Hashirama Senju

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Contrary to popular belief not the son of the sage of the six paths but still amazingly powerful. He was the only person able to do wood style, every 1 else needed HIS dna to use it! He was the only person madara respected and madara got sharingan, then mangekyou and even mangekyou sharingan to beat hashirama, not to mention he even brought the kyuubi for hashirama but he still lost! Also hashirama's wood style is so powerful he stopped a tail beast ball from the nine tails; a feat nearly impossible. Let's not forget that he is a sage. I can't understand how madara is higher than him when he nearly killed madara!

For real people? 10? He defeated Madara, and the reason everyone attaches Senju cells onto them is because his abilities far surpass the Sharingan. Idiots idiots idiots. As of now, at least in the anime, the list goes like this:

1: Sage of Six Paths
2: Hashirama Senju
3: Madara Uchiha
4: Itachi Uchiha (dead, but he could probably beat Naruto if he really tried)
5: Naruto Uzumaki

He is a beast I mean for petes' sake he is the son of the sage of six paths and obviously way stronger than madara. Madara should switch places with Hashirama and then I would agree with the list but madara is not stronger. Madara just seems stronger because he lived for like 4 generations after his fight with hashirama and he we have heard more about him than hashirama

GUYS? Why is he 5th?!?!?! He beat Madara and the nine tails together! ! He's known as "The Ultimate Shinobi" He could easily beat itachi without difficulty. So many people underestimating Hashirama.

Wood Style (which restrains even tailed beasts)

Poisinus gases from flowers

Sage Mode -making him super strong and super fast

Water Style Master

Earth Style Master

That huge statue thing that's really strong

Senju- so huge amount of chakra and stamina

Tons of expeicence

And ever heard of "Senju Love? " It makes them to ultimate clan because they will fight for what they love and will not give up until the achieve it

Hashirama is by far the strongest character, we can't consider the sage of the six paths because he lived thousands of years ago. Did you hear what madara said to the 5 kage about hashirama? He said hashirama could heal without weaving signs, had sage mode, mokuton, senju physical prowess and jutsu that are unheard of in power and speed. He is the real deal. hashirama could take out Naruto, sasuke, itachi, pain all at the same time if he wanted too.

It's mentioned every time that Hashirama is the strongest ninja of all time after the sage of six paths... Madara himself said it and accepts Hashirama is stronger than him

They call him the god of shinobi for gods sake

Even madara acknowledged that hashirama is the only one who can stop him. Moreover the reason why madara survived is because he implanted hashirama's cells. Regarded as the God of Shinobi world, he beats madara + ninetails

He beat Madara, why does this list put Madara higher than Hashirama? Hashirama should be put as the strongest shinobi, disregarding the Sage of Six Paths.

Madara clearly states that Hashirama Senju was properly the strongest ninja ever. And Madara is clearly badass so I'll trust his word on this.

He is awesome. he defeated Madara and could possibly defeat Naruto, Itachi and Minato but not Sage of Six path

HASHIRAMA defeated MADARA... That's enough to prove how much powerful he is and also he controlled tailed beasts as his pets..

Fought Madara when he was alive won by sneak attack, but this is alive Hashirama, because Edo is weaker than his alive self.

Seriously number 6... This is sad. Only someone who possesses a rinnegan can fight him and hope to win. Madara is his only equal.

Hashirama senju is the strongest after the sage of the six paths then comes madara then comes Naruto then comes minato then comes jiraiya then comes itachi then comes killer bee then comes raikage (ay) nagato then comes ohnoki then comes kakashi then comes yamato.

I don't trust this list anymore. Hashirama is 6th? U guys must see naruto series again. He defeated madara- a prodigy numerous times without any visual power. He was a legend.

Read the manga. Enough said. This guy was an absolute monster.. No tailed beast no dirty tricks. Hashirama was insane

We'll he did beat madara and formed a whole clan of supernatural ninja based on his will of peace if it wasn't for him Narutos world would have been plunged into darkness long before even the third homage was born.

He is very strong and fought alongside of Madara also lead a Village. That also voted him hokage to protect them

Come on he beat madara and nine tails! Minato couldn't do that (minato died when he SEALED the nine tails.) so please put him above madara

Really people number 5 he defeated Madara Uchiha and the NIne TAILS FOX he has to be at least in 2nd

He defeated Madara and Kyuubi on his own... He trapped the Ten Tails while the ally's forces attack it. He has completely mastered Sage mode I mean, he is near unbeatable

Madara brings 9 tail beast.. Hashirama still defeats Madara... How could u put him below Madara...

He's not the son of the Sage of 6 Paths, he's the reincarnation.

He has the strongest overall strength from all the characters we know so far, 1 = Kaguya, 2 = Sage of 6 Paths, 3 & 4 would be Ashura and Indra (Sage's sons) and then Hashirama.

He beat Madara while going up against the 9 tails. He tamed 7 tailed beasts and willingly gave their power to other villages to keep the balance of the world. Madara couldn't defeat him with an Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. His sage mode is insanely over powering --> summons a Buddha statue with a 1000 arms, twice the size of a tailed beast and Perfect Susan'oo.

Can control tailed beasts. Has immense chakra reserves, and doesn't need to follow orders of the person who revives him using edo tensei (strong enough to override commands), is the Reincarnation of Ashura, the son with the most chakra of the 2 sons of the Sage of 6 Paths.

Earth style, Water style and the legendary Wood Style. Deep Forest Emergence, Deep Forest ...more

He's probably 10th because he's on here twice... as are a ton of other characters. Pain and Nagato are the same PERSON!