can kill a charged creeper titan, the windigo, and queen, it even took on the blaze titan and won, it can’t kill greater titans though

First of all, Godzilla can’t even kill the windigo, the queen, and definitely not ultimate king

Godzilla is stronger than the king it should be above it!

8 Ender Dragon Titan

Are you talking about the Ender collosus minions, ( aka 8000 health Ender dragons

Nope it not added yet

It hasn't been added

this is the best titan witherzilla dose not count

9 The King
10 Ultima Iron Golem Titan - Greater Titan

best titan of all time except witherzilla but I killed it with one punch of my hand no potions at all

the king and queen are nothing compared to this

The 2nd, 3rd or 4th most powerful titan depending on your opinion. The ender colosus would win if he used lasers, if not he would lose. if the ghast titan flew he would win.

The only mob in minecraft who can even match witherzilla. he's a monster. He murders everything pretty much besides wsitherstorm/witherzilla

The Contenders

11 Chaos Guardian

Underrated, stronger than wither storm, gatekeeper, Rahovart and maybe even some titans

better then all dragons except the windigo

The most op thing ever only beaten by titans

The Ender dragon titan here

12 Ender Colossus

Ender colossus can easily kill you with full Adminium, so he should be 3rd or seconded, and Ultima iron golem does not count because he is not a hostile mob unless he is not your iron golem and

Although I can kill them it with a stick... never mind

this is a destroyer

He will kill all

13 The Gatekeeper of the Abyss

it can shoot out black holes why do they underestimate this thing

Need I say more

if it's a witch or a wizard or warlock it's a god,destroyer

Underatted and op as heck

14 Herobrine

Depends which herobrine there's tonnes of mods with them

Herobrine is weak remove him from the list


15 Ghast Titan

Can kill Ender Colossus, he can even hold off witherzilla for about an hour, but for some reason, witherzilla in my world losses to the Windigo.

Second most op and biggest titan

16 King Ghidorah

I should have added king Bowser

This lost to bowser type up the video by popularmmos if you don't believe me

17 Ursa Major

best of the mythical creatures mod

Um despite being a mobzilla ripoff it should still be above it as its like 3 times bigger stronger and has 3 times the amount of health

Ursa Major is...SO BIG

its soo BIIGG

18 Sandworm

It big and it eats players and u have to find its hart and kill it and u get out
PopularMMOs show cast it

If you don't know. u don't know

19 Mobzilla
20 Ultimate Queen

way better than ultimate king

She is the alpha

21 Bedrock Golem

He takes no damage from any attack

Unkillable exept for titans

22 Leech

It can kill lots of big monster but it pretty small.

One hit kill most mobs in the game underrated and op

Can the Leech kill titans?

23 King Kong

And this lost to the arctic scorpion again in popularmmos' videos

24 Iron Golem Titan

Second strongest Titan in the titans mod and possible the entire game

25 Pigzilla

godzilla + pig + giant + unkillable boss = pigzilla

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