Top 10 Strongest / Most Powerful Bladers of All Time

This list tells the 10 strongest bladers from the original Beyblade to Beyblade Metal Fury including how many wins and losses they had in their life. THIS LIST TELLS HOW STRONG THE CHARACTERS ARE WITH THEIR OWN STRENGTH ONLY AND NOT BORROWING OTHERS'.

The Top Ten

1 Ryuga

He is the dragon emperor and no one ever beat him, except Gingka in metal fusion and rago. In metal fusion he had the dark power and he had lighting ldrago, gingka took the bladers spirits to defeat him. Rago only because he had nemesis and it's the strongest bey. Ryuga should have defeated rago. Ryuga is the Best.

Ryuga (THE DRAGON EMPEROR) is the greatest of all the bladders in the world and no one can never ever be like him no matter how far they go to be the best. He is AWESOME. He is my HERO.

This dude is the metal fusion boss

He beats every one no mercy

2 Gingka

Gingka is the one who was taught by once ryuga but everyone forgot tthat gingka once beat ryuga. He is number 1. hATE RYUGA

Ginka and galaxy pegasus is the best

Gingi yeah Gingka Hagane is the best. I like him very much, no matter what it takes. Gingka is my favorite because of him it made me try harder in Beyblade and my bey spirit is really high now I actually feel power and when my spirit heats up my bey wont lose me and my cosmic pegasus FD and I don't customize I use my own power/He is the main character and he always takes his friends spirits which makes him Number 1, but if you are talking about his own spirit and his own power, then he is not the best. His cosmic pegasus uses super galaxy nova which is the combination of all special moves. He is slightly stronger than kyoya.

Gingka is the best and number 1

3 Kyoya

In the world tournament, Kyoya was the only person to ever tie with Gingka. And no matter how strong Gingka gets, Kyoya is always right there.

Is It even a question? He is obviously the strongest!

Kyoya is the strongest bleyder because his powers come from hard work and he proved that hard work can make anyone strong

He is awesome and so cool, and fang leone has counter mode. He only lost 8 times throughout the series.

4 Kai

Kai is from the "ORIGINAL" series and is a legend. No one can ever beat him not even Gingka. He is the heart of all most of the Beyblade fans. Let it rip, Kai.

Kai is having the silent attitude which makes him most powerful. He is the best

Logically Kai is stronger than Tyson is the main character that's why he won

He is Kai no need to say more.
Moreover what is beyblade without him.
And the other series sucks

5 Rago

Rago is still a good blader he's just the darkest blader ever

RAGO is such a cheat, he does not even know what Beyblade is

He is the most coward blader and his blade nemesis steals other's powers

No rago should be the worst blader because from the start he orignally had no power and he bassicly cheated to get power - Furi

6 Tyson

Well Tyson is stronger than kai because he beat him in the first season to get his title and in the third season it was practically stated by kai that tyson was his motivation for blading cause he wanted to surpass him so up until there match in season 3 tyson was stronger than him. Furthermore Tyson beat him twice. Tyson beat all of the protagonists and fought brooklin who could create alternate realities, he also took down genetically enhance bladers now ginga did too but when I mean genetic I mean they had robots.

He is best and have a tornado power

In season 1 the finale his dragoon was able to withstand a attack from all of the bit beast

He is my favourite Beyblader

7 King

He literally has the potential as shown in the anime to beat Ryuga

King is my favorite strongest blader in all time

King is best

King's strength is unbelievable. Being able to defeat Jigsaw and break through Tsubasa's special move and defeat him like nothing is pretty incredible. Also, he managed to defeat Aguma, which Gingka and Yuki were unable to do. Personally, I think that King could defeat Gingka at certain points in Metal Fury considering his overwhelming strength.

8 Chris

Amazingly Op!

In my school tournament, I was second place with a synchrome Salamander combo. The only bey I lost to was Phantom Orion

My name is Chris and I always beat my friends and they have god beys. Me and my partner doomcizer are the strongest in the world.

