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1 Shanks Shanks

Overall. Haki user is more powerful than fruit eaters. Because they don't have weakness even if it's under water fight.

He is beastly, if I saw Shanks in an ally, I would run.

Strongest of the yonko

For me shanks is the greatest and strongest

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2 Gol D. Roger

I din't really get this. He has'nt really show his power. But, being able to be pirate king, he must have to be strong.

I don't know how is he the strongest but I predict he is because he became the pirate king and if he did he beaten almost every single pirate that's he's enemy in his way.

We may not have seen him throughout the anime, we know that he was able to earn the respect of Whitebeard (even though they were sort of enemies) and he was never caught by the marines, instead HE TURNED HIMSELF IN (because he was pretty much a dead man anyways because of the mysterious disease that he caught) but all in all, Roger was basically a mortal god among men

Gol D Roger should be at the top... He is a pirate king and someone like shanks was just his apprentice

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3 Monkey D. Dragon

He is luffy's father and even has a strong and famous marine as his father! He can even control the weather! What else is there to say? He is opposing the world government so he has to be super strong rite? He should be on par with gol d roger if they ever fought!

He has the secret power of dragon in him so he most be super stronger than they have giving him out to be.

If dragon is opposed to world govt then he knows the true history... So obviously he is as strong as gold d roger... Hence he should share top spot

Ancient Weapon Uranus is the main power of dragon to easily defeat Rayleigh, Shanks and the other yonkos

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4 Edward Newgate (Whitebeard)

Gu ra ra ra ra!

Literally worlds strongest man; he was one of the few people able to compete with the pirate king himself! Has to be the strongest in One Piece!

Whitebeard is the most powerful one piece character because he can punch air that can make crack that can make earthquake and tsunami and only person who can fight Gol D. Roger with draw result.

Dud ist Whitebeard he is the stongest at all... or was

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5 Monkey D. Garp

Garp was able to go toe to toe against GOLD ROGER, Garp should be way higher on this list, JUST FOR THIS REASON

I think garp should be number one because when they were fighting Shiki, the Marines were more concerned about getting garp out the area than fighting Shiki and also when Marco fought all three admirals he was on par but one punch from garp and that was it.

He is really strong and if Sengoku wouldn't have stopped him in the war, aka inu would have been dead

Garp can punch logia with out haki

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6 Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard)

Are you kidding me?

He wouldn't be a good opponent even for nami?

You serious?

He has incredible strength even without his Devil fruit abilitys

Think Before you Talk

He can absorb the Power of Devil fruit Users

Shanks doesn't Even have any devil fruit Power so the

"Yami Yami No Mi" doesn't effect on him but still he could damage shanks like that and he nearly broke ace's neck with just one hit

He also Punched whitebeard away from floor with just one blow

Blackbeard has full of weakness newgate said but still he is the one who put a scar on shanks left eye "ON GUARD" not "OFF GUARD" so still we cannot underestimate blackbeard

Having 2 Devil Fruit Powers and stopping devil fruit powers. the power to destroy the world and the other power to dissipate anything makes him overpowered

He beat edward

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7 Monkey D. Luffy Monkey D. Luffy Monkey D. "Straw Hat" Luffy is a fictional character and the protagonist of the One Piece manga franchise created by Eiichiro Oda.

As luffy is the main character he is bound to surpass all other characters. he has a lot of expectations from his family crew and himself. he can do any thing he wants cause he's awesome. Kind of reminds me of Naruto or Natsu

Well we all know at the end who will be the pirate king I want his final battle to be with the garp shanks or fleet admiral

Well, I know this is quite usual because he is the main protagonist... But I just love his Devil Fruit Ability because it is Paramecia, not as strong as Logia but it could be more powerful than that because he is so creative in using it... He's a good competitor in the One Piece Universe and a threat to the world according to Akainu, the other one being Ace.

He is like Roger in many ways according to many! And funny too!

He is like Natsu but with out the dick

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8 Sengoku

The hell? He is THE ADMIRAL. He is should be on top 5, are you stupid or something

Because of he's name sengoku same as son Goku that why

I don't even know why he isn't here. He is FLEET ADMIRAL for gods sake


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9 Dark King Rayleigh

He is strong without a devil fruit

Even kizaru admitted that rayleigh was pretty strong even though he was that old. Also rayleigh is described in the series as being 100 times stronger than the eleven supernovas

Any man who stood beside the pirate king and served as his vice captain is instantly awesome in my book

He should've been in the top 3. Gol D. Roger right hand man could easy beat these marine admirals.

