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It has great attack and speed, making it a reliable threat. It can learn very powerful counter attacks against types that would give it pain, like Fairy Types, Metal Types and Ice Types. To make room for other moves, Garchomp can learn Fire Fang, which can end a match quickly against Ice and Fairy while providing a move that would be effective against Metal Types. Garchomp then has room to learn Swords Dance (Can bunk up Attack stats into a massive weapon of destruction), Earthquake (Has Stab, along with perfect and physical attacking) and Dual Chop (Can hit twice, has stab, and can get rid of substitutes). Overall, used correctly and this Pokemon can become a massive killing machine

Garchomp has one of the slowest experience rates, which means that it is very hard to train. However, the Pokemon with slow experience rates are often very powerful.
Besides for having power, Garchomp has high stats, and a good stab rate. Garchomp can also learn a variety of moves like Fire Fang, Dragon Claw, Slash, Earthquake, and other strong melee moves. This even adds to Garchomp's already high attack stat.

I always use Garchomp for my Sinnoh team. He has amazing power and speed. My Garchomp has defeated once or twice by Cynthia only. He is one of the Pokemon that use always when I start a new game. He comes in handy when you get in a tight spot. Garchomp is not only the best dragon Pokemon, it is the strongest, coolest, and them most badass Pokemon ever!

It has a very good type which is Dragon and Ground. This means that Garchomp can learn many amazing moves such as Earthquake, Outrage and Dragon Rush. Its physical attack combined with its awesome speed makes it a very good team Pokemon. If you want a dragon type in your team, look no further!

Garchomp is BEAST! Come on... Combine a land shark with great stabbing and slashing moves with pretty fast speed. If raised well... Garchomp would be one of your most menacing pokemon ever learning all kinds of moves plus the ability sand veil that heals it during a sandstorm or rough skin, which inflicts damage to the opponent that attacks Garchomp with direct physical moves.

You just can't win against him unless you use hacks or an overpowered ice type. He can basically counter anything. Teach him brick break to screw up the ice. A good dragon move for against dragons. He can learn metal claw for against fairy type. Way to strong. Don't try to fight. Just chicken out

My favorite dragon type pokemon. With great speed and attack, an epic mega-evolution, and awesome design overall, there's not much not to love about him. I would definitely rank him above dragonite and salamence because of the better speed, and the fact that dragonite doesn't have a mega.

Lets be serious here, if you've ever played Pokemon diamond, pearl, or platinum that Cynthia has kicked your ass with her flippin' garchomp. Its type is most helpful too being dragon-ground, this thing is a beast. The only way I could beat Cynthia was bringing on the giratina. My opinion on garchomp is that we all know it is one of the best dragons sitting next to haxorous, dragonite, hydreigon, etc. It has a decent move pool and can learn good moves like earthquake and dragon pulse. On my second try on platinum I picked up a gible and just swept all the gyms with it. 3 words. IT WAS AMAZING.

Garchomp is hard to take down ice type moves can hit hard but garchomp can survive it unless it's a critical, ice types having amazing speed and attack like weavile is dangerous to garchomp and out speed garchomp and take him out with a powerful ice type move, unless you are Lucky

Garchomp is a beast. With his speed and attack he KOs every time. It doesn't matter if there is an ice type. His speed will let him go first and then you can use stone edge to finish it off. Garchomp is the king of ground, dragon and pseudo legendary Pokemon.

So much better than charizard or dragonite, for he has the best attack and speed. For that stupid charizard, he can use stone edge, and for dragonite, he is faster and could use draco meteor. However, dragonite was my first powerful dragon type, but garchomp has better stats. - Pokemonfan321

Garchomp is just amazing on its own, and has one of the highest attack stats, but If you want garchomp to REALLY crush: give it the moves, Dragon claw, Swords dance, Stone Edge, and Earthquake. Now you have a Garchomp that can crush a Dragonite. (well at least that happened to me)

Garchomp... Paired up with earthquake, stone edge, outrage/draco meteor and a move of your choice (I recommend fire blast for nasty ice types).
I have a shiny one (Worth completing black tower) and its OP in multiplayer battles. He should be number 1. He is the best dragon type. Dragonite is a classic, NOT a beast. You say mega charizard, mega Garchomp OWNS. Charizard, Dragonite, 2 stupid overrated Pokemon. (along with Pikachu). Garchomp should be number 1... Metagross in the top 5.. AND TYRANITAR IS A DUMB JERK! He shouldn't be pseudo-Legendary. Garchomp rules! Best idea (land shark), o bainable in shiny, awesome mega, awesome hidden ability... His only flaw is sand veil/sand force... Get a rough skin one.

Best Pokemon for very good reasons. First it is a physical hitter capable of getting the first move in and causing serious damage. Second is it's move set. it can learn ground type moves which is super effective against 5 types, dragon (which if raised right, with half of the EV points it learns going to speed) it can take out other dragons, and then normal type moves. this Pokemon will get the job done. period.

This Pokemon is my favorite. It managed to take out the elite four on its own and managed to survive an attack by and take down a same leveled dragonite. While dragonite is a good Pokemon, I always found my garchomp come out on top.

People need to quit basing there wants for the most powerful Pokemon and pick based actually on power, with a focus sash garchomp can just use dragon claw twice and wreck dragonite because he is faster and has better speed

Right now, I have a Jolly Garchomp with the Hidden Ability and the Rocky Helmet, and it knows Dragon Claw, Outrage, Iron Head (for fighting Fairies), and Earthquake, and I fought competitively with it. - noo7na7

My garchomp is boss he knows Draco meteor, earthquake, dragon pulse and some other thing... But who cares about it when you have moves like this. garchomp is an all around power house killer. Train him right because the force is strong in this one.

While the mega boosts it's attack to insane levels, it has unnecessary 140 special attack, which you don't really need and it's slower than normal garchomp. These reason make Mega Garchomp WORSE than normal Garchomp. Just screams what the heck

Garchomp is my most favorite Pokemon ever! That dragon/shark combination is so cool. I absolutely love the mega evolution as well. Even though it loses out on a little bit of speed, its stats are fabulous and it makes an excellent sweeper.

Garchomp is a boss and like someone else said if with a jolly nature it has very high attack as well as the new mega evolution it games even more attack and that's why I like Garchomp.

Everyone needs to have a dragon type in their team, who is resistant to fire, water, grass and electric, the most used move types in the games! What are you doing when you challenge an electric dresser without a ground type Pokemon? Definitely, garchomp is all that andthe best, even if it doesn't look that good. All above that, it can Mega Evolve. It's only default? It can't learn Fly...

Now garchomp is one of the only pokemon that should be as high as it is on this list. Its mega is not that good as far as being a phisacll sweeper that it normally is but its normal form is still a huge threat. Once it has a sword dance up it can hit neutral STAB bonus EQ on every thing except flying types and levitate. It can check most fairies with poison jab and stone edge to hit flying types. Because of being a dragon it loses all its ground type weakness and it has immunity electric. It can wall rotom W pretty well and has some good fighting type moves. Crunch to take out psychic types. Over all it has good coverage and resistance making it a great competitive pokemon.

When fully trained garchomp can reach an attack stat of 394 and when you use sword dance at least once it kills everything with outrage or earthquake. It also has only two weaknesses and is pretty fast.

Garchomp is quite simply just my favorite Pokemon. He is fast and strong, learns great moves, has a bad ass dual typing, and is a LAND-SHARK DRAGON-JET! YOU can't JUST MAKE THAT UP WITH OUT YOUR MIND BEING TOUCHED BY GOD HIMSELF! - Daggerback