Top 10 Strongest / Most Powerful Bladers of All Time

This list tells the 10 strongest bladers from the original Beyblade to Beyblade Metal Fury including how many wins and losses they had in their life. THIS LIST TELLS HOW STRONG THE CHARACTERS ARE WITH THEIR OWN STRENGTH ONLY AND NOT BORROWING OTHERS'.

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1 Ryuga

He is the dragon emperor and no one ever beat him, except Gingka in metal fusion and rago. In metal fusion he had the dark power and he had lighting ldrago, gingka took the bladers spirits to defeat him. Rago only because he had nemesis and it's the strongest bey. Ryuga should have defeated rago. Ryuga is the Best.

Ryuga is the Dragon Emperor He only has two official losses and that was to Gingka who is the main character and is supposed to win and even before that Gingka loss to him. Rago and nemesis a blade which did the same thing as Ryuga's except stole the power and likeness of all the blades he faced which included the Legendary Solar bladers and the Legendary Season bladers. Ryuga is nothing but World class and Legendary everyone fears him he's beaten the two most elite bladers in the world twice Kyoya and Tsubasa tell me that Ryuga doesn't deserve this spot.

Ryuga is the best he beat every single blader he is so strong his caused an explosion so big it killed doji he only lost twice but tragicly he was killed in a beyblattle

RYUGA number 1 and he always will be

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2 Gingka

Gingi yeah Gingka Hagane is the best. I like him very much, no matter what it takes. Gingka is my favorite because of him it made me try harder in Beyblade and my bey spirit is really high now I actually feel power and when my spirit heats up my bey wont lose me and my cosmic pegasus FD and I don't customize I use my own power/He is the main character and he always takes his friends spirits which makes him Number 1, but if you are talking about his own spirit and his own power, then he is not the best. His cosmic pegasus uses super galaxy nova which is the combination of all special moves. He is slightly stronger than kyoya.

He is the main character and he always takes his friends spirits which makes him Number 1, but if you are talking about his own spirit and his own power, then he is not the best. His cosmic pegasus uses super galaxy nova which is the combination of all special moves. He is slightly stronger than kyoya.

Even though ryuga beat him most of the time, he only did it cowardly because he steals everyone's power, it wasn't even his own and besides gingka can win any battle with a special move that ends with nova. So if gingka and ryuga had faced one more time, gingka would have won by using a special move like cosmic nova

Gingka u r best legendry blader

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3 Kyoya

He is awesome and so cool, and fang leone has counter mode. He only lost 8 times throughout the series.

East or West kyoya is the best. you guys will ask that why I changed my opinion? Day before yesterday I see a dream that I have a Fang Leone and a star fragment goes inside my beyblade then kyoya comes and says that Leone is now yours. Next day waked up and I see that Fang Leone is in my hand then I changed my opinion and said that I will vote kyoya and I hate gingka and ryuga.

It counts as he beat gingka in the first episode of metal fury because if pegasus hadn't evoloved he would have crushed him and it would break or something.

Kyoya is so cool and Fang leone and Team wild Fang are so col well gan gan galaxy are cheating and lions are so cool I hate you gan gan galaxy

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4 Rago

He is just a coward. Scared to fight with his own bey power and begging for the power of legendary bladers

I know that gingka is good especially in blading but he can't defeat rago alone as we know that he needed three more legendary bladers to defeat him so rago should be at second not gingka

I hate rago because he killed ryuga

1.Rago 2.Ryuga 3.Gingka

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5 Kai

Kai is from the "ORIGINAL" series and is a legend. No one can ever beat him not even Gingka. He is the heart of all most of the Beyblade fans. Let it rip, Kai.

Kai is having the silent attitude which makes him most powerful. He is the best

Kai is number one. I like him so much than anyone in Beyblade series. The most fearsome thing about him is, he is the only one who can control evil black drawnzer, not fool Tyson and not filthy Gingka they are nothing in front of Kai.

Kai deserves to be in top 3

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6 Tyson

His feats are much better than any from any of the characters of the new series. He defeated people who had the power to make their own worlds and fly, just look at brooklyn. Even the wiki page says Gingka is number 2 after Tyson.

Tyson is significantly stronger than Gingka as he's won three world championships, to Gingka's one, his character was better developed (less Mary Sue had flaws to over come) and lastly he's faced and won against more powerful bladers, specifically Brooklyn who makes Rago look like Julian or Reiji by comparison (still powerful but outclassed and obsolete).