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10 Kaido

Kaido is op he might be immortal he's the most powerful creature and is said to match white beard or even be stronger

In one on one fight always bet on Kaido

Kaido is said to be strong enough to fight Whitebeard and can jump from a sky island... Maybe even immortal

Kaido had lost 17 times captured 40 times he can't be in the top 10 he must be top 15

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? Katakuri

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11 Shiki

He have gravity devil fruit he can make whatever things he touch fly unless human and animal

The rival of roger and white bearb he fighted sengoku and garp at the same time during 3 days


12 Dracule Mihawk Dracule Mihawk

He is the one of the only characters who has never been injured even ONCE

If anyone has to fight hawk eyes, they can't tell him not to use sword because he's a swordsman and the greatest one... Then no one, I said no one will stand a chance against mihawk hawk eyes

We never even saw him using his 100% power, not even 50% of it. When he fought Luffy at Marine Ford, do you guys really think he's gonna kill Luffy? Since he knows Shanks were the one who made Luffy a pirate and all he only did a swing towards Whitebeard but it was deflected by Diamond Jozu. Small parts of the diamonds went off and imagine if Mihawk does more than 100 swings

He is the best swordsmen and was able to go toe to toe with shanks. Defeated and trained Zoro. Also one of the coolest people and is able to defeat 5000 ships leaving one only

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13 Whitebeard

The fact that Zoro is above Whitebeard is beyond me, but anyways Whitebeard is dubbed the strongest man, and rightfully so. Even in his old age, he DESTROYED Marineford, took multiple shots from all three Admirals and just walked it off.

The world's strongest man is rank 14.. Seriously?

Whitebeard was the toughest because he is the only one in op to ever die standing
this is even tougher than zoro taking in all luffy's pain

Stated he's the strongest so I don't know why we're having a discussion. or why I'm here. It's all in your head, zombie, zombie, zombie.

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14 Roronoa Zoro Roronoa Zoro Roronoa Zoro, nicknamed "Pirate Hunter" Zoro, is a fictional character in the One Piece franchise created by Eiichiro Oda.

The reason everyone thinks Luffy is stronger is because they never finished a fight. Luffy's weakness is blades, Zoro's strength is swords. Also, he's basically the Karachi of One Piece, and everyone knows Kakashi is the coolest character ever. Zoro is undoubtedly the strongest, but he's too lazy to go all out. The only times he ever comes close to death is when he was previously injured... but he still WINS. BOOM. Not only that, he fight enemies on par with Luffy, injured, and WINS. DOUBLE-BOOM. He has only ever lost one battle, to Hawk Eye Mihawk. He is obviously the bae. Try to deny it. TRY.

He is undoubtly someone who will be the best swordsman ever. His eyes can prove it. Even he's scary, his smile is kinda cool. His coolness matches with his position as co-captain and swordsman. For some reason, I think Zoro is the strongest crew in SHP. Only due to his unluckiness, he didn't meet the strongest opponent for every arcs.

The only reason why people think luff is stronger is because he's the main character. But he fought people that could kill Luffy, injured. BAM! (this was because he fights people who use blades and Luffy would have a bit of trouble he may not lose though) You think Luffy always picks the correct fight? No, it's Zoro who does

We all saw how he fought Pica. Pica almost man-handled everyone in Dressrosa. And Zoro man-handled that stone mountained sized guy by chopping him to pieces like it was nothing!

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15 Akainu Akainu

Can't believe he's lower than Luffy. In the current stage of the manga/anime, Akainu would roast the Straw Hats, literally. He deserves to be in at least the Top Tens, though I do not like him for killing Ace.

Dude is a monster strongest fighter we have seen for the navy, now head admiral. Hate his absolute justice but at this point in the anime, we haven't fully experienced anyone who can beat him. Old injured Whitebeard nope. Aokiji nope. In the Manga I would put Big Mom as the strongest.

I'm just glad Garp is higher then this fool

Akainu kills every character on this easily lmao. The senselessness of this fandom..

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16 Eneru

Considering his unique devil fruit power, Luffy is the only character with the ability to resist his attacks, but we'll never know if any other character could through shear strength withstand being massively electrocuted or land an attack.

There is so many things eneru can do with his power that would make him invincible think about it he conquered the moon aND IS KING HE doesn't BREATHE OXYGEN? /! YEAH SO MANY THINGS HE CAN DO THE FACT IS LIGHTNING IS THE 2ND FASTEST IN THE SERIES NEXT TO LIGHT AND IT IS SAID THAT THE LIGHTNING FRUIT IS THE MOST POWERFUL FRUIT FOR DESTRUCTION

Eneru should be so much higher he is so under rated luffy was the only who could stop him cause he was rubber.

This guy could beat everyone in luffy's crew and destroy sky island! The only reason why he lost to luffy is because he's rubber. Other people can't even damage him

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17 Garp

He's not a devil fruit eater but he bring down marco down and he is the marine's hero and fight against the king of the pirate and shiki

Stronger than 3 admirals.

Garp is already up top

Garp is the father of Dragon and grandfather of Luffy he went toe to toe with Gold D Roger and Whiteneard for years.

18 Sakazuki (Akainu) V 2 Comments
19 Aokiji

Aokiji I would say is one of the strongest people on this list, he lasted 10 days fighting a guy that was made out of lava while he is ice, so by definition he should've lost. He also could kill nearly all on this list by simply touching them

Aokiji 21? What is this joke... Obviously you don't know the power of this guy.

Why is he so low... I mean I know he isn't the strongest but his devil fruit power is so cool...he should move higher

Yes Aokiji is one of my favorite character n he is so so powerful n I never even saw him using his full power or half power he always uses his very less but he always win he lost with albino but still

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20 Kuzan (Aokiji)

Dude one of the strongest admiral he even take down the straw hat pirates

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