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Dragonite is a character from the Pokémon franchise by Nintendo. It is a dragon and flying type Pokémon created in the first generation of Pokémon. It is a Pseudo Legendary Pokémon.


Charizard is so overrated and I don't typhlosion deserves to be number about 645 but yes dragonite is the best. It can learn outrage which has stab of 180 and can take down anything but a steel or a very high defensive type like rhyperior, who should be up here by the way, then give it a lum berry to stop the confusion. It can learn draco meteor, which has a stab of 210, but it demolishes the special attack. Now you can rely on your amazing physical attack of 403! He is slow but he can learn extremespeed, or agility, and earthquake to get steel or fire punch or brick break for those steels with levitate. (bronzong, bronzor, etc. ) and also dude below me this IS at the top, he must have3 said that a long time ago, I said this at 2:35 pm, June 24, 2013. Get a dragonite. You wont regret it. If you do, then... Well... That's your loss

One word. BEAST! BEAST! BEAST! Pretty much knock anything anywhere. Attack is amazing and everything else is wayyy above average. Destroys with Blizzard, Outrage, Earthquake, and Draco meteor. All moves kill. Draco meteor against guys that are somewhat at Dragonite's level, Blizzard and Outrage for other dragon types and Earthquake for rock types. Ice types? How cute... just use Draco Meteor and DESTROY! Definitely my favorite, and definitely should be up top.

Dragonite is a great Pokemon. It can easily learn moves that completely ignore its weaknesses. Or, if you just don't want to do that, high damage moves will also do good for it. You don't even need a strategy for this guy, all you need is to level him or her up and you're basically done. Honestly, Dragonite is the best Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon.

Dragonite is my all time favorite because when I was about 1 my parents got me a Dragonite plush and I still have it today. When I actually trained my Dragonair to level 55 and it evolved into Dragonite on my Pokemon yellow (GBA) I was so happy to know that I finally knew what a Dragonite was. So in every Pokemon game I have a Dragonite that is always my leader in my party. BEST NON LEGENDARY Pokemon EVER!

Low speed doesn't matter. This thing has a high attack and special attack, as well as upper end health and defenses. This guy can learn some of the best moves in the game like outrage, Draco meteor, thunderbolt, earthquake, dragon claw, and this guy is a beast. He happens to be my personal favorite Pokémon in the book. This is a great sweeper, finisher, and is a challenge to beat for even the best salamence, garchomp, or even many legendary dragon types. This guy deserves number 1.

All you have to do to beat Pokemon is just repetitive outrage. Fire punch and thunder punch come in lots of handy too, as well as moves like return (if it loves you), hyper beam, and giga impact. Dragonite is my favorite Pokemon and no one can ever change my mind no matter what. Dragonite will always be my Pokemon hero, and a great Pokemon. Go DRAGONITE!

Best non legendary pokemon ever, also one of one of my favorite pokemon including Tyranitar. Dragonite is Avatar in pokemon world they can learn Dragon, Fire, Water, Ice and Ground moves, if there is no limit to learn moves Dragonite can defeating many pokemon easily

Dragonite is just straight up amazing one of the first pokemon thought of by game freak he has a base of 600 being he is a pseudo legendary he has an amazing move pool my favorite being outrage, flamethrower, ice beam, and thunderbolt just because the last three are more reliable than fire blast, blizzard, and thunder - slakinglover1221

It's a awesome Pokemon because I had many attack bit there is still a confusion that is garchomp stronger or dragonite but I guess that definite is the best I is awesome and powerful and is present form the first it's so good looking also but one problem it doesn't have a mega evolution

Dragonite was basically my strongest pokemon in some of my old pokemon files. Its base stats are very high and can mow down most pokemon (unless the pokemon is an ice type). It was easy to beat trainers with a dragonite and its rarity make sense for a pokemon this strong.

I adore Dragonite! Why? Because he is EXTREMELY powerful! He maybe cute but, he can still kick butt! He is a beast! Charizard is overrated in my opinion. Can Charizard learn electric and water moves? No! But Dragonite can! He is the best in my opinion!

Great sweeper that can finish anything. Dragon type? Use my beloved outrage. Ice type? Gee, that's cute, use a little flamethrower or fire punch and end him. Rock type? Dragonite uses his aqua tail well. He covers all his bases with an amazing stat pool and move pool.

Dragon ire is the best in my opinion because he is two extremely powerful types dragon and flying. Plus his younger evolutions are absolutely adorable am I right?

The people below voting for Charizard know NOTHING about Pokemon whatsoever. Seriously, people there are plenty of REAL dragon types out there that are far superior in stats and typing, like dragonite. - Totaldramatime

First ever pseudo-legendary. One of the most powerful dragons of all time, also the first. Dragonite is just a plain beast. He's got 600 stats at level 100 stronger than any non-legendary besides metagross.

Dragonite has been op since gen 1, It can kill almost any Pokemon with its HUGE variety of moves and it can sweep almost anything in its way. I hate it when people say it is worse then Haxorus or even Garchomp.

Dragonite is the only Pokemon I've ever known that could, alone, destroy every trainer without loosing to anyone, and even beat up fairy types in a single hit. It has the highest attack of all Pokemon, even against legendaries only attack deoxys has more. It has well balanced stats besides attack that are far beyond average. This beast by itself beat all of the elite 4 without taking a hit and the champion in every game. And mine doesn't even have any IV's. Dragonite is number 1 for a reason, and is... just... SO FLIPPING AWESOME DRAGONITE IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST Pokemon EVER!

There really isn't a best Pokemon since each ones are used for different things. For instance togekiss may be used as a paraflincher or volcarona as a quiver dancer. Though some are better than others. Like how dragonite compares to pikachu stat wise. Though dragonite is a pseudo legendary, maybe not the best, but does have some purposes and nice stats.

Dragonite can learn water, flying, Fire, Dragon and many more types of moves. It has moves that can seriously deal damage another Pokemon because of its crazy amount of power. With its variety of moves and its power it deserves to be #1!

Dragonite is amazing it has one of the best move sets out of any Pokemon and amazing stats all around the only Pokemon that is even close to comparing to it is tyranitar which in my OPINION should be number 2

Dragonite is the original Dragon, no Mega? No problem as this thing is capable of going through teams in Competitive, at least that's what I did in Sun and Moon

I don't really pay attention to it until I played Pokemon Fire Red. I wanted a really good flying type, (That is not Charizard since I chose Squirtle as my starter) and the first Pokemon that came to my mind was Dragonite. I quickly caught a Dragonair in the Safari Zone and swept the E4 with it. It quickly became my favorite Pokemon of all time. Love it!

This list is so hard, I think its clear the dragon types are coming out on top. Love dragonite, reminds me a bit of puff the magic dragon haha. Garchomp is a boss, Hydreigon is a monster and gyranados is a classic badass pokemon. Special mention to Spiritomb, very tricky pokemon and can make battles hell if used tactically - LukeB

Dragonite has stats that are on par with the best and great moves plus its loyal and of all the Pokemon tell me in real life you wouldn't LOVE a dragon that can summon thunder and meteors and on top of all that can fly

He is the best I have one level one hundred he has a variety of different good moves with a high attack with a monster outrage with a stab he has a base stat total of 600 so bow down to your master!