Top Ten Strongest Naruto Characters in Video Games

This list is only for the Naruto Video games not Anime or Manga.And read my messages to get some game hints

The Top Ten

1 Asuma Saratobi

In the Anime he isn't that good but, in the video game he has chakra blades when he does Awaking and the chakra blades throughout really fast at the characters and it takes away a lot of damage to the other characters and if you have Xbox one or 360 and press Y - A over and over while doing the chakra it'll be in possible to get away and it'll probably take away a lot of damage and Can kill the characters depending if you do The Y-A at the right time. If you are good with him it'll be easier to kill sassonoos in awaking - Blear

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2 Konan Konan

I like her paper powers. She's awesome in the anime too. - Goku02

Cool. She looks pretty - leafstar

Very good the only character in Naruto games that can fly
Fast she makes it a little bit more easier to dodge throwing powers - speed

3 Minato Namikaze Minato Namikaze Minato Namikaze was the fourth Hokage of Village Hidden in the Leafs and the man responsible for sealing the nine-tailed demon fox inside Naruto Uzumaki when he was born. Doing so cost him his life, and before dying he asked that the villagers not see Naruto as the monster within him, instead wanting more.
4 Temari Temari
5 Shisui Uchiha Shisui Uchiha Shisui Uchiha, Shisui of teleportation. Shisui in the Naruto series is part of the Uchiha clan which is one of the strongest clans in the series. Shisui was given the title "Shisui of teleportation". This is because he was one the only person to ever master the body flicker technique. Shiusui was one more.
6 Kakashi Kakashi Kakashi Hatake is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.
7 Itachi Uchiha Itachi Uchiha Itachi Uchiha is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.
8 Danzo Danzo

Danzo aka the cheating character his special move is useless but his awaking is good you don't have to attack at all and when you do awaking press the instinct kill move that makes a black rotation ball cover you.don't use this character against fast character because the move can kill you if you miss 2 times - Blear

9 Killer Bee Killer Bee
10 Neji Hyuga Neji Hyuga

The Contenders

11 Sasori Sasori
12 Yugito

Yugito is a really great video game character her attacks are really fast but, takes few damage and is a multiple attacker this character is really hard to dodge and once you get attack she'll keep on attacking and her awaking is great it takes Adverage damage. Her special move takes a lot a damage and is really hard to dodge it's like 90 % hard to dodge - Blear

13 Mifune

Is a great video game character. His attacks takes Adverage damage and his awaking just increase strenght and little speed. Special move takes a way super high damage to other power it's easy to capture someone if you know when to do the special move.
His semi special move is also great it's hard to dodge and takes away high damage to other player. - Blear

14 Hashirama Hashirama

This character is a great Naruto video game character both Special move and Awakening or good. His attacks are very unique he has two forms regular and Sage mode. Sage mode is stronger the regular one is the same exsept sage mode turns into something. His attacks are trees that he hit the other characters with it takes Adverage damage to the other player. His grabbing move is where a tree grabs the other player. His semi special move is where a tree is thrown at the other player. His special move is really good and takes a lot of damage. His awaking is super good it's hard to use it but it takes super high damage towards the other player. The effect is that it's hard to control it so the other characters can sometimes run away from the sage mode beast attack - Blear

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