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Giratina is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Giratina first appeared in the video games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, but gained prominence in the sister game, Pokémon Platinum, which it was made the mascot of.


First of all, I believe Giratina has a great design overall. It has two forms, along with its own little pocket dimension, giving it an interesting background. As one of the 5 first Pokemon, it has control over antimatter, albeit granted this role by Arceus. It also has resistances granted to it by its Dragon and Ghost types. Its signature move, Shadow Strike, allows it to strike right throw your Protect, Spiky Shield, King's Shield, or whatever other protection you have. This is what makes Giratina my favorite Pokemon.


Giratina was a total BEAST. It knows Destiny Bond! So when he/she/it (I'll call it he by the way) is defeated, the opponent is dead too! Giratina could literally beat anyone. Shadow Force is like a 10x stronger move than Phantom Force, and it can break through all protections! It should be number two or one because, um, Arceus is bit way too strong? Ok, wait. Did you guys realize something terribly good about Giratina. Pikachu, the "BIG BOSS POKEMON" in the anime used Thunderbolt on Giratina and nothing happens. In Arceus and the jewel of life Arceus was screaming in pain and yelling. So Giratina could literally beat Arceus too by simply stealing one of Arceus's plate by Shadow Forcing behind Arceus and take one plate while Arceus isn't paying attention. Oh, so Giratina CAN beat Arceus!

Giratina looks like a beast and is TOTALLY a beast (but not a ultra beast from Sun and Moon). Its is all the evil in one character and he has got TWO different body's and he has got his dimension, the distortion world! What do you want more from this Ghost/Dragon type? (and yes, because it is a Ghost type, it is immune for Fighting and Normal! )

Dragon Pokemons are least affected by water fire and grass moves therefore have the highest resistance. Giratina boasts high stats and is a ghost Pokemon granting immunity to all physical attacks. It can learn many Pokemon move types it can use for its advantage. Come on Dragons are cool cause most special attacks wont budge. Ghost types are immune to physical damage. But them together and that's the ultimate Pokemon!

Giratina should be no. 1. Wanna know why? BECAUSE HE CAN TRAVEL From Dimension to dimension. And he is literally a BEAST. He has shadow force which is pretty much turning invisible for a sudden tackle. Plus he was one of the Pokemon created first by arceus

I think giratina should be number 1 because its tough it can defeat dialga palkia and shaymin. Plus its hp is higher than dialga and palkia. I have a wallpaper showing giratina huge and dialga and palkia like action figures.

Giratina took down dialga like a pushover and could probably do the same to palkia. Hell he could probably take down both of them along with mewtwo because physic types are weak against ghost. And giratina is a ghost dragon type. He is the most powerful ghost type Pokemon to date. Easy

I think giratina palkia dialga are stronger than mewtwo and mew as they were first three pokemon created by arceus and see dialga have power of time he could stop the time and could defeat anyone even mega mewtwo. Palkia have power of space he could destroy whole solar system as it is in space

Giratina is a wall, with typing that can pass a lot of attacks, high defense stats, and the power to change to a more attack based form to sweep a lot of teams, and a monster with life orb or left overs, he is a force to reckon with.

Giratina origin form can overpower literally every other Pokemon. It can learn many powerful moves of different types. And most legends are psychic type giratina can smash them all with shadow force. Giratina has the most HP of all Pokemon. It is my favourite Pokemon along with garchomp.

Giratina can beat dialga and palkia in a fight, even if dialga and palkia were on a team!

Girantina should be number two under arceus, because Girantina was stronger than Dialga and Palkia. Girantina almost Beat Dialga in the Girantina and the sky warrior episode.

A lot of you guys sound ike you're derping, especially the guy who wrote about Kyurem and the people who voted for Charizard. Personally, I believe Arecus is the strongest Pokemon, and that Giratina, Dialga, and Palkia, also known as his FIRST creations and the beings of time, space, and antimatter themselves, should be tied for second, and then maybe Mewtwo. Personally, I've always found Giratina to be slightly stronger than his brethren due to his ability to change forms, but that's my opinion. Anyway, thanks for support and you guys who voted for f#king MEW and CHARIZARD need to shut up and stop smoking on your nostalgia.

I think that it is my favorite but people go for the god Pokemon and to be honest he is a Pokemon that he can go through protective moves

Giratina is not only the distortion world master but when in its Origin Forme, it retains its phenomenal amounts of HP, like any other Pokémon that is in their alternate formes, and it focuses on more offensive moves, and less on the defensive moves. It switches its Attack stats with its Defense stats in its Origin Forme, making it a great powerhouse. It is also a vastly powerful Pokémon that can use these benefits to fit the trainer's focus on attacking.

If we are going by lore and not battle strength it could kill any and all pokemon but arceus by either attacking from the distortion world or dragging them into the distortion world, then killing them.

It's the best it's boss in it's origin form you just can't beat it it would win against an army of Pokemon it would be the second best right after arceus

Its looks really good and his attacks are really strong it should be no 2 (nothing's better than the god of Pokemon ARCEUS

Giratina is the best because he comes form a different dimension which enables him to transform into his organ form

Giratina can disappear in order to dodge any attack. The only reason Giratina lost to Arceus is because Arceus hid behind those life plates.

Giratina rocks it's shadow force can beat anyone it's rocks and every person should have one

It may be weak against ice, dark, dragon, and fairy but this destructive pokemon deserves to be on this list. Way to go Giratina! May Arceus grant more power to this wonderful Ghost/Dragon type

Giratina learns such powerful moves doesn't it learn rock tomb or something and dragon claw, this dragon and ghost type in awesome and it learns tons of moves over 100 attack

Giratina X can use your pokemon against you and kick some serious ass!