Top 10 Strongest / Most Powerful Bladers of All Time

This list tells the 10 strongest bladers from the original Beyblade to Beyblade Metal Fury including how many wins and losses they had in their life. THIS LIST TELLS HOW STRONG THE CHARACTERS ARE WITH THEIR OWN STRENGTH ONLY AND NOT BORROWING OTHERS'.

The Top Ten


Literally has never been beaten. He lost to gingka only because he was out of control and the Beyblade was taking over him. He had to fight both gingka AND his bey at the same tie, and he still managed to worn out pegasus so much it disappeared. Also Rago is not a good blader he only absorbed all the powers he took with nemesis, and used them against him. If he used any dark moves on him, he would literally be sent to a completely different universe.

Even though Ryuga died and Ginga won, Ginga only won against Rago because he had everyone's power and still barely won. Ryuga, he pushed Rago against the edge and would have beaten him if Nemesis didn't absorb other people's power. If it was Nemesis in the beginninging, he would have been blown away.

Who ever thinks that gingka is best I am not insulting them. But in my opinion ryuga is the best and strongest beyblader ever because of his way to live life is extremely hard and he is the one doing it in order to become stronger and also he got an insanely powerful beyblade in metal fury name LDrago destroyer and he has only lost few battles like 1 or 2 but defeat many strong opponent even gingka finds difficult to win against but thugs defeated them easily and dominated the match show an overwhelming power

He is the dragon emperor and has only lost 2 times. He also has the forbidden bey and is the only blade uses 2 ultimate moves.He also uses 2 dark moves and is the strongest blader he lost against ginka just because ginka took the powers of all bladers to defeat him and still Pegasus was so worn out it disappeared.He has 1 of a kind bey that can steal the opponents spin and turn it into it’s own.


Gingka managed to defeat the God of Destruction. No one managed to do that but him alone. And for all of those who believe that Ryuga is stronger, keep in mind the last time they battled, Gingka had not yet mastered Pegasus. This should be the top 5.
Gingka and Pegasus have the strongest bladers spirit of all bladers. And they will forever soar across the galaxy as the greatest beyblade team of all time.

He is the coolest blader in the world he just gets me so exited. He beats damian and he was just awesome I like him because if he loses he always gets back up and beats them.

Gingi yeah Gingka Hagane is the best. I like him very much, no matter what it takes. Gingka is my favorite because of him it made me try harder in Beyblade and my bey spirit is really high now I actually feel power and when my spirit heats up my bey wont lose me and my cosmic pegasus FD and I don't customize I use my own power/He is the main character and he always takes his friends spirits which makes him Number 1, but if you are talking about his own spirit and his own power, then he is not the best. His cosmic pegasus uses super galaxy nova which is the combination of all special moves. He is slightly stronger than kyoya.

Gingka is a strong blader and the main characterbut Ryuga and Rago are 10 times stronger than him.Because Gingka used everyone's power just to seal nemisis.Ryuga is much stronger than him because he almost defeated nemises whitout anyone's help and without using all his modes.


He is the 2nd best because he has only lost to Gingka ones and all the other times they tied. The fact is Gingka only has his friends to help while Kyoya just is a lonely guy working on his own to gain power unlike using friends.

Kyoya Legitimately beat all legendary bladers on his own and was a forever-rival of Gingka from the start to the finish. He is the king of beasts and his Blader's spirit never left him behind. He is one of the best bladers in the world of beyblade. Roar Leone!

He was not the best, but he was no lesser than best. He was fearless and was able to bring out the best from Ginka as well as Rayuga when it comes to a fight. He was able to withstand there special moves power whenever he fought with them, it was really heartbreaking to not seeing him in baybalade shogun steel. Miss u kyoya, you and your lion will be always the true king of baybalade as well as my heart. ❤

Kyoya is a legendary blader just like Gingka and Ryuga. He has a very good defense type bey.He tried but lost against Ryuga he lasted long.


He is the only blader in entire franchise not only the series to take down main antagonist without any help from others let it be to boost or to act as distraction. Not even Tyson was able to take down Brooklyn without help from others to boost the spirit even when Brooklyn was not in full control and calm. Kai defeated him fairly and in his calm condition turning him crazy.
Rayuga is good but lost against main antagonist.

