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201 Jynx Jynx

Sure you make jokes but Jynx is super strong, really! Teach it Psychic and make sure it knows Lovely Kiss and a good ice-type move and you're pretty good. Lovely Kiss works way better than Hypnosis, Spore, or any other sleep inducing moves. Get Jynx's speed up and it's unbeatable.

A wild Nicki Minaj appears!


202 Lopunny Lopunny

With blessing of the almighty gods of Pokemon in gen VI, they bestowed the gift of mega evolution to this Pokemon based off of Play Boy Bunnies, were she gained the spimplicity of normal types and combative personality of fighting types and an able that makes all ghost typed Pokemon cringe its name is scrappy were normal and fighting moves become effective. So to all fans of Pokemon be aware of the new strength of this beauty queen first runner up of Shinnoh and treat Bunneary with love and kindness from hear on out.

Dumb - 1507563

She's cute and her speed was great! I recommend this Pokemon! You better put a gorgeous and strong Pokemon just like lopunny!
Jump kick
Ice beam/punch
Focus blast

^^^ No give it

High Jump Kick
Drain Punch
Ice Punch

203 Ludicolo Ludicolo

Loca Ludicolo!

Best Hoenn Pokemon EVER!

This wackadoodle weapon will wipe out any Pokemon. plus it has that rain dish ability that will restore a lot of hp along with giga drain, ingrain, leftovers, and aqua ring if it's raining

204 Rotom-Wash

With levitate. Rotom-Wash only has one weakness. And has lots of resist to all Pokemon. Grass types can counter Rotom-Wash easily. However Rotom-Wash knows signal beam and can counter back at grass types.

205 Forretress Forretress

COME ON PEOPLE he has awesome defense and the only type that is supereffective on him is fire by 4 but whot cares! The rest types are fust half or 1 damage to him plus his speed is bad and by learnind gyro ball he will kick ass! And lastly you should also teach him revenge and a rock type moce and bug bite or some bug move.

206 Arbok Arbok

Wrecks face its uber strong my arbok wrecks face

Coil, gunk shot, earthquake, crunch. yikes! Look out. this cobra kills

Brother Arbok, why so low on the list? maybe doesn't have the greatest stats. He does have a really cool design and ekans was my first shiny. he's now a level 80 golden beast.

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207 Mega Gengar Mega Gengar

Shiny mega gengar now looks like a real ghost

It has a freiking ring yo

208 Kingler Kingler V 1 Comment
209 Victini Victini

Mythical Pokemon are a sub-category of legendary

It is cute and totes strong! (i am not a teen! )

It's not a legendary! It's a mythical! Same with Celebi, Azelf, Melsprit, Uxie, and Jirachi! (maybe even mew too! ) No, not Mewtwo, Mew.

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210 Mega Pinsir

Mega pin sir definotely needed the mega especially because it's a bug type and really well known in the anime.

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211 Muk Muk

Its made of sludge, which I heard was decomposing poop. That's just nasty.

Frst substitute then spam minimize then screech finally gunk shot

Down with the Bellsprout. Like if ya know what I'm talking about

212 Magcargo Magcargo

This Pokemon is almost twice as hot as the surface of the sun. Without even attacking he should kill everyone
In a 5-mile radius.

213 Lanturn Lanturn

With stockpile he/she can take hits from anything lanturn is by far my favourite Pokemon.

214 Mega Salamence

Mega Salamence is the best and truly the strongest non legendary Pokemon. It has extreme attack and speed. It's ability intimidate makes up for it's just slightly above average defense. Moves dragon rush, airiel ace, extreme speed and dragon dance this Pokemon is invincible and one shots almost anything. It has the highest base stat possible for a non-legendary non-mystical of 700.

It's like Salamence, only better.

Normal salamece is ahead of mega salamence


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215 Yanmega Yanmega

I dominate in 1v1 with this thing

He's awesome

216 Bulbasaur Bulbasaur Bulbasaur, known as Fushigidane in Japan, is the first Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Strongest starter Pokemon without evolution


He is best

It the first ever Pokémon! I'm a genwunner and I'm proud of it!

217 Venustoise V 1 Comment
218 Dedenne Dedenne


Cute - 1507563

219 Cloyster Cloyster

Cloyster has the one of the best defense in all the Pokemon games not to mention it isa a dual ice type Pokemon making it a strong opponent to beat

Cloyster is a monster in UU with shell smash, skill link as an ability, the focus sash as an item, and ice spear. It's so OP that it's my main Pokemon for pokemonshowdown.

220 Furfrou Furfrou V 1 Comment
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