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Magikarp, known in Japan as Koiking is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. It resembles an orange fish with whiskers. It was created by Ken Sugimori, Magikarp first appeared in the video games Pokémon Red and Blue and subsequent sequels. It is a water type that evolves more.


Why do people think that Arceus is so good, really Arceus, He's the god of Pokemon, highest stats of ALL Pokemon, So what, he learns judgment, wow it's so exiting, NOT! So we got a better Pokemon here, MAGIKARP. Take away the arp, that's what it is. It can learn SPLASH! Did you here in the games Pokemon black and white it says "A magikarp that lives for years can jump over mountains", that's right, OVER MOUNTAINS! Magikarp can do a lot more, but I can't fill the hole page about the awesomeness of Magikarp so by.

Only logical reason why Magikarp is the stronk-est pokemon-
*Level up Magikarp with "Experience Share" until he or she learns "Flail"
*Give Magikarp "Focus Sash"
*Use "Splash" until health points fall to 1
*Use "Flail"
*Congratulations, you have beaten the Elite-Four with one Magikarp and no cheap legendary or starter pokemon. How does it feel to have the strength of catching them all in one pokemon?

The secret is that splash is so powerful that every time it is used the entire universe implodes and resets at great speed stopping at a point just after yet just before the move has been used therefor destroying all existence but resetting it as well giving magikarp the power to both destroy and create life therefor making it GOD!

He's the Chuck Norris of Pokemon. Magikarp doesn't lose, he simply allows you to survive...

Okay, so there I was, being a Pokemon trainer and what not. I had been playing Pokemon Leaf Green for over 160 hours, so I had a full team of level 100's. I am using my old rod, man's best friend. Bad idea. I came across a level 6 Magikarp. Took out all 6 of my Pokemon from it's one hit K-O move, Splash. How is this not #1?

Magikarp are easily the most powerful and famous pokemon in the pokemon universe. It's amazing that it lets other pokemon even LIVE. Magikarp will not show off there true power unless in large groups. They were actually the first pokemon, but allowed mew to have that title.

Its splash attack has killed millions its tackle has destroyed army bases and his bounce blocked out the sun for 4 days

Magikarp has actually accidentally defeated all the Pokemon in the world, when the first magikarp hatched, all Pokemon started shaking in fear and dying at the sheer power of a baby magikarp. It enslaved the whole human population with poke-balls, Lord Magikarp then proceeded to enslave every Pokemon, Arceus was begging Lord Magikarp for him to stop but Magikarp laughed, with his laughter, he destroyed the worlds yet when he stopped laughing, his then discovered his omniscience and omnipotence so he decided to re create the world to then erase everyone's memory, he released everyone and became a true god behind the scenes when he was pulling the strings, so then life went on and Lord Magikarp decided stuff was getting boring so he created a new dimension with humans that believed the Pokémon world was just a game, he then realised hat the world was lacking knowledge about him, he then sent me down to this blessed page where I will convert you all to the religion Magikarpainity, join ...more

The strength of this Pokemon is so incredible that it only uses splash. No Pokemon is worthy enough for this Pokemon to use any of its powerful attacks. It is impossible for this Pokemon to lose once it finds a worthy opponent, for it will use its infinity splash which is a 100% one hit KO

Aside from how bad ass Splash and flail are, Magikarp can also be taught Bounce which is a powerful flying type move where it can't be hit on the first turn like fly.

Not only that but Magikarp has a base speed of 80. Not too impressive at first glance but most of Magikarps will have the ability Swift Swim which doubles its speed in the rain, making it 160. That means it's tied with Ninjask for the second fastest Pokemon, after Deoxys Speed Forme.

This Pokemon wasn't even programmed into the game. It was placed there by god. The egg Arcius layed at the start of the universe was obviously a Magikarp egg.

Magikarp is pretty much the only Pokemon worth anything. All those others are cool, maybe, and perhaps they have better designs, but just look at magikarp. He's so weak, but he always tries so hard. He continues to flail and splash even when he knows he can't do anything. A magikarp never runs. Magikarps may not own, but they teach us a lesson: Never run, never hide, even if all you can do is splash around.

Magikarp is OBVIOUSLY the best Pokemon ever! It can easily take down a lv. 100 Arceus, Mewtwo, ANYONE who stands in it's way with it's best move: splash. Actually, It depletes your HP bar 100 times, not twice. It leaves a trail of destruction in its wake.

This is the strongest pokemon in the world. Take my advice and DO NOT evolve it into gyarados. Gyarados is so weak but magikarp is the awesomest pokemon in the world with its super strong Splash. I love Magikarp.

Splash is basically the best pokemon move ever, not to mention Magikarp's amazing strength and will power. Legend says it can jump over TWO buildings with a single splash, unlike Superman who can only jump over one. I also heard that it can melt steel beams more effectively than George Bush so I mean there couldn't possibly be a pokemon able to contend with Magikarp. Overall, Magikarp is the true god of pokemon, it has everything you've ever dreamed of and he always destroys the competition. Arceus is it's slave and Mewtwo polishes it's shoes/ fins. Beast.

Honestly, I sucked until I had a magikarp in my party. Its splash attack destroyed EVERYTHING IN ITS WAKE!

What would you do if a giant magikarp used splash on the world we would all die and he evolves into a epic Pokemon (which almost all water gym leaders use it's evolution

This Pokemon rules! The best Pokemon ever. I will never forget splash. Thrice the power of an atomic bomb!

Hyper Beam vs Splash... It's not that hard to realize which one is a stronger attack.

Magikarp will take over the world. I mean, just look at it. With tackle it will hit you in the face with 10 kilograms of pure pain.
Now tell me that isn't pure win.

What would the game be without Magikarps? That thrill the first time you play, when all you can do is splash, and try it as if it were the strongest attack ever. Well, in fact, it is...

The most godly pokemon know to existence. This fish is capable of destroying the universe with only 1/999, 999, 999, 999 of its splash attack. Those who do not vote this holy creature as no. 1 will feel the merciless fury of it's splash unleashed with the concentrated force of 1, 000, 000, 000 supernovas on your fragile body.

Magikarp can beat Charizard with splash. I am not joking, it's on my YouTube channel, Aaran Haughton, and it's titled "Magikarp splashes Charizard to death". Look for it!

I've defeated hordes of evil Pokemon, defeated all gym leaders in every region and smashed every single elite 4 and champion. But there's one thing I can't defeat...A magikarp. I've only been able to train one and it took years. This Pokemon is amazing. Unbeatable.

Without a doubt the strongest Pokemon. The reason why it only knows splash, is because that's all Magikarp needs to destroy anything. Just to mock his opponents, whenever he uses the mighty splash, he makes a message pop up saying "It didn't do anything", so that the enemy thinks they have a chance, only to realize that the enemy Pokemon didn't faint, it died. It didn't even realize it was dead, that's how powerful splash is.