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1 Scorpion Scorpion Scorpion is a recurring player character and occasional boss character from the Mortal Kombat fighting game franchise created by Ed Boon and John Tobias.

Really, 9th place? Scorpion is so awesome! He killed sub zero! He has the power to control hellfire! He also has chains and swords and daggers. Scorpion should be in 1st place!

Scorpion looks the coolest and is definitely the strongest. He has hellfire swords get over here spears and can teleport. He is a misunderstood character who needs to be in first place due to his awesomeness

Yes that is all very true and has the best fatality's and on mortal combat deception he has the best brutality's I beat the game with him on x and deception.


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2 Raiden Raiden

How Scorpion number 1 and not Raiden? Raiden is a thunder god, and all these dumb Scorpion fanboys think Scorpion is so powerful because he killed Sub-Zero? I'm not saying Scorpion isn't powerful.. But he's not more powerful than Raiden or Liu Kang! Whoever made this list is stupid... Raiden and Liu Kang would definitely beat Scorpion in a fight.. In fact, at least almost half the roster can beat him.

Raiden is the coolest and best mortal Kombat character... He can give his life to protect earthrealm... RAIDEN (THE GOD OF THUNDER).. He is a god so he is the most powerful character in MORTAL KOMBAT universe

Raiden is technically weaker than Liu Kahn so I've got no idea which idiot put him 4th

Raiden is the strongest mortal kombat character ever. He is now so strong in mortal kombat x that he was able to severe the head of Shinnok that was an Elder god. Raiden wears Shinnok's amulet now and he's an Elder god. Due to the mortal kombat rules of a god not participating that's why we weren't able to see Raiden's full capabilities. And earthrealm was always on defense.
Now Raiden won't only go on offense but he will destroy earthrealm's attackers without mercy(I think Liu Kang and Kitana literally shat themselves when he said there are fates worse than death in mkx😂).
If the now badass Raiden fought with Shao Kahn he would obliterate Shao Kahn.

He deserves the number 1 spot
And sub zero should follow - THUNDERGOD

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3 Sub-Zero Sub-Zero Sub-Zero is a video game character from the Mortal Kombat series and one of the original characters in the first Mortal Kombat game in 1992. A mainstay of the series, Sub-Zero is the only character who has appeared in every main Mortal Kombat fighting game.

Sub-zero actually is the strongest they just make scorpion cooler so everybody wants him to win

Sub-Zero should've been the one to properly raise Elsa (Frozen) to be less isolated much better than ever instead of those two undeserved parents, agreed with me?

Come on beat Onaga already it will be easier if you take with you scorpion. I know it's no but you have no choice. - ArianKaul

Sub zero should come before scorpion cause he's stronger and way cooler than Scorpion. It's just so dumb when scorpion wins in the trailers of the games. Sub zero will literally wipe the floor with scorpion.

He's so formidable even Raiden should beware of him - THUNDERGOD

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4 Onaga

Easily Onaga because he was blasted by a thunder god and two of the realms strongest sorcerers and only got slightly pushed back no question ONAGA

Everyone even the elder gods fears him and he was poisoned so he'd lose to shao kahn

ONAGA the dragon kIng deserves first finally some logic here people

Onaga is in a different level. He would rape the overrated Raiden

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5 Shao Kahn Shao Kahn Shao Kahn is a boss, announcer, and recurring playable character from the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. Introduced in Mortal Kombat II in 1993, he is the primary antagonist of the video game series and extended franchise.

He is so powerful the gods were afraid of him. They had to cheat in order to beat him. He's and absolute monster and most of the time he doesn't even try as he taunts you. His hammer weighs a crap ton and he solely took over as emperor of Outworld because his trickery. People say Onaga would beat him cause the only way Kahn one was poison but in his prime Shao Kahn would destroy any foe. - Heatnix23

Shao Kahn is way stronger than Onaga. first of all, in Armageddon, Shao Kahn is dragged from the pyramid by Onaga. in mk9, Shao Kahn returns and receives the power of Blaze. therefore Shao Kahn must've defeated Onaga again, this time fair and square. on top of this, towards the end of mkx, all the elder gods joined forces with Raiden to attack the Kahn, yet it barely tickled him as he described the elder gods as being "mere toothless worms". Hence, Shao Kahn is much stronger than Onaga and is therefore the most powerful being in the mk universe.

Um Shao Kahn is a bulldozer. Way stronger than Scorpion.

Yep that dude

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6 Blaze

He's completely made of fire and lava, and no human has ever beat him except Taven. In Armageddon, Argus, Taven's dad, made him so he could beat everyone, but Taven ended up beating him.

Actually blaze is the most powerful mortal kombat character of all time. He caused Armageddon by devouring existence itself. No one can beat blaze.

Blaze is technically unkillable exept tremor could take him down because he's resitance to lava and fire

In Armageddon he would he would do some moves that did 33% damage.CRAZZY STRONG!

7 Ermac Ermac

Ermac is the greatest character (Or ninja) In my opinion; and honestly Ermac should at #10 instead of Shang Tsung. Even in the original timeline Ermac was the once whom taught Kenshi telekinesis (or just the TK slam), but a warrior whom originally was created by the magics from Shao kahn to be used labeled as his greatest enforcer; and now as a mysterious warrior freed from Shao kahns control and becoming a force of good is honestly one of the greatest character stories in the game... Ermac may be silent and enigmatic, but his soul based magic (Sorcery) and psychic powers could over whelm any of the fighters below him and prove a great match up to the ones before him.

