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21 Infernape Infernape

I don't believe it, why is Infernape the 70th strongest, and Sableye is 68th?
Infernape is way stronger than Sableye.

INFERNAPE IS THE BEST! With some of the best attack and speed stats, it is the go-to pokemon especially as a finisher. With an overheat, earthquake, close combat or thunderpunch it can wrap up a battle even in the worst of situations.

Infernape has got me out of so many situations where I am about to loose such as the elite four and when I'm facing a legendary he is the best to get there health super low and then it can take a few hits and you can keep on throwing ultra balls at that legendary because you have the rest of your team to tank all of its hits.

It's a boss pokemon that no one would bother messing around with! Deserves to be much higher up on the list!

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22 Aggron Aggron

Aggron is a powerhouse of a Pokemon, it isn't very fast but with all that attacking power, its sure to make up for it! Aggron is heavy, so moves like grass knot may be problematic but there is a solution! Aggron can learn Automize (Body Purge) which decreases its weight by 100. With the combination of steel and rock, it makes for very few weaknesses and 10 resistances. Plus having 180 base defense isn't too shabby. It could also have sturdy or rock head- two really good abilities! Aggron can learn Metal Burst which sends any attack that does damage back at them 1.5x harder! So aggron needs more votes, come on just face the facts. He rocks. Get it Rocks - Swaggy11

Aggron is amazing! His only weakness that you need to worry about is the fighting type disadvantage. And to counter that all you need is sturdy and metal burst. To cover his water weakness teach him thunder punch. To fight off ground types use ice punch which also covers tough dragons. Iron head is also a great stab move this set will dominate anyone who stands in your way. I'd max his special defense and attack and give him an adamant nature and leftovers. His defense is already outstanding but his weakness is special moves (and fighting but I already covered that) so it would be wise beef special defense. I love aggron you can easily sweep the entire game with him. It wouldn't even be a challenge. Everyone trembles under aggrons impressive strength and those who attack him don't even leave a scratch. In my opinion aggron is a boss, he is my # 1 and will allways be # 1.

I voted for aggron as it can cover its weaknesses by itself!
Its biggest weaknesses are ground and water, and it learns surf and thunder!

He's my boi why is he 22 that is bull

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23 Swampert Swampert

The very best! He has only 1 weakness: grass, but that's what icebeam is for.

One problem with the whole ice beam thing. Swampert is incredibly slow. He would be down before he could strike. - oof

Why isn't he any where near top ten he has one weakness grass and you can cover that with ice beam or any other ice type move. Plus he looks awesome too

Swampert is the best! Blaziken and sceptile is not as strong as this Pokemon because he is very defensive but also strikes hard.

Swampert is VERY slow. Blaziken would easily out speed and go for the kill. "Well blaziken is a fire type, swampert can one shot him! " you might say. Well, blaziken can learn high jump kick, and even swords dance. Blaziken can set up and then sweep a whole team. Sure, blaziken wouldn't be able to set up, but he can possibly take out swampert with high jump kick or something. And sceptile is way faster. Sure, he is only in NU, but he can take him down with a grass type move. - oof

I seriously think it should be better than blastoise in this list. oh genwunners how angry you make me...

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24 Spiritomb Spiritomb

My level 9 spirit tomb killed my friends level 49 slowpoke

I have no idea why this wasn't added yet, yet sableye was, this thing is basically just a much better version then sableye.

Spiritomb is a good Pokemon to have because it has no weakness it learns some pretty si-yack moves and it was super hard to get but when you get it it is worth it knowing it's probs the hardest non legend to get

He is boss like his shiney

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25 Sceptile Sceptile

It only took a leaf blade to crush wallace and his school of fish. One time my sceptile ruined winona, who has a big advantage over me. Also sceptile can learn dragon claw and toxic, making him one of the best special sweepers of all time.

I like sceptile because of its speed. It is amazing to see him fighting.