Kai hitwari is the best. Kai is number 1 in popularity than the all beyblader . Kai is on number 4 in the strongest beyblader list but for me Kai is always number 1.The Kai always win the heart of people with him personality, action, attitude and attacks. Kai painted sharks fin on him face which makes Kai look more attractive. I am fan of kai.

Make Kai #1 please. If you don't believe me just watch 3 seasons from original series. He had best character development. His practice and struggle is depicted throughout the series and moment when he beats Brooklyn, even the viewers get satisfaction that finally he got what he deserved. His never give up attitude, calmness it all gets embedded in you when you watch him.

Kai is simply amazing. His attitude makes him so popular. His blading skills is far better than Tyson and other characters in beyblade. His bit beat dranzer is much more powerful. Since Tyson is main character of the beyblade series, the writers always make Kai lose to Tyson. Tyson is a dumb, comedian. He always thinks about food but nothing. But Kai thinks seriously about beyblade. Kai is the best and Tyson is the worst.


Ryaga and Rago!
I have no idea of how Ryuga is first. Rago knocked the life out Ryuga. Face it. So what if he is the dragon emperor. Rago possesses Nemesis-the God of Destruction and The Black Sun. I understand Ryuga is BARELY unbeatable but he lost so badly to Rago. He also lost to Gingka. He has the dark power? He most certainly not- yes he did change with battling Gingka however Rago can turn into the same monster he turned and even more stronger. Nemesis even possesses the power of all the battles he played. Just take it. Ryuga didn't even have a chance against Rago. I am also a fan of Ryugan but I have to admit he got total wipe out from Rago.
Gingka and Rago!
Being a main character does not mean he is the best. Kyoya can easily defeat Gingka if Gingka never used helps. He always uses his emotions, friends and spirits, seriously.
So what do you think?

AS MUCH AS everyone hates him, we have to agree that he is the strongest blader BECAUSE he defeated all legands and if everyone wouldn't have gave there power to ginga he would of won

If you think Rago is coward then u are fool. Even ryuga stealed lightning l-drago see video on YouTube named : ryuga vs ryo... please see guys u must know the truth... please put rago on first nemesis is best.

And when he asked his poers to legendary bladers the legendary bladers gave happily their powers

He is just a coward. Scared to fight with his own bey power and begging for the power of legendary bladers


Well Tyson is stronger than kai because he beat him in the first season to get his title and in the third season it was practically stated by kai that tyson was his motivation for blading cause he wanted to surpass him so up until there match in season 3 tyson was stronger than him. Furthermore Tyson beat him twice. Tyson beat all of the protagonists and fought brooklin who could create alternate realities, he also took down genetically enhance bladers now ginga did too but when I mean genetic I mean they had robots.

Tyson is significantly stronger than Gingka as he's won three world championships, to Gingka's one, his character was better developed (less Mary Sue had flaws to over come) and lastly he's faced and won against more powerful bladers, specifically Brooklyn who makes Rago look like Julian or Reiji by comparison (still powerful but outclassed and obsolete).

I think Tyson is better than ginga,ryuga,rago,sakyo,and zyro because dragoon is strongest bet in the world Tyson can also win one round battle if L.Draco has dark power than dragoon has light power Tyson is a hero well I think if ryuga is the dragon emperor than Tyson is to the dragon emperor because he also have the dragon sprit ryuga is over confident but Tyson is not he do every thing with good in series what tyson do that define him so Tyson is dragon emperor and number 1 Beyblader

His feats are much better than any from any of the characters of the new series. He defeated people who had the power to make their own worlds and fly, just look at brooklyn. Even the wiki page says Gingka is number 2 after Tyson.


King is Masamune's Best friend and he's incredible. He was able to beat Jigsaw with only one hit and defeated Tsubasa's strongest move. Even won against Aguma which defeated Gingka and Yuki at the same time. He almost won against Ryuga and put up a great fight against him. His special move known as "King of Thundersword" Destroys everything. His Bey is Variares and can rotated counter-clockwise. His bey looks like a warrior. King is Strong! Variares is strong.

King's strength is unbelievable. Being able to defeat Jigsaw and break through Tsubasa's special move and defeat him like nothing is pretty incredible. Also, he managed to defeat Aguma, which Gingka and Yuki were unable to do. Personally, I think that King could defeat Gingka at certain points in Metal Fury considering his overwhelming strength.

