Top Ten Strongest Pokemon Types

According to fully evolved total stats, these are it!

The Top Ten

1 Dragon

This type is just a powerful type. It's most victorious moves cost so little to use!

Dragons are very powerful. They are the powerhouses of the Pokemon world before fairy types were introduced. Most of the pseudo legendaries are also dragon types so they really deserve the no. 1 spot.

Dragon is so strong so many awesome dragon Pokemon

Ridiculous how fairies kick dragon ass

2 Fire

Fire will wreck you with its extremely high attack and special attack stats. Besides, fire types can be pretty fast, like mega blaziken and that dope speed boost ability

Fire is the BEST type! Waters are stupid and overrated. I was so mad when somebody put fire on Top Ten Worst Types. My charmeleon is beating Misty senseless.

It may have flaws, but it can outspeed anything and if you see it's moves, most of them are above eighty! Top that you stupid water types!

Better than the rest

3 Psychic

Most of my favorite Pokemon are psychic types! Mew is awesome it can learn moves to counter it's weaknesses, and mewtwo, well... IT'S MEWTWO NEED I SAY MORE?!?! It has a lot of other strong Pokemon too. Psychic is just so awesome!

Mewtwo, Lugia, Deoxys, Mew, Cresselia, Victini, and more are all part psychic types and are some of the most powerful Pokemon ever at this point.

Ugh, Psychic. Psychic is just horrible. It WAS overpowered in Gen 1, but dude. It's 2017. With horrible defensive stats and weaknesses to Dark and Ghost, bye-bye Psychic. I don't mean to spoil the party, but Mewtwo is downright HORRIBLE. Even Bug types are better, as Bug houses Pokemon like Gallisopod, which is a versatile Bug/Water type.

Psychic types are awesome!

4 Steel

The best defensive type and best for being a dual type. 3 weaknesses and 10 resistances. Now that just says everything about it.

One of my favourite types along with psychic, dark, fire, poison, dragon, ghost, electric and fairy. There’s a lot of great steel types including Lucario, Metagross, Aggron, Melmetal, Steelix, Dialgia etc.

The gods of the Pokemon world. Can do anything: defense, offense, special, physical. Plus great pokemon like Lucario and Empoleon (Yes I am a Sinnoh junkie).

Steel pokemon are just different. They can do great things

5 Fighting

SOME beastly Pokemon are fighting like heracross, machamp, lucario and many more!

I like fighting types

Steel should not be up here, make room for these awesome Pokemon please!

It is super effective to almost everything and I had lucario in Pokemon x and it one shoted everything using aura sphere

6 Electric

They are so cute and still powerful

2nd best type

I love it because of raichu

Electric types are the best type of all typings. They hit fast and hard and are the best designed pokemon. Examples of well designed electric type that are fully evolved are Jolteon, Electivire, Galvantula, Luxray, Magnezone, Ampharos, Zapdos, Raikou, Raichu, Zekrom, Manectric, all of the Rotom evolutions, Eelektross, Tapu Koko, Zebstrika, Heliolisk, Thundurus, Vikavolt and Lanturn. That is 24 well designed electric types, including all the rotom forms. I doubt you can name that many fully evolved well designed pokemon of any other type

7 Ice

my favorite. super strong and have super strong pokemon and can be flashy.

I agree but its very underrated and not many people use them

I love ice type Pokemon and my favriate is Glaceon

4x strong against Garchomp, Zygarde, Noivern, Dragonite, etc. The ice typing is the most useful

8 Water

RULES types water is day to have I all types aged been have starters my Allb have they types water love I

They are the best it should be at 1 why it is so down even down than fire what nonsense!

Why is water down here. They are the best type and can easily beat any other Pokemon with the right set of moves. Water Pokemon rule!

Water type Pokemon are the best

9 Ground

Ground is a good all-rounder that is usually overlooked duel types of ground types are a good combo as well as using earthquake against most Pokemon

How is this not number one? They REALLY need a nerf.

With pokemon like Primal Groudon, Zygarde, Mega Camerupt, Mega Garchomp, Mega Swampert, Mega Steelix it is the best overall that is ofther overlooks because of its boring sounding type name.

10 Grass

Grass is actually a pretty poor type.

Bizardvark out

Willy: Hahaaahaha! It's weak to 5 types.
Yakini: Hahaaahahaa! And resisted by 7 types!
Mikky: Hahaaahaha! Beats 3 types!
Adam: Hahaaahahaah! There's only 4 legends that are Grass. Arceus Grass, Shaymin, Celebi, and Virizion!


The Contenders

11 Fairy

Fairies are the best...why? because of following
1. Immunity to dragons
2. Highest sp. Attack stat
3. Supereffective to dark and fighting
4. Can use grass and psychic attacks frequently so poison is countered
5. Fairy/steel is the best dual typing
6. Is weak to poison and steel both of them can be stabbed by single earthquake and introduction of fairy-fire and fairy- ground pokemon would rip poison and steel totally
7. It is literally the best

Fairy should be # 1

Too overpowered. I don't like it; but it's overpowered.

Your not gym leader

12 Rock

Rock isn't too good. Five weaknesses (four of those being common types), few resistances, generally low special defense and most Rock-types are fairly slow (with a few exceptions like Lycanroc).

Look how much defense and attack on Rock pokemons like Golem it has 110 attack and 130 defense, and sudowoodo has 110 defense and 100 attack. Also rhydon have defense 110 and 130 attack...

Rock is weak

13 Flying

Flying is only not very effective against 123 Pokemon out of over 700! That makes it a great offensive type. it also isn't the greatest defensive type since has 3 weaknesses that are common used but if you pair it with another type you give it neutrality to these types so It's not #1 but it should be higher.

You are a nerd

14 Ghost

Why? Why has ghost not been added? It's my favorite type, and plus it has great Pokemon, and they can be really hard to beat!

Ghost type should be either the strongest type, or the second strongest type and fairy first or second.

I like Ghost's to but one Night Slash and... They faint.

They wreck phycic types

15 Dark

Darkrai is the strongest of all dark type pokemon

Your precious Mewtwo is no match for Dark types

The designs are awesome. It should be #1.

Like darkrai it has power to stop pchycic attack

16 Normal

have very few weaknesses, but they aren't flashy but sure do pack a punch

Nope. Normal can't hit anything super-effectively, has no resistances (besides an immunity to Ghost), is weak to a VERY common type, has weak moves, its strongest moves are very impractical (Explosion kills the user while Hyper Beam requires a recharge) and most Normal-types in general have low stats.

I'm only saying this, because the type has only one weakness, and ghost types have no affect, except in some scenarios. Hyper Beam is a Normal Type move, after all!

Giga blast remember

17 Bug

Bugs are worst.

18 Poison

They have a sweet design!

1 word drapion

No the hell thweedd

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