Ermac is 1000 souls in one body. So he knows 1000 different fighting styles, and 1000 different personalities. Like Quanchi, Ermac also knows how to bring back the dead. He was the one who revived Lui Kang in Armageddon. His telekinesis magic makes for one powerful foe.

In my opinion Ermac is the best, strongest character in the whole series

His fatalities are extreme!

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8 Liu Kang Liu Kang Liu Kang is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the Mortal Kombat fighting game series from Midway Games, introduced as one of the original seven player characters in the 1992 first game as a Shaolin monk who enters the Mortal Kombat tournament to save Earthrealm.

Liu Kang is should be up around the top. He has defeated Shao Khan, Shang Tsung, and plenty of others. Scorpion should definitely not be #1 and should not be above Liu Kang. Liu Kang has also won multiple tournaments. He would beat characters that are above him in this list. - Kai_Uchiha

Lui Kang won the 10th Mortal Kombat tournament, he beat Shao Kahn, Goro, and Shang Tsung.

He is epic but not THE BEST but he's bruce lee super skills are cool


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9 Freddy Krueger Freddy Krueger Fred "Freddy" Krueger is the main antagonist of the A Nightmare on Elm Street film series. He first appeared in Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984).
10 Jason Voorhees Jason Voorhees Jason Voorhees is a character from the Friday the 13th series. He first appeared in Friday the 13th as the young son of camp cook-turned-murderer, Mrs. Voorhees.

Of course it would be Jason he is like huge but leather face looks op

Come on Jason killed Liu Kang even though you kill him he's still gonna rise and Jason doesn't care for anyone

Maybe you can dress him up in Halloween

He is op in mortal combat xl

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11 Reptile

I like reptile he spits acid it can melt every thing who doesn't think that's cool:-)

#28... REALLY? Reptile is strong. He should be higher on the list..

Reptile have long tongue which can pull out anything

He is awesome

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12 Shinnok

Shinnok used to be an Elder God, Elder God's are the strongest beings in all the realms. Since Shinnok was kicked out, because he turned evil, he isn't one anymore, but he still has some of that power. He can make ginormous bones appear out of the ground and do what ever he wishes.

Shinnok is the first he is an elder god with all sort of powers I don't know which idiot put him at the ninth

Shinnok is the first he is not the 9

Which idiot put shinnok in 9th he friking can't die what he sould be 5th or something?!?!

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13 Kenshi

He's the best, coolest, strongest, and has a nice ASS!

Kenobi is awesome but sub zero better

His combos are unique

What the hell?
You must be kidding me
Can not belive it
He must be in top 5 [if not the first one]

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14 Goro Goro Goro is a fictional character from the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. He first appears in the original Mortal Kombat as an unplayable boss character, challenging the player before the final fight with Shang Tsung.

He is a boss 4 ARMS and shiva is crap

He was and still is a very strong character

He is one of the top 5

Defeated by johnny cage what a stupid character johnny is way stronger than this wierdo.

15 Taven

In Armageddon, Taven ended up beating three quarters of all the Mortal Kombat characters, inclund Blaze. He also saved the realms from total destruction.

He also beated Raiden

He defeated shinnok, goro, shao khan, shang tsung won four tournaments and is rivals with kung lao who defeted kintaro and the deadly alliance he took down ermac and is only killed by a god and a surprise attack by shang tung

16 Quan Chi Quan Chi Quan Chi is a fictional character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game franchise. First appearing as an original guest character in the 1996 animated series Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm, he made his series canon debut as the non-playable main antagonist of Midway's 1997 side-scrolling action-adventure more.

Quanchi can bring back the dead. He's also the back cunning person in Mortal Kombat, he killed Scorpion, his family, and his clan disguising as Sub-Zero, then brought him back to life so Scorpion can work for him and kill the real Sub Zero. So once he was killed, Quanchi brought him back to life as well so he can work for him as well, his name is now Noob Saibot. A while later, Noob's younger brother took on the name as Sub Zero

He looks like Pinhead on steroids... Total badass.

Honestly quan chi could beat kung lao

Quan Chi sucks at fighting so much he'd lose to styker!?!?

17 Kano

The one who cut sub zeros eye.

One of the more high damage characters; the kanoball is one of the simplest special moves to preform and is really effective.

to strong

18 Shang Tsung

Shang Tsung is the right hand man of Shao Kahn, and is a very powerful wizard. No one was able to beat him for 90 years. Also, he can take away souls and transform into other people and take their power as well. So if done right, he can transform for a few minutes. He mainly uses this for manipulation though.

19 Johnny Cage

Really, 19? This guy took both Sub-Zero's ice beams and Scorpion's fire. That's all you need. He beat the crap out of both of them. He deserves to be at least on the top 3 or top 5. He doesn't care, he just goes in. He can beat a dude with metal arms, come on! 19?!

He's my best character, he's stylish and funny too, he's worst enemy is goro, and also I like he's moves.

I'm pretty sure that the installment of mortal kombat X makes him jump way higher on the list. Him and his daughter, cassie, both beat the crap out of shinnok like it was nothing.

I think johnny should be higher he beat subzero scorpion and shinnok all within one day still glad he is on here

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20 Mileena Mileena

She's a princess she's deadly she's sexy (except her teeth) she's probably the strongest female character

Kitana and mileena are awesome but cassis cage

Mileena strong than kitana jade and scarlet

I don't know why but she's my favourite

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