King's bey spirit is by far the best he was the only one to come close to defeating ryuga other than gingka, Kyoya, and rago and those guys are way powerful and he is way more powerful then Chris.And does not like his white hair

He is so AWESOME and once masemune was defeated by chris king got mad ad he was bout to take chris on until ginga tried to stop him and king sent ginga flying like a piece of cake


Chris has a phantom orion that makes him strong! He is also one of the legendary bladers! I think that chris should be number 1 or 2

My name is Chris and I always beat my friends and they have god beys. Me and my partner doomcizer are the strongest in the world.

In my school tournament, I was second place with a synchrome Salamander combo. The only bey I lost to was Phantom Orion

My bey is phantom Orion, it is good to know that there was an owner before me.


THE KING OF DARKNESS, he had defeated kai, tyson and can also defeat ryuga, rago and gingka. he can defeat any blader in this world

Brooklyn is far stronger than Tyson.
Tyson didn't beat His dark power.Tyson just Make Brooklyn to realize what actually beyblade spirit is.

A Beyblading genius and a reality warper at 10..This list is for toddlers leave alone kids.

Zeus which is his big beast is the world's strongest big beast


Faust is all powerful needing the Dragon Emperor and the Cosmic Winged Pegasis to put it down

Faust may never have won a battle but he has only ever been beaten by groups of bladers.

Foist is not strong because he never one a battle

He can control space and time. I mean come on guys.

The Contenders


His good blader he has 100% win percentage in metal fury

Never lost best blader. Fears on other bladers face

Tithi easily deafets chris and aguma teamed up with gingka

He is the strongest because he defeated skyth kronos and kronos won againts ginga


Kenta is determined, smart, cool, and strong. He trains so hard to master his bey in metal fury and he was acknowledged by Ryuga and that's how he got flash sagittario and became the new blader of summer. He deserves to be in top 10.
He rocks!

I love Kenta! He has made great strides in every season! Just look at how he started he was barely beating bums and then he became a legendary blader

After he gets flash Sagittario, he is one of the best. He has a lot of spirit and did a great job facing Nemesis. He deserves to be in top 5 if you ask me.

Kenta is a confident boy but he thinks he is ready to face ryuga and he has not beaten tsubasa or masumema before also Kenta thinks he has awesome bey but nobody thinks that, wants to join gangan galaxy and he doesn't have any type of ultimate, strong, legendary, power he doesn't even have ultimate but just a little bit of strength but he doesn't have any not even a little bit of legendary power. Kenta doesn't put any of his heart in blading or sole he needs to put more heart and sole to be the strongest legendary blader.All Kenta thinks about is stamina, power, defense and speed even though gingka said you need to put your heart and sole in blading and bey forget about every thing and practice.


He is a more powerful blader than Chris and Aguma combined. He is the man that pieced everthing together. FEAR HIM-Oh and Kyoya wouldn't have beaten him if he hadn't been controlled by the dark power of Nemesis.

Dynamis is the one that pieced everything together! And on top of that, he's one of the strongest bladers, defeating hyoto (I think can't remember his name. ) so easily

I love his bey he is strong and I really love his design! He is so strong and HOT!

He sucks he is just some weirded-out will-of-the-heavens dude


Real beyblade watchers know and have witnessed the greatness of Ray.. He has unique skills and even is very inspirational for kids! He stands out, there was never a character like Ray Kon (not even in beyblade ).

He is far more strongest than the ranking shows
Ray is very powerful blader and no one match up to their speed and skill that he has...
And also he is my favourite one
He's the best

Ray is the only bleder who fight for Justis until death and his bit beast also do anything for him. But other bit beast do not do that

I love Ray Kon. He is my favourite bayblader. I like his looks. He is my favourite cartoon character.


He is supposed to be at least in the top 10 because he was in the world championships and he won it alongside Gingka, Tsubasa, and Yu. He also was able to defeat Gingka unlike Kyoya who never defeated Gingka.

Masamune has limitless potential and is stronger than everyone

Masamamune is one of the best he should be number 7 he is just strong

Yes masamune beat kyoya his bey is great


The best in Shogun Steel.

