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121 A (Fourth Raikage) V 1 Comment
122 Might Dai
123 The Fourth Kazekage
124 Mito Uzumaki
125 Guy

Final attack could have defeated Madara. Also beat Kisame, who held his own against Killer Bee, who Kakashi could never beat.

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126 Boruto

Born to has the potential to be stronger than Naruto and Sasuke.

How is he stronger than neji guy sakura ino and rasa

127 Rasa
128 Night Guy

Are you kidding me 122 he should be in the top 10

Why is this man 121?
This man has opened the 8th gate which is almost as powerful as madara this man should be at least near kakashi!

He made madara puke blood. Oh and not to mension he did that using taijutsu madara himself admited he was the strongest shinobi

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129 Hizashi Hyuga
130 Hiashi Hyuga
131 Rin Nohara
132 Fuguki Suikazan
133 Shino Aburame Shino Aburame

He have never lost a fight

What he's like the strongest character ever

"Super bugs techniques plus great strategy plus great taijutsu"

134 Hanzo Hanzo

Cruel leader of amegakure for a while - mcarzwashere

Another beast. He wasnt cruel. He was actually okay with negatos new group. Till Danzo stuck his nose into it.

What the he's not is naruto he's an overwatch character he does do a lot of damage in overwatch but what

135 Tokuma Hyuga

Best byakugan and one of the best sensors - mcarzwashere

136 Zabuza Momochi Zabuza Momochi

one of the original seven swordsman of them ist. sloughtered 100 student ninja when he was a student and extreme water based jutsu's - mcarzwashere

Hidden in the mists most strongest warrior...

Zabuza is hectic should be in top 50 easily, would of killed kakashi if team 7 wasn't with him

He should be in the top 60

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137 Neji Hyuga Neji Hyuga

Very strong byakugan is unaffected with sharingans genjutsu so he an possibly beat sasuke. And if he use 360 battle would be over even with 64 palms he can almost kill anyone

Strongest hyuga ever! and if he were to fight sasuke he would win hands down because he's quickier.

Oh come on! Neji weaker than Sakura and Hinata? - Goku02

At least above ino I mean come on

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138 Edo Madara Uchiha

He was defeated by Hashirama Senju at the valley of end but when close to dying he gained some of the hashirama's cells and activated the legendary rinnegan which is itself an accomplishment achieved after the Sage of six Paths. Also now being an edo tensai his power never depletes and thus taking him to the third position

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139 Sasori Sasori

He took down a whole nation.
Defeated the strongest Kazekage.
He don't feel pain.
Sasori's use of his puppets was greatly feared throughout the Third Shinobi World War as he turned the sand red with blood, giving him the nickname, "Sasori of the Red Sand".
Deidara also admits that Sasori was stronger than him.
Sasori is probably immune against genjutsu.
Sasori committed suicide twice - Only Sasori can kill Sasori.

Best puppet master and one of the sand villages strognest ninja and memeber of akatsuki - mcarzwashere

Sasori could have beat Sakura and chiyo but he lost on purpose

He should be in the top 40

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140 Danzo Shimura Danzo Shimura

Almost killed Sasuke, has 1st Hokages powers, Has a bunch of sharingans for izanagi. Also has Shisui eye(mindcontrol)

Danzo is a beast if it wasn't for tobi sasuke would be long dead. I mean sharigans in his arm man should be in top 20 no problem really Sakura negi and all those idiots. This man could kill all of them and make ramen out of there dead bodies

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