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Lucario is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Lucario first appeared as a central character in the film Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, and later appeared in the video games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and subsequent sequels, also appearing more.


Lucario can take out most the runners up with his move Dragon Pulse. In platinum, his sp. attack is high enough to level most Dragon based legendary Pokemon. Also the amount of moves he can learn by any means is immense. Also since he is steel fighting, he has an advantage over most fighting types because psychic type is less effective against him. He can also learn psychic which allow one hit KOs on any fighting type. Also did I mention Psychic is a sp. attack? He can also learn most dark type moves and shadow ball. This allows him to fight ghost type with ease. His aura sphere also cannot miss and can flatten dark, rock, steel, and ice type Pokemon. He is a beast. Not to mention he is awesome looking. Just because most of us got female Lucarios from that trainer Riley in Iron Island doesn't mean it's not as powerful. Also he/she has his/her own character in super smash bros brawl. Charizard has to be part of a trio. We all know Charizard's stats suck in all reality. That's my point.

Are you kidding me? This is non-sense! Lucario deserves to be in the top 5! It can withstand against those powerful Dragon-Type moves! Its typing is excellent! To me, this Pokemon plays the best role in my team. It can go very offensive and speedy against those strong Pokemon such as, Tyranitar. It has so many defensive advantages. With Lucario on my team, I was unbeatable against my friend's level.100 Charizard. I'm not lying at all. I PROTEST THAT LUCARIO SHOULD BE ON THE TOP OF THIS LIST!

My lucario is beast! It is very easy to train and I got it from level 1 as a riolu to level 43 as a lucario in 10 battles! It can easily beat my level 50 staraptor and my level 50 azelf! It is truly a beast! I also caught one on Pokemon white and it is so much better than the rest of my Pokemon.

Lucario is the most hardcore pokemon and the coolest. Also he's move pool is huge and he is fast with extreme speed we will almost hit first. He is so balance by stats. Amazing attack, defense, and special. He should be at least in the top ten please!

Lucario as a steel and fighting helps, because steel covers fighting for psychic types. Yet he is slow, he can learn a variety of moves, such as Earthquake, Dragon Pulse and Aura Sphere, most super-effective against s/he. Extreme Speed and Bullet Punch cover up for his speed, and Nasty Plot or Calm Mind sets him up for attacking or special attacking. Aura Sphere is strong and will not miss, so it is better than Magical Leaf, Aerial Ace, and Swift (maybe more). Thus, I assume that Lucario should, and always, be number 1.

Lucario should be at least make him ranked 10 he is awesome pokemon he is a steel and fighting type with gives him good defense and attack and his speed is high and with extreme speed you are very likely to hit first. Also he can learn a large variety of moves

Lucario is an official BADASS and is very useful in a lot of varied situations. My level 72 has an attack of 192 and a spec attack of 194. Not to mention the speed on this Pokemon is 161 which I find quite satisfying

No Pokemon has stood out to me more than lucario. A fighting Pokemon skilled in sensing life energy that can communicate telepathically and has an amazing design. You can't ask for much more. His attack and sp attack stats are amazing and has a good speed stat. With EV training, he can be a boss sweeper. Plus, he has access to some awesome moves like aura sphere, focus blast and flash cannon (which have STAB) and when he mega evolves, his ability changes so that STAB moves go from 1.5 to 2.0 power. That's pretty incredible. He's a great sweeper being able to learn swords dance and extreme speed and to top it of, his name sounds awesome. Lucario is the best

Lucario should be at the top ten because he is a awesome pokemon he learn a huge number of moves he can sense where other pokemon are by there aura his stats are amazing if you need a pokemon to count on get a lucario

Is it some people only care about design? Lucario? Why lucario? It has only 525 total base stats it wasted a lot of stats(u only need one of good physical attack and special attack not both), which makes it very fragile, 70/70/70 is pretty bad defensive stats and 90 speed it not high. 110 and 115 special attack is nice but it doesn't match Pokemons like garchomp(130 attack). Somebody said it is only weak to fire...r u kidding me, it is also weak to ground and fighting, if u don't know how Pokemon works, stop voting. It has a good moveset but because of the low defensive stats and moderate speed, it doesn't make good use of them. Inner focus can be useful but it usually don't have a use. Overall, it is a good Pokemon but it isn't great without mega evolving. (It said lucario not mega lucario). Mega lucario is awesome in the other hand because the new gain attack power and speed and adaptability is a great ability. I found somebody did recommended moves, he forgot nasty plot and swords ...more

You people are lying lucario is the best Pokemon I ever seen battle it has to be at number one so people let's vote for lucario plus when it turned into mega lucario its super awesome - Stozzee

Lucario is my favorite Pokemon ever! He is already part of my life and I love him very much! It's a beast in games and it would have been a really nice and strong partner.

Just watch Lucario and the mystery of mew and you have your answer, he owned all the regi's regice, regigigas, regirock, and registeel all got owned by lucario's aura

Lucario was a favourite to me ever since I got my egg, I loved it and on some games I caught some in luxury balls to keep them comfy. I also liked Riley and his Lucario, it should be seen higher!

He's like a ninja to me. I was wondering why he isn't on the top 10? Maybe better luck for him next time, I may also say he is a little cute to, but I may also say; I'm happy for him...

I love lucario. He brings some sort of nostalgia for me, it being the first Pokemon I ever heard of. His move pool is sweet. Mine knowing aura sphere (his signature) dragon pulse psychic and flash cannon. And his mega is definitely Uber worthy, dragon it's gets killed by ice beam all day

This boss kicks ass. He took down my level 60 gyarados, which had FULL health, with close combat and it was ineffective against the flying type.

I vote lucario only because Machamp isn't on the list, lucario and Machamp were two of the pokemon in my party on pearl and really I never needed anything more than my machamp, but if I saw fit Lucario could easily come in and take care of business just the same.

Gengar and garchomp are strong and all, but not very strong. Lucario is one of the best steel types there is and my favorite.

One thing he is definitely better than garchomp point blank

Lucario is my favorite Pokemon so I've been studying it. The Steel Type counters all of the fighting type weaknesses. However, I like the unique typing but I feel like it should be Psychic Type instead of Steel until Mega Evolution.

Whoever thinks that lucario is bad, doesn't understand true power. It's absolute best move set is: Aura Sphere, Flash Cannon, Psychic and Dark Pulse, and, to make it's power soar insanely, it can MEGA EVOLVE!

Don't need to say anything it is hands down the best moves and it looks cool to if I could have one Pokemon to challenge the world it would be this guy

I have voted for metagross and dragonite two of the most powerful statistical Pokemon ever. Despite this, Lucario is probably able to kill either one with a good trainer and is my favorite Pokemon of all time.

Lucario is a boss. He can learn aura sphere which has great power and always hits. Why is this guy not higher?