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I LOVE Tyranitar. He is one of my top ten favorite Pokemon ever. Although my favorite is Arcanine, and would be in this top ten and is definitely the absolute best non legendary fire type, it still doesn't add up to this beast. No, it's speed is not great, no it's type choices are not very good. Everything else is legendary quality. What made me put vote him is the fact that both defenses are extremely high and has 100 base stat and that's the most out of each defense than any other 600 total stat non legendary Pokemon (Salamence, Garchomp, even the almighty Dragonite, etc. ) Pokemon need this statistic to keep balance within attack that has each quality. And off subject, but please vote Goodra a little more, because it is a total disaster if not careful with.

Tyranitar is a pseudo-legendary, making it pretty OP, but it has SEVEN weaknesses, Fighting does 4x, and if this thing was hit with Close Combat with a Mega Lucario, well, let me just say:
Close Combat is an 120 power move, super effective 4x makes the power 480, it won't miss unless an accuracy lowering move is used on Lucario, or if Tyranitar had its evasiveness risen, add some STAB power to the move and if Lucario had used a couple of Swords Dances then the power would be close to SIX HUNDRED, along with the fact Tyranitar has 7 weaknesses counting Fighting, any super effective powerful move will take this guy down pretty easy, even in mega form, and also, Tyranitars speed isn't amazing or anything either, so it doesn't have a chance to use a good move before it is taken down

Tyranitar is too much overpowered. It can take out any pokemon even its disadvantages. People thinks about Big-T was that this pokemon has too much weaknesses but this people doesn't know what they're talking about. Strategy is the answer, but anyways this pokemon is the best...

he has one of the widest movepools and his stats are all awesome. His worst stat is speed ( base speed : 61 ) and thats really bad but you can easely make him really fast with choice scarf, dragon dance, etc. Well in my opinion tyranitar is the strongest pokemon and maybe a little overpowered but lol he is one of the 6 strongest non legendary pokemon so yes I think he should be :P

Tyranitar is by far the strongest pokemon. It hp is high, it's defense and special defense is even better, it's sand stream is annoying AND it increases his special defense even further! This thing hits like a tank, and it could easily sweep. He might have quite a few weaknesses, but who cares when this thing will literally take STAB super effective hits as if they were nothing! Plus, with its mega evolution, his defense and special defense increase even more and his attack becomes sky high! I think he deserves to be at least in the top 3

It is of many types
He is a big and heavy pokemon
He is most strongest non-legendary pokemon
His rock attacks can easily defeat to charizard
If he got some then he will be angry
He is so power full that he can defeat any non-legendary pokemon

Oh please, everyone saying Pokemon easily defeating mewtwo, well my tyranitar is invincible and can take 3 mewtwo's on. Tyranitar can learn stone edge, earthquake, crunch and lots more powerful moves! My main Pokemon is tyranitar. Add tyranitar to lucario and dragonite you can pretty much take on any legendary! GO TYRANITAR!

One of the best Pokemon to have in competitive battling, his ability topped with his monstrous attack make him a force to be reckoned with. Not only is he an excellent support but a good sweeper as well.

Both Tyranitar and Dragonite have a total stat maximum of 600. However, I found (from using both for several years) that Tyranitar's 600 is distributed much more effectively. For example, take Tyranitar's max HP of 403 versus Dragonite's 386 combined with their equal maximum of 403 in Attack. Dragonite's only reason for being better than Tyranitar were its Speed and its typing, the latter of which has been made far less useful now that Fairy types have changed the playing field.

A great move pool with a base stat total of 600. Thing is, his ability Sand Stream basically ups his special defenses and gives him a base total of 650; better than any pseudo legendary! Get Charizard out of here with his tiny 534 base stat total, haha! All Tyranitar has to do is throw a pebble at Charizard to take it out.

He is unbeatable in battle. Even his weakness hardly effects him with his defense and he has good attack to go along with it too. I have a dragonite but I like my tyranitar much more.

Tyranitar is a great Pokemon. Honestly, Charizard shouldn't be on this list. Compared to other lists, people were rather smart on this one. Tyranitar is bulky, with great defense and attack, and can withstand a lot of powerful blows. Vote Tyranitar! He is the one who should really get some respect here!

Let's see...

Insanely high attack with Stone Edge, Earthquake, and Crunch? Check. Sandstorm to increase Special Defense? Check. Only real weakness is a type that pretty much sucks? Check.

How the hell is Charizard above this thing?

Can learn the most moves of the Psedou Legendaries and has one of the highest base stats-tying with Dragonite, Metagross, etc. But, again, has the most moves.

Tyranitar is very strong and can learn a great variety of moves by breeding. It isn't hard to get a Tyranitar strong enough to win against any legendary pokemon without problems. TYRANITAR IS THE BEST!

An absolute symbol of complete Bad-assery in the Pokemon world. Amazing stats (Equal with Dragonites if added up) and I believe better than Dragonite.

With it's awesome stats and Sand Stream, it raises it Special Defense since it's a Rock type. Tyranitar can defeat every enemy with Stine Edge, Earthquake and Crunch! Plus, this guy was based on Godzilla! How awesome is that?

A complete tank. Totally unstoppable only a handful of Pokemon legendary or not stand a chance.

My all time favorite pokemon. It's basically a tank that can learn a large variety of moves and utilize many strategies, making me nearly pee myself when I see my opponent has one.

Tyranitar is like a beast and he can kill a legendary Pokemon. When I went to clear the champion tyranitar totally ran a hole through each and every Pokemon the champion had.

I have a male level 100 male Tyranitar in Soulsilver it kicks butt seriously when I was battling the elite four one time it killed every Pokemon really!

my favorite dark pokemon... its true that it is strongest because it is one of the first batch of dark type pokemons... it is most useful in my dark pokemon team...

For me, tyranitar has always been my go to guy. His power outstrips most other Pokemon and he is able to learn a large variety of moves. Max out his attack stat and he will one hit pretty much everything.

Tyranitar is my favorites Pokemon and very powerful it can take out many other pseudo legendary like dragonite or salamence with a rock type move and can take out electric types with earthquake

Tyranitar can do everything, whether it is to take hits, attack or support he can do it all and do it great. No Pokemon has ever had as much influence in competitive battling like Tyranitar, just none.