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Sage powers. pretty much it

Snake powers knows a ton of jutsu, and both are Sanin

Jiraiya is stronger than Kakashi he should at least be at the 11 spot. He took on all Paths of Pain and managed to uncover Pain's secret or the Rinnegan's field of vision and power for that matter, Kakashi can't even win against one when Konohamaru can

I love jiraiya, s spirit. He has captured my heart many times. I hate that he had to die. I think he is the best because he would kick ass. You run into jiraiya and you just so happen to be a bad guy, you better run or your ass is toast

When Itachi Uchiha admits that this guy would kill both him and Kisame should they fight him, it is pretty much that he is easily the strongest ninja, if you are ready to overlook the overpowered BS that Madara was fed. Pain also said that Jiraiya would have defeated him if he knew pain's secret and the only reason he died was because he wanted to confirm his suspician. He could have easily have gotten away and lived to fight another day. Also Pain already knew all about Jiraiya on account of being his student.

Jiraiya is definitely in the top ten he is far stronger than sasuke his sage mode makes him even stronger and is rivaled by only hashirama itachi said that itachi and kisame would lose to jiraiya

Would've loved to see more of his power, when he died Kakashi wondered who could've killed him which suggests he was a very powerful shinobi and not many match his ninja prowess but whoever did is one hell of a warrior.

Jiraiya can beat all the others. He is stated as one of the legendary sannins capable of beating pain, one s rank and kage level shinobi even whithout sage mode and whit sage mode he breacks all the barriers. Pain only defeated him because he didn't new the secret; under these conditions even the current madara would lose, and even whitout an arm he was capable of beating one of the pain bodies, and he could scape any time if wanted to. He was the master of the fourth, and stated by nagato as a master piece. He was the only one in Naruto capable of beating pain and he knew that, even tobi said that pain was the strongest in akatsuki and jiraiya could have beated pain. Pain said that if the fight was longer jiraiya would win. So a nina that as now natural abilites and can beat the rinnegan is just the best.

WHY HE's ON 12TH? HE is really strong... And for those who think he can't defeat pain,... Absolutely wrong... Without the knowledge of rinnegan and six paths of pain he managed to defeat 4 bodies of pain. Even pain stated that he could have been defeated. His death really made me sad!

Is it just me or is somebody else bothered by the fact that Jiraiya is below Kakashi...?

I think that if jiraiya was fighting the whole 6 pains together he would win becuase the visual jutsu the sage frogs use was able to stop the pains and he could kill all of them at once like he killed 3 of them.

He is stronger than kakashi and his copier follower who copied rock lee lotus

He train some of the strongest ninja's the World has ever seen

Jiraiya only dies because he doesn't want to hurt of his studdents and when he was live none of the enemy wanted to fight him hm... I wonder why because he is probably the strongest character in the hole of Naruto

Jiraiya is stronger than Itachi so he should be up there. In the manga Itachi tells Kisame that both of them together could not beat Jiriaya. Therefore Jiraiya should be above a lot of shinobi on this list.

No one can believe that jiraya is below kakashi and the evidence for that is how naruto and minato are trained well and at the same time why they have kind heart, that is why don't show off when defeat others and also naruto must be proud with jiraya while the other side sasuke is trained under dirty ugly smelling poor sensi whom I don't want even to mention his name I mean by my words kakashi and there is no doubt that he is the one who taught the second uchiha dropout after obito uchiha to felt jealousy with others because kakashi seem to feel jealousy with others they steaL THE SPOTLIGHTS and in the story of uchiha itachi he was drying of jealousy when the light bright cutest itachi who was only there fo 2 years became the captain and for that reason he left the ANBU but we tell itachi and naruto to always keep on saving their spotlights fom others especially sasuke and kakashi

I think that Jiraiya is stronger than itachi and I think he died because that surprise of alive pain he is one of the strongest shinobi of all time. pain sayd that if Jiraiya knew true about him he would lose and itachi told that he is many weaker then jiraiya that's my opinion

He scared itachi and kisme, nearly defeated nagato only was unable as he did not know his secret.

He is strong but he can be defeated I like emmm he is sure enough stronger than orochimaaru but I do not think he is stronger than tsunade I mean even he said that so yeah

Jiraiya is by far the most liked character in Naruto. He should be in the top ten without a doubt. he's sage mode is only rivaled by the first hokage. He knows as many Jutsus as kakashi. Physical power is on par with the rakage. Itachi said he could not beat him even with kisamas help. Took on the all the pains and was kicking there ass by himself and could have won the fight. Trained the yellow flash and was trained by the third the professor. This list is just stupid

He is a beast itachi said that him and Kisame would not be able to defeat him whilst he would of defeated pain had he of know the secrets of pains technique earlier and he lost only because he was caught off guard also minato (the fourth hokage ) said that jirayia deliberately lost to him to boost his confidence so jirayia is also with itachi has the highest rated fighting stats together which comes directly form kishimoto so he is also saying jirayia is the strongest while the three I mentioned earlier all said Jirayia are stronger then them but they are ranked higher,.

Jiraiya should be higher both him and itachi are evenly matched according to databooks by kishimoto sensei both have 35.5 - 2_4_3

Itachi is the greates uchia second to shisui maybe jiraiya lost to pain and pains weak

Naruto teacher one of the legendary sanin and master of rasengan, sage, need I say more?

He have sage mode and also rasengan he summoming tode and has strong jutsu..

Jiraiya is the BEST no dought he is better than minato, pein( he admited )and even Naruto in kiuby mode and he is a super pervent. He has got sage mode and super cool abilites, even itachi and kisame ran away whit fear