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201 Larvesta
202 Trapinch

Don't under estimate trapinch. It took out my Mewtwo, it can learn fissure, dig, earth quake and rock slide. Flygon and trapinch should be better than dragonite

Trapinch can learn fissure. Flygon should be number 1 and trapinch should be number 2.

203 Sawsbuck Sawsbuck

So awesome, love horn leech. It's speedy, and powerful. It's also unique because of its ability to switch looks with the seasons. And why isn't Lucario in top ten? It totally rocks, and Typhlosion too.

Horn Leech and Jump Kick... Need I say more?

204 Cyndaquil Cyndaquil

One of the best starters! and it is cute!

Probably the best starter... it evolves into typhlosion, which is my favorite.

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205 Donphan Donphan

Amazing attach amazing defense teach it earthquake, rollout, giga impact, and protect and you can own triple battles

206 Grumpig Grumpig

Beat Hoenn Elite 4no problem

Ugly - 1507563

207 Charmeleon Charmeleon

Lucario is great, they can learn aura sphere which never misses and does good damage, they look awesome and they are also a favourite of Nintendo, that is why they were included in super smash bros brawl, I have a level 100 lucario that I hatched from an egg, they do great damage and can learn moves like dark pulse to take down ghost and psychic types!

Best ever it evolves into charzard right and if you don't believe me I
TURN YOU INTO A WEAK CHARMANDER is that under stood sweaty pie NOW Get Back To WORK

208 Porygon2 Porygon2

Try and kill it. Just try.

I have never been so satisfied with an Eviolite before. - loomynetty

I used it in a battle agenst mi bro tri-attack twice against his lv 100 empoleon with it only lv 69

209 Butterfree Butterfree V 3 Comments
210 Slowbro Slowbro

To overpowered for you to even comprehend with awesome defense and special attack plus it was givin mega for a reason

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211 Octillery Octillery

Great - 1507563

Octillery is epic, it can practically all moves, Mine is lv 97 and knows Fireblast, surf, icebeam, and charge beam, he instantly became in my ultimate team of 6 along with dragonite, infernape, gengar, rhyperior, and electivire.

212 Seaking Seaking
213 Mamoswine Mamoswine

What wrong with you people Mamoswine is strongest and quite fastest pokemon that's why I put this pokemon on the list you people need think!

He is most powerful ice Pokemon

I had a LV100 SHINY Mamoswine! It defeated everything!

Vote, he's the greatest, I spent my.Master ball on a piloswine it was worth it. It is ground and ice leaving it with a lot of advantages and few weaknesses

214 Buizel Buizel

My buizel helped defeat cynthia along with my staraptor in Pokemon pearl

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215 Combee

Come on guys, have you seen this guys attack. This guy is so powerful, I beat a magikarp, yes a MAGIKARP! With it. Beat that.

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216 Klinklang Klinklang

JUST PLAIN OP... need I say more?

217 Conkelldurr

My favorite fighting Pokemon! Amazing attack stat

218 Lopunny Lopunny

With blessing of the almighty gods of Pokemon in gen VI, they bestowed the gift of mega evolution to this Pokemon based off of Play Boy Bunnies, were she gained the spimplicity of normal types and combative personality of fighting types and an able that makes all ghost typed Pokemon cringe its name is scrappy were normal and fighting moves become effective. So to all fans of Pokemon be aware of the new strength of this beauty queen first runner up of Shinnoh and treat Bunneary with love and kindness from hear on out.

Dumb - 1507563

She's cute and her speed was great! I recommend this Pokemon! You better put a gorgeous and strong Pokemon just like lopunny!
Jump kick
Ice beam/punch
Focus blast

^^^ No give it

High Jump Kick
Drain Punch
Ice Punch

219 Ludicolo Ludicolo

Loca Ludicolo!

Best Hoenn Pokemon EVER!

This wackadoodle weapon will wipe out any Pokemon. plus it has that rain dish ability that will restore a lot of hp along with giga drain, ingrain, leftovers, and aqua ring if it's raining

220 Rotom-Wash

With levitate. Rotom-Wash only has one weakness. And has lots of resist to all Pokemon. Grass types can counter Rotom-Wash easily. However Rotom-Wash knows signal beam and can counter back at grass types.

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