Strongest PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Characters

The title is long, because the game's name is long. What I think is the strongest Battle Royale character, what do you think?

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21 Isaac Clarke Isaac Clarke

Isaac's level 3 super leaves his opponents unable to move or escape from, his mid-ranged and long-ranged fighting style, and the only taunt that can cause damage.

22 Fat Princess

Fat Princess is one of the best characters in the game. People are obviously turned off from her because, well, she's a fat Princess. GIVE HER A CHANCE!

Fat Princess is the best character! Second is Dante, and third is Big Daddy! - SexySiren666

Her level 3 is awesome! You don't have to do the killing lots of bombs come and do it for you!

She's my main and best character - SexySiren666

23 Sir Daniel Fortesque

Has some great confirms, he actually takes skill to use unlike Kratos, Dante, and Raiden. Screw those guys. Sir Dan fo life,
I have a Red 58 belt with him and I have a rank 1 Kratos SCREW KRATOS!

24 Zeus

Slow moving, Steady lighting, great level 3. Zeus is not as great as Kratos but he has his own perks, such as having a level 3 that no one can escape from and a stunning move that shocks people into immobility. - MrCookEE

Love... Yes he's slow... But unstoppable with his lightning and charge moves...

Zeus his charged attacks are just incredible, with 2 easy hits you get 71 ap!

Zeus should be higher level 3 is awesome!

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