Top 10 Strongest Naruto Characters

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101 Dosu Kinuta
102 Anko Mitarashi Anko Mitarashi

She as powers same as orochimaro and she is stronger than sakura she should be in at least the top 30

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103 Evil Naruto

Evil Naruto IS Naruto. The battle between Naruto and his evil counterpart was basically a battle against himself, to try forgive the villagers for their treatment of him, so that he holds no grudges or darkness in his heart.

I know.The bad side Naruto.Altought I don't think he is considered a Naruto character.

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104 Mizu (Water)

Mizu drowned all the characters

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105 Yagura

A young kage and a amster jinchuriki - mcarzwashere

106 Omoi

Killer bee's apprentice apart of team sumai. - mcarzwashere

107 Suigetsu Hōzuki

A powerful swordsman who trained with the seven swordsman of the mist and one of orochimaru's test subjects - mcarzwashere

108 Choza Akimichi

For the person that said choza can turn into a butterfly how about you at least one episode of naruto shippuden dumbass

Partners with shikaku and Inoichi can turn into a butterfly - mcarzwashere

109 Kitsuchi

Family ot onoki Great abilities with the earth release leader of the second division - mcarzwashere

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110 Baki

Gaara, kunkora nad temari's master and defeat hayate gekko easily and foruth kazekages asssistant - mcarzwashere

111 Chiyo

Well, technically to all those saying she's best puppet master, that's false. She had to rely on Sakura to help her defeat Sasori, and I'm pretty sure only reason he got killed was because he willingly let himself die.;

Everyone has completely forgotten that she was the one that killed Sasori of the Red Sand and the best puppet master in the series!

The best puppet master has to count for something.

She is one of the best puppet masters and she should be in the top 50

112 Daisuke Saru
113 Shunsuke

He is so strong at young age

114 Hiruko
115 Mizukage

I think her lava style is very strong and after all she is a Kage

Objection! Must be higher on this list (Perhaps top 50 or 40)

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116 Yugito Nii

She has the 2 tales inside of her she should at least be in the top 30s! She has masted controling the 2 tales and I agree even killer B respects her and he is a Jinchuriki

She's at least down in the 30s, she has the power of the two tails and has mastered the way of the jinchuriki and is one of the strongest jinchuriki and even killer b respects her!

117 Sora

He have the same pawer of the nine kurama

He had half power of kurama

118 Izumo Kamizuki
119 Tobi (2nd Hokage) V 2 Comments
120 A (Fourth Raikage) V 1 Comment
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