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121 Ramen Guy

He is the ramen guy... Your argument is invalid.

He confuses everyone with his delicious ramen


The ramen guy is God. He shall destroy all who object. Don't mess with the power of the ramen or you will be destroyed by the delicious power of ramen guy. I rest my case.


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122 Kiba Inuzuka

He is strong. He does have at least a high rank and we don't really know what he has up his sleeves too.

Awesome person, awesome dog. Who doesn't like Kiba?

Would you want to go up against a giant 2 headed dog!?

He's awesome

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123 Chiyo

Well, technically to all those saying she's best puppet master, that's false. She had to rely on Sakura to help her defeat Sasori, and I'm pretty sure only reason he got killed was because he willingly let himself die.;

Everyone has completely forgotten that she was the one that killed Sasori of the Red Sand and the best puppet master in the series!

The best puppet master has to count for something.

She is one of the best puppet masters and she should be in the top 50

124 Daisuke Saru
125 Shunsuke

He is so strong at young age

126 Karin Karin

I want to beat her up she is dumb and ugly

Karin did nothing in the series besides heal Sasuke. Karin is barely even strong, all she has is a paper bomb. But I'm very greatfull that she healed Sasuke

I don't karin runing sasusaku damn that ass

127 Hiruko
128 Mizukage

I think her lava style is very strong and after all she is a Kage

Objection! Must be higher on this list (Perhaps top 50 or 40)

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129 Yugito Nii

She has the 2 tales inside of her she should at least be in the top 30s! She has masted controling the 2 tales and I agree even killer B respects her and he is a Jinchuriki

She's at least down in the 30s, she has the power of the two tails and has mastered the way of the jinchuriki and is one of the strongest jinchuriki and even killer b respects her!

130 Edo Madara Uchiha

He was defeated by Hashirama Senju at the valley of end but when close to dying he gained some of the hashirama's cells and activated the legendary rinnegan which is itself an accomplishment achieved after the Sage of six Paths. Also now being an edo tensai his power never depletes and thus taking him to the third position

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131 Goku Goku Son Goku (Kakarrot) is the main protagonist in Dragon Ball franchise created by Akira Toriyama in 1984. He had many abilities like, super strength, utilization of ki, flight, teleportation, super speed, enhanced reflexes, and Super Saiyan transformation that increase strength, speed, and durability. more.

To the person who commented that he is the four-tailed beast and that we're all idiots, I apologise for our "stupidity". Yes, we didn't understand that, especially not when another DBZ character is on this list, (Broly) not many people know this fact anyway and that the actual name of beast is Son Goku, not just Goku.

Hell no who you kidding

He'd kill everybody on this list. Sorry.

Isn this a list on naruto characters and why is luffy up there and why is goku in the bottom of the list

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132 Edward Newgate
133 Izumo Kamizuki
134 Tobi (2nd Hokage) V 2 Comments
135 A (Fourth Raikage) V 1 Comment
136 Might Dai
137 The Fourth Kazekage
138 Mito Uzumaki
139 Guy

Final attack could have defeated Madara. Also beat Kisame, who held his own against Killer Bee, who Kakashi could never beat.

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140 Boruto

Born to has the potential to be stronger than Naruto and Sasuke.

How is he stronger than neji guy sakura ino and rasa

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