One of the best Pokemon and is a great starter. Also is the fastest starter Pokemon overall. My Sceptile managed to knock out a Dexoys in one hit with a single Leaf Blade. It is a great Pokemon overall and I do not understand how it is so low down. My other votes would of gone to Arcanine, Poliwrath or Gyarados.

Sceptile is so fast and it defeated a darkrai

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26 Empoleon Empoleon Empoleon is a large, navy blue, penguin-like Pokémon. It has a wide, yellow beak with three pointed horns that form a trident-shaped crest and small, blue eyes. Large horns are a symbol of leadership and strength for Empoleon. There is a blue marking resembling a crown over its eyes and a white, lacy more.

I have both pearl and diamond and in both games I chose piplup as my starter. I chose piplup because it's a balanced pokemon. Torterra has higher defense, Infernape has higher attack but Empoleon has balanced stats and one of the highest in the entire game. It can learn avalanche and ice beam which can KO Champion Cynthias Garchomp in one hit! That's good because Empoleon is weak against it's earthquake. It can beat Infernape easily and Torterra just as well because it's also partly ground. Empoleon's moves are beast unlike other water types. It's also good for becoming an HM slave but only for good moves like waterfall, surf or rock climb. For my opinion I would choose Empoleon as the best non-legendary pokemon or at least in the top 10. Last but not least it can beat electric types with a fighting chance, thunder can KO Empoleon in 2 or 3 hits unlike other water type pokemon, that's what makes it so special. Surf or ice beam could then with a chance take out the elctric type ...more

I have an empoleon and it could beat an arceus and for me is the strongst pokemon ever it can also beat a tyranitar! I only used empoleon for the whole elite 4 and champion and it won almost so easily against all pokemon it ever batled with! I would die if I don't have empoleon!

Are you kidding? Empoleon is easily the strongest Non-Legndary Pokémon I've ever encountered, aside from maybe Garchomp and Salamence. His defenses are very decent and can stand up to Darmanitan's Hammer Arm, Haxorus's Earthquake, or even a STAB close combat from Infernape. In addition, its Special Attack is higher than any starter Pokemon ever. Empoleon should at least be in the top ten, and anyone who thinks otherwise should look at the facts. Plus, it can easily sweep Charizard, the so called most powerful starter. Anyone who can seriously disagree on that is probably a nostalgia-nerd.

Good movepool, good type, a good amount of viable playstyles involving Empoleon and so on. I bet it can be useful in Ubers on some sort of level (that other starters can only dream of being on).

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27 Aegislash Aegislash Aegislash is a fictional creature in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in Gen 6, it is a Steel/Ghost Pokemon. It is the evolved form of Doublade, and the final evolve form of Honedge. Classified as the Royal Sword Pokemon, it is said to detect innate qualities of leadership. According to legend, anyone more.

Aegishslash is the best. Aegislash is incredibly powerful and is by far one of the best Pokemon I know. Aegislash deserves to be number one! He could easily destroy Dragonite any day. Aegislash can learn an awesome combination of moves that that can send Pokemon flying sky high. When Aegislash learns Sacred Sword, Shadow Sneak, King's Shield and Swords Dance he becomes invincible. So in conclusion, you don't want to mess around with a badass Pokemon like Aegislsash because it will be the last thing your eyes will ever see.

The whole Aegislash strategy is so predictable. I was literally able to take one down with a Charizard. - oof

This thing is beast with 150 attack and special attack stats

Kings shield transformation and battle forms/stance, impenetrable.


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28 Mega Lucario

Mega lucario is so cool! It makes dragonite look like a wimp!
If you throw a stone at dragonite it will go running away, crying to his mommy! If you throw a boulder at mega
Lucario he won't even flinch! Curse you haters!

I like mega lucario but I also like dragonite. The look is not really the best but it has adaptability which makes fighting type move beat ass!

Mega lucario is way better than lucario it can beat blaziken probably

Forget Dragonite. Forget Charizard. Lucario is number one. Dragons can go die. We have Lucario

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29 Snorlax Snorlax

Snorlax should be way higher on this list! He can learn almost any tm or hm, his hp and attack are really high, and his abilities are good too! SCREW DRAGONITE, TYRANITAR, GO WITH SNORLAX! 1!

