Top Ten Strongest Modded Mobs In Minecraft

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1 Witherzilla

1. Witherzilla
2.wither storm
4.unkillable sand worm
6.ursa major

The best thing to live in minecraft if you see it you die right away.

It can kill you in creative mode and glitches your world right away. Witherzilla can destroy the witherstorm.

Duhh, it can kill the witherstorm

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2 Wither Storm

Yum yum eat um up

Bruh it can kill Witherzilla


1 Wither Storm
2 Witherzilla
3 Ultimate king
4 Ultama iron golem titan
5 Sandworm

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3 Burning Godzilla

Ah I remember when this was like 8th. ah how its grown to be superior to all others by 7% (which is a lot in this website by the way) - Godzilla4427

Burning Godzilla is stronger than the queen I even saw it on a forum post. Its poison can one shot the player as it ignores armor. by the way the king is actually weaker than a lot of people think. Although its almost unlikable in its ultimate form. The windigo cheats to it can duplicate its self summon leaches and arctic scorpions which themselves can kill king kong! Really the leaches do all the work...


4 Ultimate King

Better than burning Godzilla

He is awesome

This is better than burning godzilla person he-he also, no zook no zook no zook!

The only things that can kill the ultimate king are the oxygen destroyer and the Titan mod.

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5 Windigo

Overrated and a Rip Off + weaker then ultimate king and normal queen - Godzilla4427

It killed the ultimate king

It's a lame Queen ripoff intended to make more people watch MLP

It can kill 2 Queens and 2 Kings and have 750hp left

It really can't, especially if it's the ultimate king which is stronger than the queen - Godzilla4427

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6 The Queen

Who wishes there was an ultimate queen?

The Queen is the strongest mob not Burning Godzilla. This is the real order, The Queen, The King, Kiryu, Burning Godzilla, Godzilla, King Ghadora, Windigo, King Kong, Hydra, Arctic Scorpion and +++++++++++.
Count in order k do it! it's the real order

7 The King
8 Godzilla

One day, Godzilla will rightfully surpasse the king and it should be soon - Godzilla4427

Godzilla is stronger than the king it should be above it! - Godzilla4427

9 King Ghidorah

I should have added king Bowser

This lost to bowser type up the video by popularmmos if you don't believe me - Godzilla4427

10 Herobrine

Herobrine is weak remove him from the list

Depends which herobrine there's tonnes of mods with them - Godzilla4427


The Contenders

11 King Kong

And this lost to the arctic scorpion again in popularmmos' videos - Godzilla4427

12 Ultimate Queen

She is the alpha

13 Kiryu

Is this even out. I swear they took it out the mod for a redesign of it - Godzilla4427

TOO HIGH ON THE LIST - Godzilla4427

14 King Bowser

King Bowser cans beat king ghidorah I saw it in a video

I should of put him higher on the list

Seriously, this thing killed king ghidora, which killed two king kongs... should be in the top 10 - Godzilla4427

King bowser can beat kinggadora I 撒我们it in pats video

15 Ursa Major

Ursa Major is...SO BIG

Um despite being a mobzilla ripoff it should still be above it as its like 3 times bigger stronger and has 3 times the amount of health - Godzilla4427

16 Battra

It sucks

17 Witherwilla
18 Mobzilla
19 Hydra Mythical Creatures Mod

Yeah this could beat the king probs - Godzilla4427

This killed like 5 garbles and won. The king fought one garble and got down half way. Is this hydra stronger than the king? even if it is, its not stronger than the ultimate king - Godzilla4427

20 Rodan
21 Mothra

Stronger Then Rodan there's even video proof - Godzilla4427

22 Radioactive Spider

Actually forget that question I think the Spider Titan would win - Godzilla4427

No offense, a lot of mobs can eat him up

Probably weakest on the list lol - Godzilla4427

Just a question but, who would win? Spiderzilla or the spider Titan? - Godzilla4427

23 Arctic Scorpion

Should be much higher. it only got half way down while killing King kong and got Burning Godzilla below half way. It should also be noted that Burning Godzilla killed 15! mothras which are far stronger than Battras - Godzilla4427

This killed king kong - Godzilla4427

24 Ghast Titan
25 Iron Golem Titan

Second strongest Titan in the titans mod and possible the entire game - Godzilla4427

26 Spiderzilla

Very strong

27 Ultima Iron Golem Titan - Greater Titan Ultima Iron Golem Titan - Greater Titan

The only mob in minecraft who can even match witherzilla. he's a monster. He murders everything pretty much besides wsitherstorm/witherzilla

28 Sandworm

It big and it eats players and u have to find its hart and kill it and u get out
PopularMMOs show cast it

29 Pigzilla
30 Bedrock Golem
31 Leech

It can kill lots of big monster but it pretty small.

32 Crabzilla

He’s the biggest crab ever I think he has 2550hp.

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