Naruto Uzumaki

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Naruto Uzumaki is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.


SERIOUSLY people! DO I EVEN HAVE TO SAY IT! HELL YEAH! Naruto is the strongest Naruto character ever. Pfft, he's the main character! He should be ranked #1 Setting aside physical strength, I'm also taking about his emotional strength. I mean, that guy was left on his own from the time he was born. He had a demon trapped inside of him, and EVERYONE hated him and rejected him. He managed to pull through being confident and stronger than anyone in the series. He is awesome! He even has the 9 tailed fox trapped inside of him, which makes him nearly invincible. He also mastered the Rasengan in one week! Even the 5th hokage didn't believe that. Alsoo... Something that makes him even more awesome is that he the son of the 4 hokage! He defeated Gaara, and even changed him. He also changed Neji and his egotistical attitude (don't mind me, I seriously love Neji! ). He is very determined and he changed everybody! He is by far, the STRONGEST Naruto character. Seriously, the show is called ...more

Naruto Uzumaki!
Fater than a yellow flash-speed of light-Blows away 5 tailed beast balls by moving past them-Can be any number of himself from 1 to 1000 and more-Can summon giant foxes and toads-Rasen-shuriken can pierce through anything-Tailed BEAST Ball can destroy a FOREST! And by the way, Naruto has broken out of a still-constructing moon before and in speed is so fast he can dodge SSP attacks. So fast he can close his eyes and see his own reflection before it can change. NARUTO UZUMAKI!

The only reason Naruto is not attaining his mega-power by defeating sasuke once and for all is his compassion and the pedestal he places his loved ones and friends on.. if Naruto truly wanted to kill his challengers, Naruto in his sage mode and with the help of his nine tails could surely defeat sasuke kun, the kindness and determination in Naruto is the sole reason for his success and I believe that Naruto will use these to his strength and eventually become the most powerful ninja ever seen... In his battle against pain, we see his dangerous side as well.. so sasuke supporters would do well to remember the extent of Narutos wrath if he so wishes to use it.

Naruto was a born, he has no parents, always hated, feared, monster and never had any friends... Never gave up from his life. He kept on working hard and he will never give up and he will be a Hokage one day. At the beginning he was trying to achieve the goal of being acknowledged by everyone in his village due to the fact that he was a Jinchuriki. After training really hard everyday, Naruto achieves his goal and saves his village, becoming equals with his best friend and rival. Look at him now, he has a 'Sage of Six Paths' mode. He get stronger and stronger. He have a lots of friends. In my opinion he is the best anime character ever!

Naruto has had a rough life but he always pushed to be greater than what he could have become and has gotten very strong and has surpassed all of the previous hokage in speed, power, leadership and more except in intelligence sadly. He has mastered many high level jutsu except the basics (oh well) but being able to control the nine ails, master rasengan and manipulate it plus learn sage mode plus stop a god twice and summon animals defeat sasuke, protect comrades and last but not least become Hokage is a amazing feat. Plus being called The Show-Off, Number One Unpredictable, Noisy Ninja or the Number One Hyperactive, Knucklehead Ninja but then changing into the Hero of the Hidden Leaf and now the hero of the shinobi system. Naruto wins "Dattebayo"

I admit Sage of six paths is way stronger than Naruto but we all know since Naruto is the main character he will some how catch up to the sage of six path's level as you can tell in the manga he became friends with the tailed beast has fought the ten tails he is fighting madara and Naruto has been through a lot of stuff sooner or later Naruto is going to be stronger than the sage of six paths that's why he is the strongest he is the main character

Naruto has sage powers, complete control over the Kyubii now, and can move as fast as his dad that Killer Bee said all he saw was a "yellow flash" and what ever the gift Itachi gave him and that one unnamed jutsu.

Sasuke has EMS, very fast, was able to kill Itachi kinda, Deidara, Danzo, and lasted agaisnt a bunch of Kages.

Both are destined to fight eachother. Naruto will win because the shows called Naruto

Naruto is the greatest surviving character and he's got the will and guts to never give up and that's how he defeats the enemy and remember when he couldn't even get the bells of Kakashi but he did now. And I bet he'll surpass every single shinobi he is like the chosen one and Kakashi also said that he is the only one who can surpass Minato. And I don't remember seeing him not surpass the ones he said he will surpass.

