Strongest PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Characters

The title is long, because the game's name is long. What I think is the strongest Battle Royale character, what do you think?

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1 Kratos

His whips are just too overpowered and level 1 and can be awesome if used correctly but his level 3 oh my god (punny)

Kratos was the number 1 character, but then SONY did an update to the game that made him worse.

Kratos is too overpowered with his repetitive long reaches, he has no weakness to him.

Kratos is very overpowered, but many characters can easily defeat him.

2 Raiden

Raiden is so cool! First of all, his Square attack is very powerful and has an UNSTOPPABLE combo! His Circle attack makes him charge quite far across the screen, and hurts enemies in the way! His Triangle attack is so fast and knocks the opponent down for a couple seconds! His Level 1 is good once you have mastered it, Level 2 same again but level 3 is a guarantee that you will beat the enemies TWICE. Raided is so fast and awesome that he definitely deserves number 1!

He's fast, and he can attack in most of the directions. He's easy to use. I switched from Sackboy to him because Sackboy was slow and couldn't attack below. His level 2 is awesome, with the same power, but less time as his level 3.

Raiden is in my favourite video game, and in that game, he is extremely overpowered, so I'd expect him to be strong in this game too.

I'm just saying sly is not good he's just the cheapest person in the game and he should not even be on this list

3 Sly Cooper

Well, ever try fighting an invisible enemy? Have a pig smash you from nowhere? Or get electrocuted when trying to hit your enemy? Sly Cooper brings people grief with his, well, slyness. His level 2 is OK and his level 3 is fine.

HE IS my favorite video game character I'm glad he got it this far he may not be the best fighter but hey HE IS AWESOME

Sly is the greatest character ever, one, I have played as him since I got the game, great character to start with if you just got the game

I like his invisibility me and my friend like level one he was Nathan and he used the zip line and when he came down I used the pig guy

4 Dante

Combos are hard to get out of, but he can't hit people across the screen. He's fast and his level 3 and 1 are great. His level 1 stretches really far.

Dante is the most over powered character in the game strong attacks and his level 3 can pulverize anyone

Because, he so powerful with his hair changing white to his super move that's awesome

I love the sword-and-guns type of thing

5 Evil Cole MacGrath

Evil Cole is the best!

I recommend him for newbies

6 Nathan Drake

Kick an oil barrel, shoot, machine gun, and some form of martial arts. What else can you ask for? Personally, I don't like his level 1, but he can stall an opponent well.

If we get a PlayStation character in the Super Smash Bros Franchise I would choose this guy
And he is my main in All Stars Battle Royale same with Big Daddy and Heihatchi

I'm the best nathan player redhood099

He deserves 9nth place he a long range n short ranger fighter like come on he can keep the strong character away and frustrate he evasive sble to get out of any jam as usual

7 Sackboy

Sackboy is my personal fave he should be higher guys please vote for the cute creative little stuffed plush!

Cute but deadly! this guy can make his opponents bubble prizes! and
he has a great ending in PS battle royal, and is my favorite game character. remember, this guy can create his own planet on his free time, so that makes him a god-like character.

I mean he has lots of stuff to fight with he can grapple to the guys and he uses a bounce pad to push them back

He is the best I love love him he's the best

8 Sweet Tooth

Why isn't he higher on the list? Sweet Tooth is awesome in the game!

9 Kat

She's speedy. I'm sorry, I really like the fast characters. She can attack people from afar, in different directions, and can bring them to her quickly. Her level 1 can catch unsuspecting people and her level 2 and 3 is okay.

Shes fast and can build ap very very fast and can also combo many moves from any angle and all here supers rock!

A character who literally can hold still nor touch the ground -_- easiest character to you and most op online

Her level 2 is almost impossible to Dodge.

10 Nariko

Slow, can shoot from afar, level two is considerably good. Her level one I can live without, basically a female Kratos. I love her level 3. It's like Kat's except, you can grab people running away and play cat and mouse.

Combos are easy to learn. Easy to get triple kills with level 1. Level 2 is not the greatest but if you proceed to level 3, in a small arena oponents do not stand a chance


The Contenders

11 Big Daddy

This guy should be at least #5 because of his drill attacks and his level 3 special move.

He should be number 1 just thanks to ground pound!

His rush is so powerful you can beats everyone

Love him and I love the actual game

12 Ratchet Ratchet is one of the protagonists of the Ratchet and Clank series developed by insomniac games as a playstation exclusive.

Ratchet may not be the fastest character, but his level 1 2 and 3 kills have the best ranges in the entire game. Because of this, they are so difficult to avoid and escape. He is my favourite character in the game. Dante is my second

His attacks are very powerful too, like his multi strike combo (its quick and powerful), shock ravager uppercut, the warmonger (a rocket launcher and my personal favourite, its very deadly and sends your opponents flying! ) the sonic erruptor (although it take time to charge, its very powerful and blasts opponents to the otherside of the screen) plasma striker rifle (has a really great range) tesla spikes (you can be tactical with these and they also protect you) and buzz blades (they don't do much but they ricochet)
He really is so powerful and very fun character to use! I think people should give Ratchet a try

Ratchets gameplay is quite impressive. He has some pretty powerful moves and his supers are flawless, very effective for multi-kills. However, I think his level 2 can be pretty difficult to pull off at times. But still regardless, Ratchet is a pretty good character. His taunts and costumes are cool as well

Oh Please! Ratchet definitely give these overused noob "S teir" characters a run for their money, his attacks have some of the best ranges in the game. They can't even touch him!

