Top 10 Strongest / Most Powerful Bladers of All Time

This list tells the 10 strongest bladers from the original Beyblade to Beyblade Metal Fury including how many wins and losses they had in their life. THIS LIST TELLS HOW STRONG THE CHARACTERS ARE WITH THEIR OWN STRENGTH ONLY AND NOT BORROWING OTHERS'.

The Top Ten


He is the dragon emperor and no one ever beat him, except Gingka in metal fusion and rago. In metal fusion he had the dark power and he had lighting l drago, gingka took the bladers spirits to defeat him. Rago only because he had nemesis and it's the strongest bey. Ryuga should have defeated rago. Ryuga is the Best.

Even though Ryuga died and Ginga won, Ginga only won against Rago because he had everyone's power and still barely won. Ryuga, he pushed Rago against the edge and would have beaten him if Nemesis didn't absorb other people's power. If it was Nemesis in the beginninging, he would have been blown away.

He beat Gingka 2 times and he has the strongest special moves like dragon emperor, life destructor, and dragon emperor supreme flight

Literally has never been beaten. He lost to gingka only because he was out of control and the Beyblade was taking over him. He had to fight both gingka AND his bey at the same tie, and he still managed to worn out pegasus so much it disappeared. Also Rago is not a good blader he only absorbed all the powers he took with nemesis, and used them against him. If he used any dark moves on him, he would literally be sent to a completely different universe.


Gingka managed to defeat the God of Destruction. No one managed to do that but him alone. And for all of those who believe that Ryuga is stronger, keep in mind the last time they battled, Gingka had not yet mastered Pegasus. This should be the top 5.
Gingka and Pegasus have the strongest bladers spirit of all bladers. And they will forever soar across the galaxy as the greatest beyblade team of all time.

He is the coolest blader in the world he just gets me so exited. He beats damian and he was just awesome I like him because if he loses he always gets back up and beats them.

Gingi yeah Gingka Hagane is the best. I like him very much, no matter what it takes. Gingka is my favorite because of him it made me try harder in Beyblade and my bey spirit is really high now I actually feel power and when my spirit heats up my bey wont lose me and my cosmic pegasus FD and I don't customize I use my own power/He is the main character and he always takes his friends spirits which makes him Number 1, but if you are talking about his own spirit and his own power, then he is not the best. His cosmic pegasus uses super galaxy nova which is the combination of all special moves. He is slightly stronger than kyoya.

Gingka was always the strongest, for example Ryuga tried to defeat Diablo and then he failed but Gingka did it by himself, if Gingka ever loses the next time and the times after that he never loses to them again.


He is the 2nd best because he has only lost to Gingka ones and all the other times they tied. The fact is Gingka only has his friends to help while Kyoya just is a lonely guy working on his own to gain power unlike using friends.

He is the only person to tie with Gingka and has the guts to take on ryuga and got good on his own

Kyoya Legitimately beat all legendary bladers on his own and was a forever-rival of Gingka from the start to the finish. He is the king of beasts and his Blader's spirit never left him behind. He is one of the best bladers in the world of beyblade. Roar Leone!

Tell me why is not one of the strongest. Go ahead. I will see you in a hundred years to change my mind.


Kai is from the "ORIGINAL" series and is a legend. No one can ever beat him not even Gingka. He is the heart of all most of the Beyblade fans. Let it rip, Kai.

Kai is having the silent attitude which makes him most powerful. He is the best

Kai is number one. I like him so much than anyone in Beyblade series. The most fearsome thing about him is, he is the only one who can control evil black drawnzer, not fool Tyson and not filthy Gingka they are nothing in front of Kai.

Kai is my favorite. I like his attitude. Caption Kai is never defend .


AS MUCH AS everyone hates him, we have to agree that he is the strongest blader BECAUSE he defeated all legands and if everyone wouldn't have gave there power to ginga he would of won

I hate rago because he killed ryuga

He is just a coward. Scared to fight with his own bey power and begging for the power of legendary bladers

RAGO is such a cheat, he does not even know what Beyblade is


I think Tyson is the best player and he never lose a battle like me till he want.

