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Darkrai is a legendary Pokemon developed by Game Freak. The only way to get this Pokemon was through two events, only one in the United States.


You know why I love Darkrai?
Not because he's awesome-which he is-but because of his role in the 10th movie.

I was injured, alone and unloved, when a young girl, Alicia was falling from a cliff. Darkrai saved it.
Then he befriended Alicia's descendants. Its one real friend, however, was about to die.
Palkia and Dialga battle, surrounded the whole city in a mystic white veil, where if anyone runs into it, they return to the city.
As the battle continues, Darkrai is suspected, and receives gigantic hate from everyone except Ash, his companions, and his one friend.
The city starts to melt away as the battle commences.
He is determined to save his one friend ever, but when he gets hit by Roar of Time and special rend, he sacrifices himself for the city.
This proves that any being can have a soul, and it makes me want to cry that a being so hated, would save everyone.

Please. Lets have darkrai from number 10 to number 1.

If Darkrai was able to defeat Palkia and Dialga in Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai? , then Darkrai should be stronger than Palkia and Dialga, please vote for Darkrai and at least make him have a higher rank then Palkia and Dialga, please.

Incase you didn't know, Darkrai has the second best special attack and can easily cremate an Arceus. He should easily be in the top 3 Pokemon. No one has him, so they base it off the movie and pay attention to there Pokemon. I mean Rayquaza, better than the second best Pokemon? Now there's a joke.

Darkrai is the strongest and should be at least number 3. First reason is he can take down deoxys in defense form in only one shot. Also he wrecked Dialga AND Palkia. Also in the movie (The Rise of Darkrai) he took SACRIFICED himself just for a city full of people trying to kill him

Darkrai in my opinion is stronger than arceus because first of all, he sacrificed himself just for a city with people hurting him and being mean to him. Second, he could've wrecked Dialga and Palkia but he didn't because dialga and palkia would've collided and teleported the city.

My darkrai absolutely kicks butt. I use dark void and dream eater if they wake up and do some damage restart the cycle and because of dream eater I'm at full health. His ability which slowly drains there health is great incase you can't attack. It's a great Pokemon it's only flaw are Pokemon with insomnia, electric terrain or being one shot which I highly doubt unless the opponent is fighting of fairy

I think darkrai is awesome because Darkrai's dark pulse is massive in damage. Also I think Darkrai is awesome because he is like a ace legendary and strong pokemon. Laugh out loud, like for real man.P.S. wOOH HOO for darkrai. BOOM BOOM.

1) only pokemon that almost died and came back to life (fighting dialga and palkia)
2) Only pokemon to withstand any finishers from the dragon trio
3) Only pokemon that looks AWESOME

I was scrolling down and didn't see darkrai at first, got a little scared but then he was here at number ten. I don't get how he only gets 10th place, even though you can easily wipe someones entire team with only him. Done it to many times, that includes going against arceus who got one shot by mine.

Really OPed if you use Dark Void on the opponent and then spam Dream Eater along with Darkrai's ability - Porcupine

If he's the strongest dark type then surely he should be up there with arceus instead of Mewtwo because clearly darkrai would waste Mewtwo because dark is strong against psychic

The dark beast! With the correct moves he can beat a lot of Pokemons in this list, maybe is not the best one, but has to be between the top 10.

Darkrai is AWESOME! It battled both Palkia and Dialga just to protect a little girl and Alamos Town. Just by itself. But Darkrai didn't give up so easily, and I am moved my its determination. It's a great Pokemon,I teared up at its story.

In the game Darkrai can take out Pokemon twice it's level! Just use Dark void (puts both opponents to sleep! ) then nightmare and they can't do anything about it!

Was is he BARELY in the top ten?!?!?! Although single-type, he is awesome! Seriously, He causes nightmares to come to life and attack the the creature that dreamed it up! If that isn't OP, then I don't know what is.

This nightmarish shadow Pokemon outspeeds a lot of good competitive fighters, and can counter multiple Pokemon. It is a wise choice for triple battles, due to the fact that it can dark void the opponent's entire team if it is in the center. If you face a strong ghost wall like Giratina, use Darkrai.

His dark time attacks has no match and, Darkrai is the only one who knows darkvoid which is most powerful against any of the pokemon if it use with nightmare and dream eater...!

This guy is strong and he pisses me off, too. He always puts my Pokemon to sleep and I can't do anything! -3-. I had Pokemon pearl but it broke so maybe if I get platinum I can get darkrai? I don't know since I didn't complete the pearl game.

Dark Void plus Nightmare and dream eater combined with the bad dreams ability and a ridiculously high speed makes it invincible.

This Pokemon has an absurdly strong att level and can put other Pokemon to sleep and torture them as they sleep. It even stopped dialga and palkia fighting, this is a tough Pokemon

Only Pokemon that can use dark void and suck its enemies into an eternal nightmare. You can't disagree that it's pretty cool. Its able to stop Palkia and Dialga, two of the strongest Pokemon. He is incredibly strong and the epitome of all dark-type Pokemon.

He can do anything he should be in the top ten it was the strongest it also stopped dialga and palkia which are bigger than him

The combo of Dark void and nightmare as well as the bad dreams ability backed up by dream eater make this Pokemon virtually impossible to defeat immediately but also very annoying. For me, this is made even harder to defeat by its crazy speed stat.

Darkrai should be #1 always on my game all he has to do is dark void to put the opponent to sleep and then dream eater to finish the job it us not fair that he is #15 he should be #1 always!

This is The only Poke that my Yveltal, My favorite Pokemon, can't handle. My friend has a hacked one and it just puts my yveltal to sleep with dark void and the eats its dreams. Darkrai Is the Bane of My Existence and the thing of nightmares