Snorlax should be higher, because his attacks can be great as a what I call a "relief Pokemon" where it can hold off a long time in battle, this dude should be higher

Snorlax is the best, he has good defense, great attack and can learn almost every move

Snorlax should be way higher then he is. He can learn almost every move. His Hp and Attack stats are out of this world. Not to mention that defense. The only thing bad about Snorlax is that his speed isn't high. Snorlax definitely should be in the top ten.

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30 Mega Garchomp

Why is MEGA garchomp below normal garchomp

How the earth is he on 60th number haven't anyone seen cynthia's garchomp... He is normal and can take on whole elite 4 alone.

His speed is lower than normal Garchomp

Uhhh. No. Garchomp is better than Mega Garchomp. It's meant to be a fast pokémon, yet loses a ton of speed. No thanks. - ducksfan24

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31 Krookodile

Very good pokemon! They evolve from Krokorok! And Krokorok evolve from Sandile... Him strongest attack vs ground-pokemons= earthquake... I self have him double, and you can trade him from me!

This guy is so powerful he knew hit charizard and two hit dragonite (not super effective and not effective)

Moxie and it's move pool makes this guy the biggest threat

Krookodile doesn't have any sp. Attack move wich makes him super op if he's adamant + he can learn outrage wich is one of my favorite moves

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32 Ditto Ditto Ditto is a character from Pokemon. It's a normal type Pokemon that has the ability to shape shifter into anything. It's weakness is fighting type Pokemon and is a gender less Pokemon.

It is not just Ditto, it COULD be ANY of the pokemon above! And it can even turn into legendaries!

Useful if you want pokemon eggs, too.


Wow I don't why you didn't vote 4 Ditto because Ditto IS Dragonite it can use transform and transform into ANY pokemon so Ditto is everyone's fave cus it can transform into their fave

Why the chocolate isn't ditto number one?!?! He is mew and muk all mixed up! Plus mew is a legendary and the strongest Pokemon of all! And whoever added this Pokemon is awesome because as I already mentioned ditto should be número UNO. Why do some peeps just not know their Pokemon.

Ditto can turn into any of the pokemon on the top list

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33 Eelektross Eelektross

Okay I'm going to lay this down loud and clear:Eelektross is honestly my favorite Pokemon so it's clear for me to think it's the strongest non legendary Pokemon. But I do have my own for that. Lets start with the first, no derect weakness. By derect I mean unless you have something like gravity or mold breaker it doesn't, Kinda like rotom-wash... Then there's the point of a strong Pokemon, the stats. And let me tell you something the stats are fantastic. It has 115 attack and 105 sp attack for starters meaning it can go both sides of stuff like thunder punch drain punch fire punch or something like giga drain discharge and flamethrower do make it completely unpredictable. Then there's the defenses and health which is a balanced 85/80/80 which means it can be a tank because not only does it have good attack stats, it can take hits as well. Its move set is the best part of Eelektross having a great list of moves to choose from. Yes I know this is pretty long but I'm trying to show how ...more

Still my favorite to this day, even since I wrote that paragraph. And I love how the competitive people say you can use mold breaker or gravity or soemthing. Despite that thou, I see people daily using earthquake on it without those thing, IN Pokemon SHOWDOWN. So you don't have to worry much about it's levitate dying out. Keep loving this Pokemon. Still stand by everything I said on that large pile of text where the first line is "Okay I'm going to lay this down loud and clear". Also I would like to add he has 3 recovery moves, rest, giga drain, and drain punch, and if you run into a Chaney. Use drain punch and have a blast.

Very Underrated. First of all, it has no weaknesses due to a great ability; Levitate. I taught mine Flamethrower, Giga Drain, Thunderbolt, and Volt Switch. All that can stop this thing are Dragons, which can be beat with a good Fairy type or Ice move.