His feats are much better than any from any of the characters of the new series. He defeated people who had the power to make their own worlds and fly, just look at brooklyn. Even the wiki page says Gingka is number 2 after Tyson.

Excuse me! But kai is better than that foolish Tyson. Kai is handsome and 100 better than Tyson. Tyson is only good in bey blading but kai is well mannered and serious about everything. For me hating kai is just a crime. Please kai defeat that dumb tyson

Tyson is significantly stronger than Gingka as he's won three world championships, to Gingka's one, his character was better developed (less Mary Sue had flaws to over come) and lastly he's faced and won against more powerful bladers, specifically Brooklyn who makes Rago look like Julian or Reiji by comparison (still powerful but outclassed and obsolete).


King is Masamune's Best friend and he's incredible. He was able to beat Jigsaw with only one hit and defeated Tsubasa's strongest move. Even won against Aguma which defeated Gingka and Yuki at the same time. He almost won against Ryuga and put up a great fight against him. His special move known as "King of Thundersword" Destroys everything. His Bey is Variares and can rotated counter-clockwise. His bey looks like a warrior. King is Strong! Variares is strong.

Kings bey can change into various modes during a battle and is very powerful.It defeated diablo nemesis.By Fazan Fawas

He literally has the potential as shown in the anime to beat Ryuga

King's strength is unbelievable. Being able to defeat Jigsaw and break through Tsubasa's special move and defeat him like nothing is pretty incredible. Also, he managed to defeat Aguma, which Gingka and Yuki were unable to do. Personally, I think that King could defeat Gingka at certain points in Metal Fury considering his overwhelming strength.


Chris has a phantom orion that makes him strong! He is also one of the legendary bladers! I think that chris should be number 1 or 2

In my school tournament, I was second place with a synchrome Salamander combo. The only bey I lost to was Phantom Orion

My name is Chris and I always beat my friends and they have god beys. Me and my partner doomcizer are the strongest in the world.

He is my favourite blazer he us the cutest and very strong and I also love the name of his special move and the name of his bey


Zeus which is his big beast is the world's strongest big beast

BEST Character ever! Loves nature... Is handsome... Is powerful... And very very PERFECT!

He is next most strongest than Ryuga.He should deserve no.2

Strongest one their is and is the King of Darkness


He's a strong blader corrupted and controlled by the Coronavirus

Faust may never have won a battle but he has only ever been beaten by groups of bladers.

Faust is all powerful needing the Dragon Emperor and the Cosmic Winged Pegasis to put it down

Yeah I think he is the weakest

The Contenders


Tithi easily deafets chris and aguma teamed up with gingka

Never lost best blader. Fears on other bladers face

His good blader he has 100% win percentage in metal fury

He is cool because he's smol


Kenta is determined, smart, cool, and strong. He trains so hard to master his bey in metal fury and he was acknowledged by Ryuga and that's how he got flash sagittario and became the new blader of summer. He deserves to be in top 10.
He rocks!

After he gets flash Sagittario, he is one of the best. He has a lot of spirit and did a great job facing Nemesis. He deserves to be in top 5 if you ask me.

It was great seeing this blader grow from a timid child into a brave man

Kenta well rlly strong and is the owner of the power of nemisis


I love his bey he is strong and I really love his design! He is so strong and HOT!

I like dynamis

I love Dynamis

Dynamis is the one that pieced everything together! And on top of that, he's one of the strongest bladers, defeating hyoto (I think can't remember his name. ) so easily


Real beyblade watchers know and have witnessed the greatness of Ray.. He has unique skills and even is very inspirational for kids! He stands out, there was never a character like Ray Kon (not even in beyblade ).

Ray deserves to be at least in top 10.