Ok main character

He is very power

I like this guy he is strong with samuri efred and beat doji and kira

Tsubasa Otori

I just love the way he battleships so smooth and cool .
He has real bey spirit and strong persona he is a pure heart and is intelligent too.
I love his bye earth eagle and his feathered friend tooo.

Tsubasa is amazing and he is kind thoughtful and plans his strategies carefully.

He is sometimes afraid to lose the battle so he turns dangerous

Thought he was a woman


I think Yu is the strongest non-legendary blader in Beyblade. He has awesome potential and is one of the most friendliest characters in Beyblade. He's funny as he calls Gingka "Gingky" and does the same to others. He somehow managed to battle against Kyoya and Tithi really well. He could be stronger than Yuki and Aguma. He once beat Gingka in metal fusion too. He can turn the stadium into sand and his final inferno blast destroyed the black sun's wall of Nemesis which gave the legendary bladers the advantage to complete zeus' barrier (Even though he wasn't alone). Yu was amazing from the beginning till the end of the series.

Yu is stronger then most people give him credit for... not to mention he once beat Gingka. Not to mention... THIS MAN CAN TURN A STADIUM INTO SAND!

I love Yu's attitude towards life. He has a "YAY, LIFE!" sort of attitude and it's great.

He beat Gingka at the survival battle


He legitimately was better than most legendary bladers and it would interesting putting Horus in the storyline since Anubis was in the whole legendary blader history.
Plus Nile only lost 1 known battle that didn't count since it was a team battle.

I like how Nile faces all chalenges with a level head and has mad bey skills

Nile has a strongest bey but he should be number 50

Awesome he should be in the top 10

Valt Aoi

Valt Aoi is the main character of Beyblade Burst Anime and he is very funny, joyful that's why I like Valt as a Blader and he also defeated Shu when shu becmes more powerful as red eye and he must be at the position of the top 10 beyblade bladers.

He is powerful and positive his valtreyek is like his partner he is funny too when he eats his bey bread please like my answers

Valt is a really strong blader and his Genesis whip and ultimate genesis reboot are the best he is the best blader ever and way better than Zyro.

Valt is the best of all time he's unstoppable no one should beat valt


I also like Shu because His skills were very powerful as people can say that he is genius bladder because of he saw how his opponent launch, skills and he only focus on the battle and he is one of the member of supreme 4 and he defeated all supreme 3 blader's bey. And I think He must be at the position of top 10 beyblade bladers.

He is the best. And if we see logically, actually he is the strongest of all bladders. "Think a little logically"

He is the most powerful bladder in the whole Beyblade franchise.

Shu is very powerful he is number 1! I love you SHU.


He is on a different level. He lost to Gingka because Gingky(I call him personally like Yu) had used the spirit of all people otherwise Damian and Kerbecs would have crushed him. He is similar to Brooklyn in Beyblade G revolution. He could defeat Ryuga I think so

He is the best can't you see his beyblade and it's spin can you see he defeated Julian. Damian had been a legend and should have got a shot with Ryuga where he would have beated him and proved him.

He must be, at least, on the top ten. He's clearly stronger than Nile, Masamune, Yu and Ray ( maybe Kenta, even).

His hell kerbecs is amazing and Damian is person who should be in 3 position

Sakyo Kurayami

Awesome but should be higher (that's what he said)

He should be #1 because he only lost one battle

Sakyo is cool along with his ronin dragoon

Successor of ryuga best in shogun


Held his own against ryuga and gingka, beat yu, battle bladers second round, wbba agent, made japan team, chi yun and kyoya barely beat him, beat the dark power, smashed benkei and demore, smashed sofie and wales, beat argo and jack, secnd in the babel tourney, 3rd behind masemune and king for destroyer dome.

Tsubasa belongs in the top ten his bey possess dark and light power what do you do with a bey that can do that...nothing exactly

Tubasa and his bey is best. He defeated argo garcia. Kenta. Yu. His bey has 5 special move. He has won so many battles

He is actually very powerful and not enough people give him credit!


He is cutepie . His defensive power is awesome. If he want he can defer Tyson easily . I always like his strategies . He must come before Tyson.

Max is a pure strategist and a defensive player. He can be ranked next to Tyson and Kai. He always comes out with a new technique.

Max is a pure strategist and a defensive blader. He might be ranked just after Tyson and kai.

I like Max so much. He is so cute and smart.

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