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I think kyurem is the strongest can change form and fuse whit Reshiram and Zekrom.

Look here, the Kyurem is original piece of the legendary Pokemon that has created the Unova region, so this Pokemon actually has a lots of potential...

If any of you played Pokemon black and white 2, it actually have more stuff about this, but the Kyurem, Reshiram, Zekrom were one Pokemon, and Kyurem is basically the middle piece

If you fuse those three Pokemon, dude, that would be like, stronger than all the arceus put together!

I wish you can fuse them all together. But not mushing then into a ball.

It is a really cool Pokemon. It has many kinds of cool attacks like glaciate and Dragon pulse. IT can even fuse with zekrom or reshiram to make it BLACK/WHITE KYUREM AND CAN USE THE MOVE CALLED FREEZE SHOCK/BLACK KYUREM ICE BURN/WHITE KYUREM! I think it is better then arceus because arceus can only be 1 type in a battle and can't switch types like in the movies

Even in the movie it says this is the most powerful pokemon of all time this should be first! It is the most powerful because it is kinda like a combination of the black and white in pokemon black & white! This should be first! It's the strongest pokemon and it actual says so in the movie. Maybe mew and mew 2 might be stronger but this is definitely pretty strong and stronger than reshiram or zekrom!

Kyurem when fused with Reshiram or Zekrom becomes the second strongest pokemon in the basic attack and special attack categories (only being beat by a attack form deoxys) and its defense and special defense also gain a immense boost as well and its hp is one of the highest, plus with its extremely powerful and diverse movepool it has almost no weaknesses, as it can kill many tanks or pokemon that its not super effective against without needing any stat boosts, it can survive around 65% of all the attacks you can throw at it without needing any stat set ups or special abilities, and its ability teravolt and Turboblaze allow it to take out those pokemon that would survive any attack like shedninja or any pokemon with sturdy which right there makes Kyurem a good strategy destroyer as he destroys all of those invincible teams like the one were you use burn up on arcanine and then put wonder guard on him making him immune to all attacks. Kyurem has to be the best pokemon on its own, ...more - Brightwolf

Its base stats are 700 in the White/Black form, and it has 170 value on a stat (either att or special att) great movepool, and if raised correctly its devastating. Apart from all that bull, it is the only legendary pokemon that fuses. It has not created nothing, but it can sure destroy everything! ;)

This monster is like the dark side of Pokemon go ahead challenge him go through the icy gate but you wont be coming out you snap at him he will comp your head off if Pokemon could have 3 types kyurem's third type would be dark... PLUS HE WILL ICE BEAM YOU AND YOU WILL BE FROZEN AND THEN HE WILL DRAGON RAGE YOU INTO TINY CHUNKS OF ICE!

He can change forms to black and white kyurem.
He uses fire and ice and thunder which Is really awesome.
He is my favorite pokemon.
He is number one out of pokemon rate kyurem he is the best.

Kyurem is the best Pokemon ever seen and is so strong it is the best ice dragon ever if its not the best Pokemon it even changes its form and it is unbeatable and always will be no one can beat it it's the best Pokemon ever and no one can compare with kyurem the dragon ice Pokemon

How is stupid overrated weak Charizard above this? Charizard sucks and always will. Come on, let's at least put Kyurem above Charizard because Charizard doesn't even deserve to be in the top ten. - anythingispossible

Kyurem deserves to be second. With that fusion power he probably could take down arceus in a second. And plus mew two shouldn't even count in this top ten because he was created by man, if Kyurem was man made he would of been first anyways.

. This one can destroy everything in a snap. Even its normal form is really strong. WITH RESHIRAM AND ZEKROM! UNBEATABLE! Black and White did a great job making this Pokemon, and Black and White II made this Pokemon look even more boss! Listen up everybody, IT IS TIME TO BRING THIS Pokemon INTO BATTLE, AND DESTROY EVERY SINGLE Pokemon!

I think kyurem is the best PA/SA legendary Pokemon ever, and also for the fact that its total stats is almost as high as arceus's total stats, and I even beat a latios with one hit from black kyurem's dragon claw

Everybody says that that Arceus is the best just because he can change into to different types. Kyurem has 2 forms both with 2 unique powerful moves. He is an ice type which is super effective against dragon types and dragon types are what most legendaries are Arceus? He's a stupid Normal type he is so overrated. Don't know why people think he's good. Everybody realize arceus isn't the best the KYUREM WILL RULE FOREVER


When Kyurem combines with either Zekrom or Reshiram, it is equal to Arceus in stats. By this logic, if it were to reform the original dragon, it would far exceed the power of Arceus.

Great Pokemon that has ice/dragon abilities which is rare and great! People should show more respect for this Pokemon and should at least be between 1-5!

Kyurem is my favourite Pokemon. Its base total in the two other forms is highest. being third only to mega mewtwo and arceus. It is the Coolest Pokemon

Excluding Megas, White Kyurem/Black Kyurem are the second strongest Pokemon, stat-wise. They both share an astounding base stat total of 700, second only to Arceus, who boasts 710.

I think that Kyurem is the strongest Pokemon because he has the power of Zekrom and Reshiram.

Kyurem was a COMET! Hoes fast and can beat up like any other pokemon including Reshiram and Zekrom! And he can fuse with th legendary DRAGONS!

Because it can be kyurem b and kyurem w it is the best and strongest with ice and electric type moves or with fire.

Kyurem is just a big ice-dragon that destroys everything and everyone in it's way. This thing is amazing with the Reshiram DNA.

Kyurem is very strong but Zekrom and Reshiram should be high two these three our very strong pokemon that should almost be stronger than mewtwo

If you watch the movie Kyurem The Sword Of Justice, you will find out how powerful Kyurem is. Kyurem even has the power of BOTH Reshiram and Zekrom.