He is Zeus's pet fish

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34 Samurott Samurott

It's epic and oshawott is cute so bonus while trying to evolve

Samurott at number 73? More like number 1! Come on, it can kick even arceus's arse in one blow.

Samurott is the boss and my favorite starter ever, blastoise and greninja aside. Samurott must have one of the best evolution lines ever from cute to swag to epic! And if I had a real life Samurott I will never EVER take my yes off of it!

Personally this guy meant a lot to me as my first Pokemon, but I really gives a kick further in the game.

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35 Zoroark Zoroark

Zoroark can beat the crap out of all of the other pokemon because he beated entei raiku and suicune big time with a couple of night dazes! He can especially beat lucario with focus blast and flamethrower. HE IS THE STRONGEST DARK TYPE POKEMON!

I can kick all pokemon with my zoroark! It is my main pokemon in all battles easily in the top ten!

I beat the entire elite four with JUST my zoroark, literally, I had no other pokemon in my party!

OK,this is the girl who voted aegislash and said I would vote for this pokemon.Now I have the chance,I can say.IT CAN TURN INTO MEWTWO! ENOUGH SAID! I love this little illusion fox.Good nickname for a female.Trixie or Lulamoon after Trixie Lulamoon from My little pony

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36 Gallade Gallade

Come on guys, you can't touch a psychic fighting Pokemon. It can out speed almost anything and it can take out a dark Pokemon with one focus blast.

and ho the heck did articuno get on the list?!

65? Nope. This is easily a top 20. He's a beast, just not getting the love cause he's a little tricky to raise.

Alright, this is a psychic- fighting type Pokemon, who's also a sweeper, and has amazing speed stats. Did I mention he has more resistances than most of the Pokemon on this list? Not to mention his move set is amazing if used right. Why do you think they made it so hard to get him?


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37 Scizor Scizor

Bug and Steel type = incredible
Scizor was on my ultimate team has some of the craziest attack out there. Literally his attack was 5 pts. Behind blastoise and rayquaza. Also scizor was 15 lvls behind them just saying scizor is a badass

It could have been one of d best if not for d massive decrease in speed following evolution. Honestly a base speed of around 130 would have made this Pokemon killer.

His only weakness is Fire types. Plus it looks cool and is crazy fast. This is why I think Scizor is a badass.

He's four times weak tO fire

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38 Espeon Espeon

First of all, Espeon looks cool. It also has one of the highest special attack stats in the games. (12 on Serebii) Also, with morning sun, Espeon can be sustained for an extremely long time.

What! Espeon is the single most best Pokemon in the game! It can learn grat moves like shadow ball, psychic and with morning sun, it can last seemingly forever. this should be #1 or 2

Look espeon is so awesome I just love him he is so good I used him in sapphire and in black 2 espeon is just on of the best psychic type Pokemon

WHY IS SHE At #38?!?!?

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39 Staraptor Staraptor

Most powerful bird Pokemon EVER, my magmortar couldn't beat Cynthia's milotic with sunny day and solar beam combo when the Molotov used no water moves! I sent in my staraptor and it did more damage with one not super effective brave bird move than my mag mortar managed to do with. 5 solarbeams! It may have a weak defense but it's speed plus attack power means it doesn't need to have a high defense as the opponent is dead straight away, as well as being able to learn moves like close combat it's strong against its weakness

By far the most powerful of the bird pokemon, it has a great move pool and is a good addition to any team.

Total boss, no doubt about it! When I first got Pokemon diamond, I beat Dialga with Staraptor only using fly two times, not to mention Dialga being a steel type and having jacked-up defense! I beat the elite four just using Staraptor and torterra!
Come on, you can't put this guy down!

Even against rock, steel and ice (ones flying are weak against) Staraptor can one hit K.O. With close combat. Plus he looks cool.

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40 Gigalith Gigalith

He's so cool looks awesome and can destroy any Pokemon

Gigalith is like the stronger version of golem, higher attack and defense, and acsess to all the same moves.


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