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Blaziken, known in Japan as Bashāmo, is a Fire/Fighting Type Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise .


This sharp powerful superb Pokemon is enough to knock out anyother... Its look, strength, style everything is just mindblowing...

Blaziken... I never really understood the popularity with this kung fu chicken. Especially when the mega evolutions came out. Blaziken has the worse out of the other 3 starters, Blaziken gets speed boost. Which you can get on a special torchic anyways. Gets destroyed by swampert and now sceptile. The only good thing about Blaziken is that he is the reason why blaze kick exists and I can egg move onto a riolu.

I am suprised that blaziken is not one of the top ten and charizard is. If you have seen the episodes, Blaziken actually beats charizard in stadium battle, and I mean one of those semi final battles. Baliziken is also very smart, in the episode Blaziken actually does a flame thrower on the ground (trainer didn't command blaziken), slowing charizard's seismic toss, if it weren't for how smart it was it would have lost already. Geez at least blaziken should be one of the top ten. (I do not get how charizard lost against blaziken and got second and blaziken got 11th right now)

This furious fowl is an uber in competitive. 11? Should be #1! If you train it up right and get the correct nature, this Beastly Bird can easily 1 shot anything. With attack that can crush the most beefy Snorlax and the perfect move set that Mew herself is jealous of, this not-so-Chicken is a pure UBER, and it deserves it. Also, the fact that it, along with the 6th gen Grenenja, are the only uber starters.

Blaziken was the first starter to ever be banned to the Ubers tier in Smogon Singles, and is currently the only starter in Ubers. That is no small feat. With Mega Blaziken's monstrous base 160 attack, almost nothing can stand up to a neutral hit after just one Swords Dance. His base 100 speed is very mediocre, until you take into account the single thing that makes this Pokemon surpass all the others. Speed Boost. With Speed Boost, Blaziken gets +1 Speed every single turn it stays out in battle. Blaziken can guarantee a +1 to Speed the first turn he's out by clicking Protect and also scouting what the enemy has for you, or he can predict the opponent's next move and Swords Dance. After a Swords Dance and Speed Boost, the only Pokemon that can safely stand up to Blaziken are Kyogre and Giratina. With that being said, Kyogre loses to Blaziken if it switches into a High Jump Kick or Low Sweep, and Giratina dies if it switches into a Knock Off unless it's holding the Griesous Orb. Some ...more

Blaziken is my official favorite pokemon EVER. He is a beast with no weak stats and he looks like a beast. Infernape and emboar make me throw up because of how their types are just copies of blazikens. He's also an uber! The only starter uber! He has a overall stat of 530! And don't even get me started on mega blaziken! It has an attack of 160!

He is the first starter I've ever used. I first played emerald and he smashes anything. In gen 6 they have introduced Mega Blaziken and is very strong both in game and competitive battle. Mega Blaziken + Speed boost + Sword dance. Clearly overpowered esp with speed boost.

#1? Maybe not, but it well deserves a spot in the top 10. Especially because with speed boost, it can outspeed and probably kill the entire top 10 on this list anyway. Any Pokemon can be the best, but this one can kill the Pokemon made to kill it with ease.

I think Blaziken should should be in FIRST! It is the best Pokemon I have ever had! He was only level 70 and he 85 and he killed a level hundred jinks and level hundred Sceptile! He is awesome!

Just imagine a plain if blaziken was real what pokemon better then him speed attack power he got his own move people blaze kick an pretty much owns sky uppercut his best moves an defeated charizard wit that kick to right

Blaziken is my favorite pokemon of all of the pokemon I've ever had. He/She fought and beat every fight he was in with just one simple move- Blaze Kick. Love him. He's awesome. Best. Pokemon. EVER

Blaziken is amazing. I could literally kill every pokemon with the move double kick. It's too good. Plus in pokemon brick bronze blaziken could learn rock smash which can defeat charizard just saying.

Blaziken has very high attack and a good use of stab, add that to speed boost and possible baton passing to a slower Pokemon, meaning you can't just throw an ordinary wall in the way.

Blaziken will Swords Dance, Protect, and proceed to steamroll through people with Flare Blitz and High Jump Kick. Even with a type advantage, Charizard fails to come close. Charizard needs two mega evolutions, whereas Blaziken is in uber even without his mega form. Step aside, Genwunners.

Blaziken isn't way too op. In ruby and sapphire, he takes down anyone. If he has a move that's super effective to the opponent's Pokemon it's an automatic KO. When I played it, I would need a backup for him because my friends kept saying he was op and I can't use him. When I did use him they wouldn't be able to take him down and all their Pokemon were level 100. Blaziken for the win!

This guy should be in the. Top 10 if not in the top 5. He's a total beast. Mega blaziken with its awesome attack and speed boost can take anyone down if you know how to use it

I just don't care if he's ranked 20, I only believe he's the best Pokemon that I can have

With its new mega evolution its attack and speed get boosted greatly and with its hidden ability speed boost it WILL out speed any Pokemon in some time.

I have mega + speed boost, flare blitz is AMAZING, and you have nice fighting type things to work with, got torched in a wonder trade!

Blaziken is amazing, not only does he look badass but combine protect and swords dance with his speed boost ability and he will wreck anything

He is the original fire fighting Pokemon. Also in ruby/sapphire he is super effective on most of the "elite four" better know as the elite five

Blaziken is a very speedy Pokemon. plus, its ability is speed boost so it gets faster every turn. But mega blaziken... lets just say it kicks ass

I gave all gym leaders a blast Cause evolved torchic in blaziken before getting my first badge. Ain't that amazing.

11, this Pokemon should at LEAST be in the top 10. With its speed boost ability and its new mega evolution it's awesome!

Best mega evolution possible and evolves very quickly. One kick from this Pokemon and all others are dead.