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41 Captain Kidd

My name was Captain Kidd,
As I sailed, as I sailed,
Oh my name was captain kidd,
As I sailed,
My name was captain kidd and gods' laws I did forbid, and so wickedly I did as I sailed

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42 Jinbe

Usopp is very weak but I truley do think he will become a great warrior of the sea.

He was the captain of the sunny pirates, which included Arlong. It was after they split up that Arlong became Captain of his own band of merman. Jinbe isn't a ruthless killer like Arlong though.

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43 Zephyr
44 Rayleigh

Why are names appearing over and over again!

45 Katakuri
46 Issho (Fujitora)
47 Bartholomew Kuma
48 Kuina Kuina

If she were alive, she would likely be more powerful than Zoro and become the World Strongest Swordman. With the massive talent she has portrayed as a kid, I believe that she would have been able to surpass Dracule Mihawk eventually had she not died. - Goku02

She is legit the bomb. Zoro never stood a chance, neither would anyone else.

49 Jack

Jack has a 9 figure bounty. 'nough said. He might not be as strong as Kaido, but he deserves a spot up there with the best of them.

50 Buggy

Strongest character in the series, no arguments.

Buggy is too weak luffy could take put his whole crew with his conquerors haki

He s my favorite character. I know he is weak but his crew is strong now.

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51 Bon Clay

He looks like Jim Carrey from Dumb and Dumber

He is like cool and strong like

52 Yasopp
53 Bartolomeo

He's strong in my opinion and funny

54 Chopper

His demon form could basically kill everyone

Dude, his bounty is 50 beri


55 Coby
56 Brook Brook

Seriously... He is the humming brook! He is also very funny and should be at the top


57 Hatchan

Hatchen is so strong he can own everyone in one piece with his 8 swords style,he should be number one on this list

58 Galdino
59 Eustass Kid

He deserves to be hogher his strength is most probably not too far from luffy and law

He have a super fruit and a pawerfull hake and he be the strongest 10 in one piece me be he can be yoneko because he have a lot of power

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60 Ben Beckman

The main pople from shanks' crew is definitely really strong but since we havemt seen them for longer than 1 min in any episode ot would be better to not even include them because it will confuse things

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