Ratchet must be first!

13 Heihachi Mishima

His level 2 special can clear a whole screen in a matter of seconds, with enough time to do it again when characters respawn! He has my vote!

my best


14 Cole MacGrath Cole MacGrath is a fictional character, who is the main protagonist and player character of the 2009 PlayStation 3 video game inFamous and it's 2011 sequel inFamous 2.

Just the best he's lightning quick

I used to love Nathan Drake... Untill I started to use Cole. He's a great, well rounded character.

15 Spike

Spike does not get enough credit. For one is his use of a little robot can get other opponents when you least suspect it. He also has a great move of throwing an electric ball at enemies temporarily paralyzingly them can be useful for doing combos or using a super. Other useful moves is his net which when charging my will increase in attack power. His first charge releases a monkey which can be helpful. The second charge is humorous when a monkey comes out and lays banana peals. The last charge releases a yeti like monster to attack. If you know how to use it spoke can release a boomerang that can come back. This is helpful when opponents trap you in combos. Last but not least Spike can ' teleport! This puts him in even terms with sly who can teleport and use electricity.

16 Jak

Biggest variety of moves with any character, Jak is one of the hardest characters to master but could well be the most versatile and hardest to beat in the hands of a pro

Nathan can't stop him.

Jak should definitely be higher than sackboy

17 PaRappa

If used correctly, best player in the game

Well because I like how that parappa has a lot of good moves. And I rate the game 10/10 stars.

If used correctly AMAZING. If not used correctly PATHETIC.

I gotta believe

18 Toro Inoue

He has a variety of moves with his different "cosplays" and is a slow but steady generator. Toro can shoot out dumplings, brush people down, and kill them all with a stick. His shooting star creates terror on it's path to earth while crushing the people below. He uses his friend to his advantage, killing whoever he pushes down with his head.

He is the best character in the game he has different styles and attacks with range and close up attacks and if you don't wanna fight go to sleep and gain ap and his attacks are all pretty decent and he is isn't a huge cheat character like some of them

So many different moves to where if used right can make the perfect combos

19 Colonel Radec

best at everything, easy to use, plus the grab is great! (down on right stick) especially hilarious if it's toro, I just have a little trouble with shooting upwards, downwards, and jumping.

He can set up great combos, especially with his level 2
His level 3 almost garentees 2 kills and very strong at long range. At close range, he can use this throw or a variety of attacks to push the enemy back

Triangle and side. Best move

Kills everything

20 Sir Daniel Fortesque

Has some great confirms, he actually takes skill to use unlike Kratos, Dante, and Raiden. Screw those guys. Sir Dan fo life,
I have a Red 58 belt with him and I have a rank 1 Kratos SCREW KRATOS!

21 Zeus

Slow moving, Steady lighting, great level 3. Zeus is not as great as Kratos but he has his own perks, such as having a level 3 that no one can escape from and a stunning move that shocks people into immobility.

Love... Yes he's slow... But unstoppable with his lightning and charge moves...

Zeus should be higher level 3 is awesome!

Zeus his charged attacks are just incredible, with 2 easy hits you get 71 ap!

22 Fat Princess

Fat Princess is one of the best characters in the game. People are obviously turned off from her because, well, she's a fat Princess. GIVE HER A CHANCE!

Fat Princess is the best character! Second is Dante, and third is Big Daddy!

Her level 3 is awesome! You don't have to do the killing lots of bombs come and do it for you!

She's my main and best character

23 Emmett Graves

He can change his primary weapon in the middle of a game... if he has time! That change a lot his gameplay but he cannot keep the 2 others special weapons (Shotgun and sniper) for the rest of a game. He can also put some useful turret.

His levels are pretty cool and level 1 change if he has his shotgun, sniper or normal gun!

He's not cheat and can perform well.

24 Isaac Clarke Isaac Clarke is the main protagonist of the Dead Space franchise as an engineer worker who was a part of the emergency response unit of the USG Killian sent to investigate the USG Ishimura after losing contact with the crew members one of which was Isacc's girlfriend Nicole Brennan, upon their arrival more.

Isaac's level 3 super leaves his opponents unable to move or escape from, his mid-ranged and long-ranged fighting style, and the only taunt that can cause damage.

25 Goku Son Goku (Kakarrot) is the main protagonist in Dragon Ball franchise created by Akira Toriyama in 1984. He has many abilities like, super strength, utilization of ki, flight, teleportation, super speed, enhanced reflexes, and Super Saiyan transformation that increase strength, speed, and durability. more.

Does Goku even go super saiyan on this game

Why is Goku last he should be higher

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