He is my favourite blazer he us the cutest and very strong and I also love the name of his special move and the name of his bey

9 Brooklyn

Zeus which is his big beast is the world's strongest big beast

King of darkness is th most powerful attack

He is very handsome and so much powerful...

THE KING OF DARKNESS, he had defeated kai, tyson and can also defeat ryuga, rago and gingka. he can defeat any blader in this world

10 Faust

He is great

Faust may never have won a battle but he has only ever been beaten by groups of bladers.

Faust is all powerful needing the Dragon Emperor and the Cosmic Winged Pegasis to put it down

Yeah I think he is the weakest


The Contenders

11 Tithi

Never lost best blader. Fears on other bladers face

His good blader he has 100% win percentage in metal fury

Tithi easily deafets chris and aguma teamed up with gingka

He is the strongest because he defeated skyth kronos and kronos won againts ginga

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12 Dynamis

I love his bey he is strong and I really love his design! He is so strong and HOT!

I like dynamis

Dynamis is the one that pieced everything together! And on top of that, he's one of the strongest bladers, defeating hyoto (I think can't remember his name. ) so easily

He sucks he is just some weirded-out will-of-the-heavens dude

13 Kenta

He is the best bladder after ryuga and want to be like him as well.
And soon or later he will become the next dragon emperor

He got vryugas power so he should be pretty strong like top 5

Kenta is a great blader that is very intelligent in battles.His bey segatario is a great bey.

Kenta is definitely a great blader. He was the one who made Ryuga serious. And he became a legendary blader. So he is my favorite character

14 Ray

Ray was who give tough competition to every other world

Driger is way more powerful than any other bit-beast

Ray is a poweful beyblader
His northeast is trigar

Ray is always Best

15 Masamune


He's the best

He's awesome he is number 1 for sure

Masamune has good bey spirit.

16 Zero

The best in Shogun Steel.

Strongest. In shogun. Steel

He is very power

Cool suit

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17 Nile

Nile is best

Awesome he should be in the top 10

Unstoppible move, beat masemune, amazing bey, knolegable, helped beat hades, made it to top 8 in world championships, helped find dynamis - boltslegend

Nile has a strongest bey but he should be number 50

18 Yu


He beat Gingka at the survival battle

I love his bey libra it is my star

He is one of the best bladers ever

19 Damian

the best

Best boy

He must be, at least, on the top ten. He's clearly stronger than Nile, Masamune, Yu and Ray ( maybe Kenta, even).

Should definitely be in top 10 for defeating 3 strong bladers all at once

20 Tsubasa Otori

Tsubasa is amazing and he is kind thoughtful and plans his strategies carefully.

He is most Competitive blader.

21 Sakyo Kurayami

Successor of ryuga best in shogun - boltslegend

No,i disagree for what you said

Awesome but should be higher (that's what he said)

He should be #1 because he only lost one battle

22 Shu

Shu is very powerful he is number 1! I love you SHU.

A God there is no more to say than that

I think that according to the anime and shu 's amazing skill and will power he must be at least among the top 10 beyblade bladers

Shu is powerful he burst strike god valkyrie and is a part of the supreme 4 and he beat 3 different beys at the same time and he's gotten even stronger

23 Tubasa


He is actually very powerful and not enough people give him credit!

Tubasa and his bey is best. He defeated argo garcia. Kenta. Yu. His bey has 5 special move. He has won so many battles

Tsubasa belongs in the top ten his bey possess dark and light power what do you do with a bey that can do that...nothing exactly

24 Valt Aoi

In beyblade burst turbo he is the no. 1 blader in the world

He beat shu and I battled all the blade with the same tatics as he did and I beat el drago and pegaus

He cool boi

He defeat shu in the Finals.

