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81 Shirahoshi

If she had conttol over haki and her power she would be top 10 for sure

82 Banchi
83 Kalifa
84 Pica
85 Weak-Hoshi

Will be the strongest in the future. Come on, she can even control the sea kings. She is also one of the three weapons, Posiedon.. And so is going to play a huge part in helping Luffy to become the pirate king in the future..

86 Zeff
87 Hakuba

Can move faster then wind and will catch anyone by suprise, he beat 20+ people of luffy (timeskip colleuem level) with little less then a second inbetween each hit, rebecca was last so she knew to dodge but in a one on one, Hakuba would win against many, blackbeard can't take his fruit (i don't belive he has one) shanks might be able to match his speed but I don't know.

88 Cavendish
89 Kaku
90 Franky Franky

He is a cyborg although he isn't weak luffy had a hard time fighting him I maybe think he is stronger than sanji

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