Ray is one of the best contender for 1st position

Ray is a best player


He's awesome he is number 1 for sure

Masamune has good bey spirit.

Masamune has limitless potential and is stronger than everyone

He's just awesome


The best in Shogun Steel.

Strongest. In shogun. Steel

He is very power

Cool suit


I love Yu's attitude towards life. He has a "YAY, LIFE!" sort of attitude and it's great.

I think Yu is the strongest non-legendary blader in beyblade. He has awesome potential and is one of the most friendliest characters in Beyblade. He's funny as he calls Gingka "Gingky" and does the same to others.He somehow managed to battle against Kyoya and Tithi really well. He could be stronger than Yuki and Aguma. He once beat Gingka in metal fusion too. He can turn the stadium into sand and his final inferno blast destroyed the black sun's wall of Nemesis which gave the legendary bladers the advantage to complete zeus' barrier(Even though he wasn't alone). Yu was amazing from the beginning till the end of the series.

Remember that Yu is one of the only people who defeated Ginkga

Yu is stronger then most people give him credit for... not to mention he once beat Gingka. Not to mention... THIS MAN CAN TURN A STADIUM INTO SAND!

Tsubasa Otori

I just love the way he battleships so smooth and cool .
He has real bey spirit and strong persona he is a pure heart and is intelligent too.
I love his bye earth eagle and his feathered friend tooo.

He is sometimes afraid to lose the battle so he turns dangerous

He legit said SCREW YOU DARKNESS and it worked. He is truly a strong blader

Tsubasa is amazing and he is kind thoughtful and plans his strategies carefully.


I like how Nile faces all chalenges with a level head and has mad bey skills

Awesome he should be in the top 10

Nile has a strongest bey but he should be number 50

Nile is one of the best bladers. He is cool, smart, strong and mysterious(a bit).

Valt Aoi

Valt is the best of all time he's unstoppable no one should beat valt

Valt Aoi is the main character of Beyblade Burst Anime and he is very funny, joyful that's why I like Valt as a Blader and he also defeated Shu when shu becmes more powerful as red eye and he must be at the position of the top 10 beyblade bladers.

He beat shu and I battled all the blade with the same tatics as he did and I beat el drago and pegaus

Valt is one of my favorites besides from lui


I like him because his special move & beyblade Hades Kerbax is too strong

He must be, at least, on the top ten. He's clearly stronger than Nile, Masamune, Yu and Ray ( maybe Kenta, even).

Should definitely be in top 10 for defeating 3 strong bladers all at once

He can beat anyone


I also like Shu because His skills were very powerful as people can say that he is genius bladder because of he saw how his opponent launch, skills and he only focus on the battle and he is one of the member of supreme 4 and he defeated all supreme 3 blader's bey. And I think He must be at the position of top 10 beyblade bladers.

I think that according to the anime and shu 's amazing skill and will power he must be at least among the top 10 beyblade bladers

Shu is powerful he burst strike god valkyrie and is a part of the supreme 4 and he beat 3 different beys at the same time and he's gotten even stronger

He is the best. And if we see logically, actually he is the strongest of all bladders. "Think a little logically"

Sakyo Kurayami

Awesome but should be higher (that's what he said)

He should be #1 because he only lost one battle

Sakyo is cool along with his ronin dragoon

No,i disagree for what you said


Tubasa and his bey is best. He defeated argo garcia. Kenta. Yu. His bey has 5 special move. He has won so many battles

He is actually very powerful and not enough people give him credit!

Tsubasa belongs in the top ten his bey possess dark and light power what do you do with a bey that can do that...nothing exactly



He is cutepie . His defensive power is awesome. If he want he can defer Tyson easily . I always like his strategies . He must come before Tyson.

Max is a pure strategist and a defensive player. He can be ranked next to Tyson and Kai. He always comes out with a new technique.

I like Max so much. He is so cute and smart.

Max is different type blader he is always claim and he is good in defensing he too comes with new techies always

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