25 Max

Max is best blader and he can best any one

Max is a pure strategist and a defensive player. He can be ranked next to Tyson and Kai. He always comes out with a new technique.

I like Max so much. He is so cute and smart.

Max is different type blader he is always claim and he is good in defensing he too comes with new techies always

26 Yuki

Vote for Yuki! He has one of the solar beys(Anubius) which possesses a star fragment.

Yuki is cute and I love planet mercury

His special move is awesome!

He is really strong if he is not nervous and trains his bey. He is awesome.VOTE FOR HIM!

27 Lui Shirasagi

Lui is the master what's he doing here

most op

Lui is da bomb! He has a %100 win streak with his lost Luinor and only lost twice with his lost Longinus. He is so overpowered and would crush everyone if his bey was a metal Beyblade.

He is my WHOLE life

28 Ray Kon

Ray is a test blader than his team mates in blade breakers and he want to be in 7 or 8 not in 25 he has best bit beast also Ray Kon is a king

Ray is ultimatickbey blader

I like Ray very much.He is a awesome blader.I also like his bit beast driger.Compare to Ray Tyson is a worst blader.

29 Tala

He is loser he lose from Tyson

My best bladder ever

Tala attack is very powerful

I love tala... I like his attitude,style and everything.he is so awesome 😘 he can't be compare to anyone. He is best blader in my opinion.

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30 Phoenix

He should be number 1 especially with his beyblade having a half metal performance tip and the burn metal wheel

Is the worlds best blader though is restricted from competition

He is The best The Fire Bird Phoenix Even Though He Is Ginga's Dad He Is very Powerful

I love you Pheonix

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31 Benky

No. falls behind - boltslegend

He is not strong at all

Strong blader

he rocks

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32 Daimen

He is the strongest because he beat three beyblades at once

Look at his insane power. yu and tsubasa were nearly killed after 1 hit. team excaliber was the best and damian man handled them. 1 hit took out all 3 using there special moves. his only losses were to gingka and kyoya - boltslegend

33 Aguma

He should be in top 10

But he is one of the 10 legendary bladers!

He is the best blader ever his beyblade kronos is been never defeated in real life

Kinda strong but the worst in ledlendgary bladders damn guy

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34 Reji

Better than gingka! He broke Aries, Libra, Saggitario and it can do a dark move.

so cool

35 Benkei Hanawa

He ugly

Fat and has dark bull yeahh

36 Kira Hayama

Kira is very cool and he can defeat every blader with its gladiator bahamdia. in the anime its lie that he was defeated by zyro.

37 Julian

He has a left rotating bey

38 Dashan

Dashan is really strong and even strong enough to take gingka down.In the world tournament he was easily able to block gingkas star booster but unfortunately the writer of metal saga wants gingka to be the number one and that is why even if gingka would be left with no option but to loose he always manages to win gingka in one or the other stupid way.

Dashan managed to block gingkas star booster in the world tour which was gingkas strongest move at that time.So he deserves a higher rank than gingka.

39 Hikaru

She is like my sister. She is really very cute blader

Not so good

40 Captain Capri

Best underrated character. I may piss off Ryuga fans, but I hate Ryuga and I love Tobio. That's all

Captain Capri is awesome and his Storm Capricorn is too, don't you agree?

41 Sora

He is not so powerful blader than Gingka

42 Garlin


43 Tech


44 Aruppukottai
45 Tobio

He is awesome!

46 Yuki Mizusawa

He is one of gingka s best friends
He is a legandary blader

47 Samurai Ifraid


48 Masamune Kadoya

He is Awesome and Blitz Striker is powerful, don't you agree

He is really very cute, Competitive And I Love his Striker


very good

49 Yui

He is very cute. His bey Libra is just awesome. I like Yui because my Zodiac sign is LibraπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‡

50 Zeo

Too Hot To Handle.

He is the best in metal masters
He is so cool

Best beybladder who gave bladebreakers tough time and even overpowered kai and max

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