One thing about tyson is that tyson has beaten kai two times so I think tyson is best than kai

Oh man he is the dangerous and the strongest blader ever he is the star of the beyblade series he can beat anyone who challenges him and he is three time champ he should be in first place man I love him a lot

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7 King

King's strength is unbelievable. Being able to defeat Jigsaw and break through Tsubasa's special move and defeat him like nothing is pretty incredible. Also, he managed to defeat Aguma, which Gingka and Yuki were unable to do. Personally, I think that King could defeat Gingka at certain points in Metal Fury considering his overwhelming strength.

He is awesome and can change his hair. His bey rotates to the left and won every battle except with ryuga.

I think King is the strongest solar system blader he has 2 fusion wheel modes and 3 tips (only 2 shown in anime) he crushed Tsubasa like nothing and Gingka would have trouble with Tsubasa

King's bey spirit is by far the best he was the only one to come close to defeating ryuga other than gingka, Kyoya, and rago and those guys are way powerful and he is way more powerful then Chris.And does not like his white hair

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8 Chris

Chris has a phantom orion that makes him strong! He is also one of the legendary bladers! I think that chris should be number 1 or 2

Ryuga no trying and Chris was getting crushed, but he ran away.

He is the best he has the strongest stamina type and longest spinning bey of all time even in real life

He is my favoite blade,that's me

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9 Brooklyn

Strongest one their is and is the King of Darkness - Terradox

BEST Character ever! Loves nature... Is handsome... Is powerful... And very very PERFECT!

Strongest of all with his dark power,nobody can defeat his Zeus

A Beyblading genius and a reality warper at 10..This list is for toddlers leave alone kids.

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10 Faust

Faust may never have won a battle but he has only ever been beaten by groups of bladers.

Faust is all powerful needing the Dragon Emperor and the Cosmic Winged Pegasis to put it down

Yeah I think he is the weakest

It has the powers of l drago and Pegasus combined

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11 Tithi

He is the strongest because he defeated skyth kronos and kronos won againts ginga

Tithi is a unexpected blader. was never known in til koyoa and yu found him and the beat yu

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12 Dynamis

I love his bey he is strong and I really love his design! He is so strong and HOT!

I like dynamis

Dynamis is the one that pieced everything together! And on top of that, he's one of the strongest bladers, defeating hyoto (I think can't remember his name. ) so easily

Dynamis rocks jade jupiter almost defeated gingka and wins against ryuto
1. Dynamis
2. Ryuga
3. Gingka

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13 Kenta

He gets flash sagittario which is a very good bey but not with his own power, it was ryuga, so he doesn't deserve to be in the list.

Kenta is the best and his special move is so strong that Gingka and Ryuga had to watch out for him.

He is awesome and he does he looks like a 7 year old and he beat a bunch of strong bladers he should be no 7

I love sagittario

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14 Ray

Real beyblade watchers know and have witnessed the greatness of Ray.. He has unique skills and even is very inspirational for kids! He stands out, there was never a character like Ray Kon (not even in beyblade ).

Ray deserves to be at least in top 10.

Ray is one of the best contender for 1st position

Ray is best blader in the universe That prove the battle between ray vs bryan or crusher you all are said max is best tyson is best kai is best because you can jealous from ray

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15 Zero

The best in Shogun Steel.

Strongest. In shogun. Steel

He is very power

Cool suit

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16 Masamune

Masamune has good bey spirit.

He is supposed to be at least in the top 10 because he was in the world championships and he won it alongside Gingka, Tsubasa, and Yu. He also was able to defeat Gingka unlike Kyoya who never defeated Gingka.

Masamune has limitless potential and is stronger than everyone

Masamune is number 1

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17 Nile

Nile has a strongest bey but he should be number 50

Awesome he should be in the top 10

Nile is one of the best bladers. He is cool, smart, strong and mysterious(a bit).

He legitimately was better than most legendary bladers and it would interesting putting Horus in the storyline since Anubis was in the whole legendary blader history.
Plus Nile only lost 1 known battle that didn't count since it was a team battle.

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18 Sakyo Kurayami

Awesome but should be higher (that's what he said)

He should be #1 because he only lost one battle

Sakyo is cool along with his ronin dragoon

This blader belongs in the top ten and ahead of Masumune he's the Dragon Emperor's descent that's power

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19 Damian

Should definitely be in top 10 for defeating 3 strong bladers all at once

He can beat anyone

But he lost to Gingka and Kyoya

Stands no chance in front of ryuga the dragon emperor and will be smashed to pieces if he faces his l dragon destructor

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20 Yu

He beat Gingka at the survival battle

I love his bey libra it is my star

He is one of the best bladers ever

One word awesome

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