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Deoxys is a fictional species of Pokémon from Nintendo's and Game Freak's Pokémon media franchise. Deoxys has four forms, Speed form, Defence form, Attack form, and finally Normal form. Deoxys normally have fights with Rayquaza since they both live in space right outside Earth.


It can have the highest stat in almost every category, and each form allows it to alter said stats to it's advantage. In the Pokemon universe, I would say that Deoxys is most likely the strongest ever discovered. While Mewtwo was created from Mew by man, and Mew created Pokemon on Earth so to speak, Deoxys evolved from an extraterrestrial organism and found it's way to Earth. Arceus even got sealed up in some liquid metal goop in the movie and couldn't do anything. If anything, the only Pokemon that could stand up to Deoxys in matters of stat balance would be Mewtwo and Mew in the Pokemon universe. All other Pokemon would be wise to fear a misunderstood Deoxys, since that was the case in Destiny Deoxys.. and looked what happened to Rayquaza there. No questions asked, Deoxys is the most powerful at it's maximum potential. I'd assume that would be how to properly rate these. When they are at their best.

Deoxys (in my opinion) is the strongest Pokemon after Arceus, as it's one of the fastest (I think is the fastest) Pokemon in speed form and it's attack and special attack are super high in attack form. Sure it has bad defense in the game, but in the movie and manga it can regenerate and create clones of itself. In the manga, Deoxys was crushing Mewtwo, but Mewtwo got lucky. (Read if u don't believe me) Have I mentioned that Deoxys came from outer space! Deoxys should definitely be in the top 5 of strongest Pokemon. And in the games, just give Deoxys a focus sash in attack form and it will pretty much be able to down any Pokemon for sure. Deoxys was also trashing Rayquaza, but Rayquaza got lucky.

I must admit that this guy is pretty cool and strong but, mew can change into ANY Pokemon, while deoxys changes into a few forms. I think that there is a pretty high downgrade, therefore he shouldn't be number 1 because I think mew is better than him.

Not only can it fight off a Rayquaza, but its stats are amazing! Speed form is literally the fastest Pokemon EVER. Defense has got some especially great Defense stats, attack has really good attack. It's even got some great moves too! If it's close to fainting, just use recover! To counter its weakness to Dark types, teach it one of the strong fighting type moves it can learn!

Deoxys is good (in my opinion) because... Look at all those forms! All of the 3 forms are Defense, Attack and... EVEN SPEED! What a lovely Pokemon to make... Also, Deoxys is also better than Rayquaza. What a shock! Deoxys can beat Mewtwo so Deoxys is very good. Deoxys is actually good in movies and cards, but when you see it in the video games he's not really good, so that's a big spoiler alert. Sorry, Rayquazza and Mewtwo... You don't stand a chance when Deoxys comes! (haha deoxys)

Deoxys is powerful because of all it's different forms. Like in attack form it has the highest attack stat of like anything, in defense it has like the highest defense or at least one of. Also it's really hard to get and it can compete with all the like mew, Mewtwo, arceus, dialga, Palkia, which are all the ones regarded as best etc etc

Extremely Powerful, can change its form to raise certain stats (Speed, Attack, Defense) Has a powerful signature move (Psycho boost) and can learn Hyper Beam which does 150 damage. This is just plain amazing, while others say he is op because of his stats. - aarond9010

Umm, I don't get why this isn't #1 because if you actually do some research you would note that in Deoxys' attack form, it LITERALLY has the HIGHEST attack possible out of ANY Pokemon, and in its attack form it also has the HIGHEST sp. Attack, and speed. So therefore you are all idiots who are horrible at decision making...

Deoxys has multiple forms which can allow it to have many roles in a team like being a tank to a set up Pokemon or even a sweeper. Deoxy's versatility makes It a very strong pokemon

Deoxys (unlike everything else on this list) is actually statistically the best pokemon when you look at it's speed form stats compared to every other pokemon. It actually deserves to be first.

In the movie it smashed Rayquaza! It's signature move has 140 damage

He did smash rayquaza in the movie!

IN the game Rayquaza smashed a meteor into pieces and he is perfectly good

Deoxys is pretty darn awesome. It smashed Rayquaza, which is way above it for some reason? It's signature move has 140 damage for pokemon's sakes! It's one of my favorites, and it's an ALIEN!

Deoxys is simply the best pokemon ever.
Arceus may have created the world, but deoxys is an alien, his from another world.
My favorite since first saw him.

Aww come on all you people doesn't know anything! We all know deoxys is the strongest Pokemon ever! He has 3 transformations DEFENSE SPEED and ATTACK! And Mewtwo and mew isn't the strongest for your information. And seriously who would believe that charizard is TOP 6?! He's SO WEAK!


I have seen a video which shows that Deoxys is more powerful than Rayquaza. Why is Rayquaza placed on no. 3 it should be exchanged with Rayquaza. This is my opinion. Thanks...

When I caught deoxys (with a great ball) on pokemon omega-ruby I was so happy cause I was trying to catch it for months (some times I didn't go on pokemon omega-ruby or when I went on it I didn't go to the place where they are) so when I finally caught it I was so happy and when I battled with this alien it was sooo strong

Deoxys Attack and Special Attack are the maximum of all Pokemon: THREE HUNDRED. (300). It also is very good in speed and both defenses. LOOK IT UP IF YOU DON'T KNOW.

Deoxys should have been first just by looking at it is awesome one of my favorite it is so cool when they make cosmic type she will be the first

Not only can Deoxys have different forms it is my favorite legendary pokemon! I love it I know Arceus is pokemon god but I love Deoxys better.

High and special attack, as well as either the 2nd or 1st fastest Pokemon in the game depending on its form. Need strength? Look no further.


Deoxys is good in movies and cards but in the video games he is really week.

Deoxys is actually the 2nd best pokemon in stats. Why are all these pokemon in front of him?

How is this thing not in the top ten? It can have the highest Attack stats, Defense stats, or Speed stats in the game.

The only bad thing about deoxys is its paper defense but it does way too much damage for any Pokemon / beast