He should be in 3rd because every one knows rikudo senin is first and second is madara and then it's naruto kun

He's powerful in Shippuden, his skill set has began to develop in which many episodes to come he gets stronger. If you watch it, you notice Sasuke is stronger then him, that's a sign that he's going to be stronger then how he is really strong right now, he will learn new skill sets, and to episodes to come he's going to be able to learn how to control the 9 tailed fox

I strongly agree. Naruto should be the strongest character in this show considering the fact that the title is none other than himself plus when it comes to strength and power, he is definitely without a doubt, the strongest especially when he has to protect someone whom he deeply cares, he is simply unbelievable,

Naruto second this is a joke right? He can't beat itachi, nagato, madara, obito (sage of six path form) he is equally tied with sasuke even though sasuke has won more times in battle with Naruto 2-1. First battle sasuke eon and the last battle with them a tie. to be honest sasuke could've killed Naruto if he wanted to in their first fight

Naruto is the best I mean his healing abilities and wind styles impact and power alone are more than a mere human nine tails are not. He is not invincible because he not a god. But by the end of Shippuden he is pretty close. He blow up a moon for gods sake!

Naruto is the strongest not because of his strength but his determination, compassion, and will to protect others. He befriended all the tailed beast and is the hero of the Fourth Great Ninja War. Oh and not to mention.. He's THE SEVENTH HOKAGE

Naruto started off as an utter imbecile and became the greatest warrior in the show, Naruto's growth was so great that even the angriest and most powerful tailed beast (Kurama) came to respect and care for him. He is truly unstoppable when melding chakra with Kurama absolute beast.

Naruto has the power of a sage of six paths. Besides, he possesses all bijuus inside of him and he mastered to control all of them. Therefore, now he domains all elements which means he has no weaknesses and can defeat anyone. Sasuke is not a match to Naruto, and even if he was, remember that Itachi gave Naruto a power that is able to stop Sasuke. Naruto is definitely the strongest one alive.

He never gives up and his one and only goal in life is to become the strongest ninja ever so he can protect his village and all who he cares for by become the Leaf Village Hokage!

Sasuke saved Naruto just as much so please. And No his not stronger than Sasuke. They're equal. Please people get your facts straight! Have you not been paying attention the whole naruto series? If Naruto was stronger then why didn't he drag Sasuke back long time ago? Why did he have to sacrifice an arm? Madara is stronger than Naruto. He was consumed by Kaguya. They didn't actually defeat. Him.

He nearly killed sasuke he is stronger faster and better than kakashi he is like his father and almost defeated madara and stop the war he is hokage after the war

Well I think after he succeed the sage art from mount myoboku fukasaku said he surpassed his predecessors that includes minato and jiraya... And he's a quick learner too using his shadow clon es. i ts accurate that he's on second position

I just thank he is the strongest because of the whole title of the show and it's based on our hem so I will just say he's the strongest because you don't but he has the nine-tailed fox in him so I really think he should be first not second

I like Naruto because I believe he will become the next in line who will be ready to take the ten tails and be the strongest ninja.

Naruto is way stronger than any other ninja. He can't die, because he can heal himself. His speed is unbelievable. And the fact that he never give up makes him unstopable compare to madara or sasuke.
By the way my favourite ninja is Shikamaru (Shadow Possession Jutsu) and he never give up. I think he might be stonger than sasuke

Naruto has no limitations from what I can see. He constantly improves and tackles every single obstacle that is in his way. Looking at him in the pilot episode, to him in the 4th ninja war says it all.

I don't think Naruto is the strongest yet. I don't think he can use sage mode and 9 tails mode at the same time yet because his chakra needs to be stable and calm when in sage mode. I believe Naruto and madara will fight and will be evenish (madara with the slight upper hand). Madara will take bee and retreat to find the other 3 bloodlines and Naruto will realize he and the 9 tails will need to become friends to beat madara using sage 9 tails mode